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So we all know how McCain's people have been working hard to discredit ACORN and their practice of paying people to register voters. These stories have circulated wildly in the blogosphere as well as via the MSM.

Here's a revealing video of an interview at a McCain campaign field office in Orlando, Florida, conducted by Sam Mayfield of the Center for Media and Democracy. My favorite moment is at about 3:15 when she is talking with a paid "volunteer" who laughs at the idea that he is paid (even he knows it's ridiculous) and seems reluctant to say yes he is "with the campaign".  It doesn't seem like he is reluctant because of any nondisclosure agreement but more because he is not really "with" them if you know what I mean. Later at 4:11, a campaign staffer interrupts the interview and starts cussing her out and calls the police to arrest her.

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In the State of Indiana, we (along with 30 other states) are allowed to cast absentee ballots in-person (aka VOTE EARLY!)

So today, I convinced my husband to join me in voting early in Indianapolis. We headed down to the City-County building shortly after 11 am when the doors opened. I had a great time (as you will see in the photos) and my husband did too, even though he did complain about the long lines.

I have posted some photos documenting our early voting experience in Indiana, a weird WTF Moment in the parking lot outside the polling place, and if you read to the very end, I'll throw in some photos from the stunning Obama Rally last Thursday in downtown Indianapolis, garnering over 35,000 people, on a week day)!

Oh, and to the folks arguing about whether or not DKos has devolved into a MySpace-like site... I hope this doesn't offend, only inspires to GOTV Early! ~lorisir, a first-time diarist

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