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Well, the verdict is in. The DNC officially recognizes the need for aggressive state and local organizing and action. Of course, for those who have been paying attention, this is not a shock. But it's good to have some official recognition of the problem. But there still aren't many people talking about actual solutions.

I wish it hadn't taken so long to figure out. I wish we hadn't had to withstand the ass whooping we took in 2014. (And 2010, because we were focusing on State and Local here at Dkos was back when we started the State and Local Action Group at the beginning of DK4). I wish we weren't so focused on the 1 Percent in politics. I wish we had a comprehensive plan to:

- minimize the influence of money in politics

- give smaller, lower profile Democratic candidates access to expensive high-level services   and training

- build a progressive electorate from the bottom up

- strengthen our bench for the future

- fight in every district, without regard for “winnability”

Oh wait. We do. And it started, officially, here on Daily Kos in 2013. And we're taking it to the next level, NOW.

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Election 2014: 6,048 legislative seats and 2,161 school board seats. But who cares, right? Those numbers doesn't include the thousands of city and county commission/council elections that happened across the country today. We have a 1% problem and it's in POLITICS. It's time to RETHINK everything.

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I've been around here since 2007. I don't really blog anywhere else. This is my family. And when I came to you in spring of 2013 with this insane idea about how we could come together to make an impact in local and state politics, you embraced it and supported it. I was overwhelmed. Now after our first election year and your continued support I want to share with you some thank you notes from campaigns and cause organizations who were able to get help affordably directly because of you.

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Tue Oct 28, 2014 at 07:18 AM PDT

I'm frustrated

by mdmslle

My phone rings again. On the other end of the line is a candidate. She sounds tired and defeated and angry and hurt all the same time. She sounds like she's at her wits end because the election is only days away and she feels like the thing she's put her heart and soul into for a year now is all but a lost cause.

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Wed Oct 15, 2014 at 06:04 AM PDT

A blindsided GOP is the GOP for me!

by mdmslle

Y'all know how I feel about the republican party. I'm mad. I'm tired and I'm ready to deliver a 1000 surprise pies to the faces of the GOP.

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Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 03:30 AM PDT

It's Time for ACTION in #Ferguson

by mdmslle

Crossposted to Bold Blue Magazine

I stand aghast at the ever-mounting atrocities taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. I'm outraged out. Or rather, I'm ready to release my outrage from my head and heart and keyboard and direct it where it matters: local and state politicians who have the power to put this shit to an end and to make sure it never happens again.

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A "Nationwide Call Bank Army" for state and local Democratic candidates and progressive causes.

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Sun Jul 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT

You only have one job.

by mdmslle

The GOP is down. It may not always seem like it, but they are fast becoming a rump party led by the now no-longer-concealed outright hatred and hysteria revealed everyday by their base. They are effectively about 30-35% of the population (which for me is 35% too many but I digress).

We sane, rational, forward-thinking, reality-based people (and I include in this group most liberals, even a few moderates from both parties and a huge chunk of indies) have only ONE JOB.
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When you think of red states and red districts, especially in the south, the “conventional wisdom” has been that competing there is a lost cause; that the GOP's stronghold there is impermeable. But a new resurgence is becoming apparent and liberals in the south want you to know about it.

I interviewed Aaron Wazlavek the newly appointed Executive Director of the Northwest Florida Labor Federation, George Fisher, North Carolina political media consultant, and Kossack Jeana Brown, founder of Team Rural about this trend.

Cross-posted to Bold Blue Magazine

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The day after the SCOTUS ruling, I think the best headline I read was by Andy Borowitz. It read: "In landmark decision, Supreme Court strikes down main reason the country was started." Painfully on-point.

The decision took a lot of secularists by surprise, not because of the ruling per se, but because of the timeline. Advocates of church-state separation (AKA the constitution) weren't expecting a ruling until June.

Already we've had local and state regressives rejoicing that they can exercise their freedom of religion while attempting to contrive ways to deprive others of theirs.

I interviewed David Williamson, president of the Central Florida Freethought Community about the ruling and what can be done moving forward. Here's the interview.

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So...the comment started like this: "Sometimes liberals can be very obnoxious and this causes people to hate liberalism."

Besides the numerous obvious fallacies in this ridiculous statement - fallacies I didn't even  bother to address, I'll just treat you to my response. Perhaps you will find it useful when addressing delusional "conservatives" who expect that calling us names will scare us into silence. Breaking: It's 2014, not 1994.

On shutting the fuck up, I say

4%25 votes
8%48 votes
5%29 votes
80%433 votes

| 535 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 07:57 AM PDT

Faux Dems Exposed and Expelled

by mdmslle

Last week we learned that there were as many as nine tea partiers in Montana who's switched to the Democratic party in hopes of entering our primaries. Well...they're OUT now and here's what happened.

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