When you decide to go into the health care field there are many options and roads you can take. You can choose to go all the way through medical school to be a doctor or surgeon. You may choose to go into the office staff personnel part of the health care field. For those who are interested in the operating room but do not want to be the surgeon, there are many fields and areas you can choose to work in. There is an entire team behind the surgeon that helps make the operation run smoothly and seamlessly.

Many team members work together in the operating room whenever an operation takes place. Of course you know you have a surgeon but what other positions are there? One is the surgical technologist. This person has a very important job to the surgery. First they are responsible for the sterilization and cleanliness of the room and the operating area. They are also responsible for helping the anesthesiologist, anticipating the needs of the surgeon while passing tools and so much more. This is a great position for anyone looking for hands on without being the actual surgeon. This is a field that will always need great people and is a wonderful career avenue to take.

Anesthesia technologist is another great position to take in the operating room. You are responsible for preparing the tools and equipment needed to give anesthesia to a patient. Anesthesia is very important during the operation and certain procedures as the pain can be intolerable. You can work in several different settings with this certificate. You will assist the nurse anesthetist or the anesthesiologist with patients as well.

Do not forget that another highly needed member of the OR team is the nurse. Nurses are there to assist the surgeon in the different areas needed that are not covered by other technologists already there. There are several different levels of nursing education depending on how far you want to go in your schooling. You can go into Practical Nursing which is a certificate/diploma program. This is your first step in nursing. Some continue on to become an RN or Registered Nurse. This is a longer program and you will be responsible for more duties. This is an associates degree program. The upper level of nursing is for those who want to go and get their Bachelor's degree in nursing.

To get into these fields you must have a solid education from a good school. One of the best places to check into is Sanford Brown. You can get your degree in any of the fields mentioned above and become an invaluable member of the operating room team. Surgeries can be a stressful time for the patient and having a smiling face in the operating room can help them relax.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the health care field and love the thoughts of the operating room, these professions may be just what you are looking for. The medical field is one place that will always need good solid employees. There are different types of surgery positions open such as emergency surgery or trauma rooms, regular outpatient or inpatient procedures. If you work hard and excel there is always room to grow and move up in this field.