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First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone here at Daily Kos and the Orange to Blue program.  Your support means a lot and made a significant difference in getting me the needed resources and exposure to win my primary last month.  I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to assure we elect a new breed of leaders in Congress who are not afraid to fight for what they believe in.

I also am proud to say that I am now also a member of the DCCC’s Red to Blue program - continuing to show national recognition of how winnable this seat is and the strong local campaign we are building.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that I will be attending the Netroots Nation annual conference next month.  I hope to finally meet a lot of you in person and learn from many of the intriguing panel sessions that are being put on there.


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DavidNYC – I read your diary yesterday about turning seats from "Orange to Blue" and the interest of the netroots community to become engaged in a few of the primary elections taking place this cycle.  I also noticed there were some responses from the community in my favor but I wanted to take a moment to directly reply to you with my personal answers to your questionnaire.

If you would like to discuss my answers more thoroughly, please call my office at 610-458-8605.  I’d be more than happy to have that conversation.

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Before I begin the latest entry in my healthcare diary, I want to thank AdamB for his support and his recent write-up about me.  It means a lot to me have strong, progressive leaders like Adam on my side.

Now onto healthcare.  We all are very happy that Congress finally showed some courage and passed a bill that makes improvements on the current healthcare system.  I believe this passage has the potential to be viewed as a historic moment in healthcare policy, but only if this bill represents the beginning of healthcare reform efforts, not the end.  I supported the bill that the President signed on Tuesday, but I believe it is far from perfect, and I think we need to do a lot more to truly have high quality, affordable healthcare for all.

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Hello, this is Manan Trivedi.  Sorry we are a little late with today's edition but I needed some more research time to make this a thorough diary.

Running a campaign involves a lot of asking – contributions, volunteer work, etc.  As a way of giving back for all this asking I thought it would be nice to occasionally post some tips and advice on one of my favorite topics –  preventive medicine and wellness.  Despite major misgivings that I have regarding the health reform legislation, I must say that it does a decent job at shifting the healthcare system a little more towards prevention and healthier lifestyles.  This, in my opinion, is key if we are to have real, comprehensive healthcare reform.

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The Senate’s apparent willingness to jettison the Medicare buy-in provision from the health reform bill because of Senator Lieberman’s hesitations is deeply troubling.  Politically, it shows a lack of will and a desire to have the appearance of accomplishment whether real or not.  At the policy-level, the Senate version of the health bill is boiling down to nothing more than a handout of 45 million new customers to private insurance companies with no real action on curbing costs or improving the quality of the healthcare we receive in America.

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Hi, my name is Manan Trivedi and I’m running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District.  I’m an Iraq war veteran and a primary care physician.   Besides my clinical work as a doctor, I’ve also spent a lot of time in the health policy world as a health services researcher.  I felt as a candidate it was important to give something back to all the people who have been helping me so much and talk about one of the issues that I feel is so critical in this healthcare debate—preventive medicine and wellness.  So I decided to start these healthcare diaries.

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