Every person - Republican, Democrat, or Independent running for federal or state office should be asked this simple question -

"Do you pay 15% or more of your total income in Federal income tax?"

Answer - yes - response - "Thank you for your contribution to running our Government"

Answer - no - response - "Then what makes you think you deserve to be elected, when you are not even prepared to pay a fair price for the Government on which our country is built?" or "Then why do you, a tax dodger, think you can tell me, a tax payer, how the government should be run?"

All candidates earning $100k or more should have paid 15% or more total Federal income tax over the last three years. Many, in fact, do not.

We can't enforce it legally, but I'd like to see every person asked that question. People can reduce their incomes a lot, but if they aren't prepared to pay, they shouldn't be allowed to play...