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Governor Christie through his taxpayer-funded, fawning report reached a new low yesterday by not only throwing Bridget Kelly under the bus but repeatedly running her over.  Some people call it "slut shaming" a term that I am uncomfortable with but it is an age-old technique that worked in the Bible, so why not now? By mentioning Bridget Kelly's relationship with Bill Stepien, Christie and his PR team/lawyers threw the tabloids a juicy story and gave Sheldon Adelson a possible motivation for the Bridgegate mystery: A Woman Scorned!  Really, dudes, is this all you got? It's transparent in its sleaziness and a lot of folks are not having it.

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The drumbeats in the media are getting louder for the resignation of Port Authority Chairman David Samson. Last week it was the Newark Star Ledger and today the New York Daily News has echoed their sentiment with this blunt editorial:

              Sack Samson. Port Authority chairman has to hit the road.

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Sun Feb 23, 2014 at 08:24 AM PST

The Many Lies of Chris Christie

by middlegirl

I once wrote a diary entitled,"The Manifold Lies of Paul Ryan,"which was a comprehensive list of media reports that fact checked "Lyin' Ryan." Now, we have a new candidate for the Pinocchio of Politics and that would be my own Governor, Chris Christie. The Bergen Record has inspired me this morning to start another listicle based on Christie's long and prodigious history of fabrications.  

Columnist Charles Stiles from the Record gets the ball rolling as he recalls how Christie claimed that he was the first governor to endorse Mitt Romney which was not true - two other governors had already done so. This is a silly, small lie but illustrates that Christie is almost pathological in his sketchy relationship with the truth.

False claims and inaccuracies, like this one, sometimes padded Christie’s speeches, attacks or monologues as he rose to national fame. When the truth came to light, it rarely caused him much embarrassment or trouble. The public was more inclined to embrace Christie’s bold, big picture views than quibble with the details. For years, Christie has captivated the public with his raw candor, humor and fury. And when he scored a string of impressive successes, his popularity — and credibility — soared. He backed up the boasts with results. But now Christie’s credibility — and his career — are in the shadow of a scandal.
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In his latest townhall, Chris Christie tried to resort to his old style of working the room. This time his ability to charm, deflect, intimidate and obfuscate didn't have that same old Christie magic. Here's why: people are no longer afraid and they are pissed.
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We are getting one step closer to the truth in Bridgegate, a tale as complicated and labyrinthine as Game of Thrones. The following from NJ Spotlight is a must-read in this unfolding story:

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This blockbuster article written by Alec MacGillis from the New Republic chronicles Chris Christie's rise to power. This is a long read but well worth understanding the ruthless players and the unscrupulous tactics that enabled Christie"s rise to power in New Jersey.  It's Game of Thrones meets the Sopranos, only more frightening because it's real.
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Another day, another example of the Christie administration using the hurricane Sandy funds for their personal piggy bank.

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Ron Fournier in 2013:

"A year ago, I wrote: "The smartest move in politics today is to move against Washington and the two major parties. And the smartest man in politics may be Chris Christie."

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Governor Christie wants us to believe that he was not aware of the George Washington Bridge lane closing because he delegates and he can't keep track of 65,000 state employees. This New York Times report paints a different picture of a man deeply involved with his operation.

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A look at how Christie operates from his earliest political campaign.

From the Washington Post:

"In Chris Christie’s first successful campaign for public office, he sat down next to his wife and baby, looked into a camera and told voters something that wasn’t true.

It was 1994, and Christie was a 31-year-old lawyer running for the county board in suburban Morris County, N.J. He was making a television ad, saying to the camera that his opponents were “being investigated by the Morris County prosecutor.

Actually, they weren’t. But Christie’s inaccurate ad ran more than 400 times on cable TV before the June GOP primary. He won."

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We all are gritting our teeth in preparation for the inevitable love-fest that will be David Gregory's interview of Mitt Romney on Meet the Press this Sunday. The really odd fact about this interview is that Ann Romney will join him. As Politico is reporting it is "the first time in history that a spouse has joined a presidential candidate on the show."

The twitterverse is out in full force all day at the hashtag #DavidGregorysToughQuestions, doing some premptive pushback on what is guaranteed to be the softest of softball intervews.

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This diary is a collection of all the media-push back (so far) that Paul Ryan has received. I intend to tweet, Facebook and email this list far and wide. Please feel free to add to the list as I will update this diary periodically. Thanks!

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