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This isn't a diary really, it's a public service announcement. Saw a screening yesterday of She's Beautiful When She's Angry, and our own Denise Oliver Velez is interviewed.

The movie is a history of the so-called 2nd wave of feminism from 1966-1971. Very well done and very inspiring.

I heartily encourage people to find a screening in their area.

It's been very disconcerting to hear so many young women today say "I'm not a feminist." They seem to have no understanding of how many walls feminism broke down not so very long ago. And the media did its best to taint the word Feminism and make it mean a bunch of angry women who want to wear pants and not shave their legs, and who hate motherhood.

As usual, mainstream media will take any concept and shave it down to a caricature devoid of any real history and analysis.

When teaching English at Brooklyn College, one of my students, a religious girl, wrote an essay on Sojourner Truth . . . she talked about issues of slavery, and women's issues like childcare, healthcare, equal pay, etc. In the middle of her essay she wrote "But I'm not a feminist. I don't want to be a fireman or a soldier." Her idea of feminism was that feminists were women who wanted to masculinize themselves.

So it was wonderful to see this excellent documentary. I hope many young women and men around the world will see this and remember the hard struggles all the liberation movements of the 60s-70s pushed forward.

The main problem back then, aside from FBI infiltrations of groups to turn them against each other and to incite violence to discredit the movements, was that the different movements had a hard time learning how to integrate those movement into a strong coalition. Everyone wanted their issues to be first and foremost. Everyone wanted the other movements to dance to their beat, when it would have been far more effective for each movement to contribute it's beat to a polyrhythm where each voice is heard and together, each beat plays a part in something larger than itself.

Please see this documentary. And thank you Denise Oliver Velez, for all you've done.

UPDATE: Denise Oliver Velez wrote a diary about this film. Check it out for more detailed info.

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Okay Folks, let's blow this crap back in Cotton's face. I've written my own letter to the government of Iran. Please write one too. Encourage others to write one. Wouldn't it be marvelously hilarious if Iran received thousands of letters from people in the U.S.?

It would make Tom Cotton look even more ridiculous. Would totally take the air out of his balloon brain. When you write your letter, mail it to: Iranian Embassy, 2209 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007.

Oh I hope this goes viral! We have a mission! Help spread the word!

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Thu Feb 12, 2015 at 07:17 AM PST

Any Fart They Want To Light

by MillieNeon

We (I) knew the "new" Republican-controlled Congress was going to be the source of much pain in our asses. Sadly, they constantly manage to surpass my fearful expectations. And I do not like spending so much time wondering how in the hell these people got elected. On top of wondering if they really believe the excrement they spew. And in this case, excrement is far too fragrant a word compared to the billowing stench steaming out their pores. Aroused super skunks with a tunnel vision charging every human natural desire thought act dream is the Devil fucking with us in His never-ending desire to make everything really really painful and fucked up for everyone/thing in the cosmos because his whiny ass got booted out of Heaven for insubordination (some went so far as to call it treason). Look Yahweh, Jesus, whoever, it is so obvious that Lucifer has some borderline personality disorder, or oppositional defiance syndrome, or some sociopathic need to hurt maim crush and destroy. Maybe he landed on his head when he fell from Heaven, and that fucked with the blood flow to the part of his brain where neurons are wired to chime with the frequencies of compassion, empathy, and etc. such. Satan's whole game stems from Yahweh dropping him on his head when he dropkicked him out of Heaven.

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So I was on the treadmill at the gym, and my right hand began aching. Plus, for the past week before that, was having trouble doing my 40-minute, fast-paced walk on the treadmill, and now was having trouble staying on 20 minutes. So I got off and went into the steam room, and the pain in my hand traveled up my arm and I was feeling too tired to sit up. So I left the steam room, wearing only an attractive aqua towel, and had to lay down on the floor, where I notice the pain was now in my hand, arm, and shoulder. Then I started throwing up. Fortunately, a woman ran to the front desk for help, and soon I was ambulanced to a hospital. Was given some morphine for the pain, and next thing I knew, I was watching a monitor showing some tool snaking through my arteries and where a balloon-thingy was used to unclog a 100% occluded stent. Then I spent two days in ICU and another day on a regular floor.

It's so humiliating! Having a heart attack at the gym. And now I need your help. Please read on.

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Sun Sep 14, 2014 at 08:23 AM PDT

The Other 9/11--Karma's a bitch

by MillieNeon

I worked 3 blocks from the World Trade Center, and was there that day when downtown workers in NYC got terrified we were next when the towers roared and crumbled as we waited in lobbies to be told we could go home. I was one of thousands trekking uptown through the ash and grit. The effect on myself, my co-workers, was traumatic. Even more so for the people who suffered respiratory illness from the months of burning debris. Even the EMTs who worked at that time in that area had trouble getting money for their illnesses, even though many have died from the damage to their lungs when they went to help clear out the bodies and debris.

But there's another 9/11 that doesn't get talked about on this day. And that's September 11, 1973 when the CIA assassinated the democratically elected Salvador Allende and replaced him with the brutal dictator Pinochet. So many cries of "Never Forget" that we hear on the anniversary of the 2001 9/11 event, but our media has done its best to let us forget this other 9/11.

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I was in the drum corps of a woman's action group, and we went to the Republican Convention in Houston specifically to give support to the women's health clinics because Operation Rescue was going to do a number there.

We joined with about 30 women from Houston and we practiced simple beats with them. We followed Operation Rescue from clinic to clinic, and stood in front of the clinics beating our drums and chanting. They couldn't get near.

And when Randall Terry tried to do his photo op in front of the clinic with tv news, we were so loud, he had to go around the corner to be heard, so he couldn't stand in front of his group.

Operation Rescue had some kids with them, and they would start dancing to our drumming and laughing.

It was great. I think every liberal church, clinic, etc. should have a drum corps. Or maybe every community should have one and defend these places from the whackos.

So I posted the above as a comment, and was asked to write a diary about it because it's a good non-violent action to use in clinic defense and elsewhere. So, go below the fold for a few pointers.

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After 50 years of smoking (I've quit now) and very high cholesterol (I'm on a diet/exercise program for that now), I reached Medicare Age with no need for medications. Until now. I got very short of breath and had mild nausea, and my doc did an angiogram.

Quite fascinating being awake during the procedure, watching the monitor with him as he made a slight puncture in my wrist and snaked a line up to my heart arteries, shot dye through them looking for blockages. Turns out, I had an 80% blockage in a branch artery of the LAD, and my other arteries were clear, except for a 10% block in one and a 30% block in another. But those weren't alarming at my age.

More below the orange thing that divides one section of a diary from another, but not for any structural reason I can fathom.


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Not being a religious person myself, and having grown up in a Southern Baptist town, I was completely amazed to hear Rev. Dr. Otis Moss give this "sermon" to his fellow preachers.

He really lays it out down some sizzling logic in defense of love over doctrine.

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For those who don't know, the "ton ton macoutes" were the terrorist guard of the Haitian dictators Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier. They terrorized Haitian and were psychopathic in their lack compassion and feeling for their fellow citizens. The Docs were ruthless dictators who helped keep their countrymen and women in poverty and anguish.

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Mon Jul 20, 2009 at 06:50 AM PDT

Iran -- Prayers Make History

by MillieNeon

Iran doesn't seem to making news so much lately, but the Green people of Iran are still fighting.

Here is a beautiful piece written by a young Iranian about what's going on there now.

Prayers Make History


I you lived in Iran you would

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Sun Jun 15, 2008 at 06:22 PM PDT

Dad's Best Jokes

by MillieNeon

My father was both a simple and a complicated man. His parents were immigrant peasant Jews from East Europe who were escaping pograms, Cossacks, and conscription in the Czar's army where Jews were not treated well. He grew up on the mean streets of Chicago during Capone days, and all his life loved those black Caponish gangster hats. That was his generation's version of the backward baseball cap.

He was simple in his belief in the American dream, Bing Crosby, and his belief in social justice. He was complicated in his emotional opaqueness to himself. He made a lot of foolish mistakes in his time.

Once my cousin asked my Aunt Molly for a recipe for one of her revered Thanksgiving dishes. Aunt Molly was the only one who made this dish, and she didn't want to give it over, but my cuz was afraid Aunt Molly would die without revealing the secret. When Aunt M said, "Why do you need to know," cuz didn't want to say, "in case you die," so she stuttered, then said, "You know, in case you go out of town or something." So in our family, people don't die. They just go out of town.

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Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 08:10 PM PDT

War Profiteering

by MillieNeon

"There is such a thirst for gain [among military suppliers]...that it is enough to make one curse their own Species, for possessing so little virtue and patriotism." -- President George Washington, 1778

Below are links to and some text about and from:
Southern Exposure Magazine's efforts to stop war profiteering, followed by links to other articles on war profiteering

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