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OK, so I've been looking all night for an appropriate place to go post about how incredibly sexy Rahm Emanuel is, but I haven't found one. I just had to get this one off my chest.

I applaud Barack Obama's selection of Emanuel as his chief of staff because I believe that Rahm is a hard-working Democrat who is committed to victory, he is a no-bullshit kind of guy who is familiar with both cutthroat Chicago politics and well as Washington machinations, and he is super hot.

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Apologies for the short diary but I am at work. I hardly ever diary anyway, so quit complaining.

I work in a media relations office. We received this ProfNetquery today:

E-mails have been circulating on the Internet saying that Obama has surrounded himself with "Israel-hating advisors." I'm looking for experts who can comment on the veracity of those allegations. Contact: Unnamed Reporter,

(note: my redaction)

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Funny, because I was just ragging on Jimmy Kimmel last night about how terrible I think his late night show is. Well, I'm sure it's just as bad this morning, but I have to give the guy some credit.

There was a song called "Dear Mr. President" on the pop artist Pink's last album, I'm Not Dead:

Lyrics and news below...

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I take issue with criticism of the remarks made on Don Imus' radio show as an insult. Yes, to call the wonderful women of the Rutgers basketball team "hos" is denigrating, shameful, sexist, misogynist, and classless.

But "nappy-headed" as an insult?! I refuse to accept this. Because nappy hair is GOOD!

Not unprofessional. Not unruly. Not unattractive.

It is versatile.

It is beautiful.

It is pure.

It is GOOD.

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Sun Jan 28, 2007 at 12:20 AM PST

Yet another protest photo journal

by missreporter

Not much to say - I am exhausted - except it was a blast, it was awesome to meet some Kossacks, I have confirmed that we are supremely cool people, RenaRF is a great, laidback, effective organizer, and for each conservative there are at least 5,000 liberals/progressives/Democrats/leftists in this country, at least according to the attendance of this protest. I'll accept that.

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I just want to wish one of the most wonderful newsmen alive a happy 48th birthday.

Yes, let us toast to Keith!!!

Send Keith a Happy Birthday email at

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Sat Dec 09, 2006 at 07:08 PM PST

Macaca Nation

by missreporter

Since George Allen's macaca moment, my friends and I have engaged in a fun activity of reappropriation of that awful word.

Why? Three reasons:

'Macaca' sounds funny.

It means monkey.

It's too good a word to let racists have.

Enter Macaca Nation...

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Gonzales/Bush Justice Dept. accuses someone of suppressing vote, you'll never guess who:

MACON, Miss., Oct. 5 -- The Justice Department has chosen this no-stoplight, courthouse town buried in the eastern Mississippi prairie for an unusual civil rights test: the first federal lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act accusing blacks of suppressing the rights of whites.

The action represents a sharp shift, and it has raised eyebrows outside the state. The government is charging blacks with voting fraud in a state whose violent rejection of blacks' right to vote, over generations, helped give birth to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yet within Mississippi the case has provoked knowing nods rather than cries of outrage, even among liberal Democrats.

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I am not sure about how other representatives in New Jersey stand on this issue. Perhaps it is somewhat telling that Rothman was the only Democrat present who mentioned impeachment, at least according to this account from the local daily newspaper of a DFA meeting in northern New Jersey.

Speaking before an audience of Iraq war dissenters and presidential critics, Rep. Steve Rothman, D-Fair Lawn, pledged to support an inquiry into the possible impeachment of President Bush over the war in Iraq.


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Crown Heights. Teaneck. Jacob the Jeweler. Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman. Louis Farrakhan. Those are some of the things that come to mind when I think about the relationship between American blacks and Jews.

I was watching "Washington Journal" one day this week as I do every morning. The calls to Washington Journal entertain me so, with their range of voices, all angry, desperate, hysterical or sad. Extreme lefties and righties, political junkies, highly-educated experts, people who don't know much of anything, racists and wingnuts, 9/11 and New World Order conspiracists, pragmatists.

Since the recent spark in Mideast conflict, there have been a wide range of calls. A few made me cringe. One of these was from an African American woman who complained about Israel's influence in U.S. politics and said the only solution is to vote out every single Jewish American politician.

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It's one of those sleepless Friday nights...I've been surfing the web and reading Wayne Madsen's site. Without commenting on his credibility, I'll say his stories are certainly interesting reads. This time, rather than simply take everything he writes with a grain of salt, I decided to do some research into his sources. Well, one source. I kind of took a "click this link" approach where I started with one footnote, number 91 of 105, and clicked through to my little hearts delight. I was reading an article about Israeli Art Students and 9/11, simply taking it in, and for some reason I honed in on this nugget:
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***UPDATE 2***: Should be all fixed.

***UPDATE***: Something is either wrong with what I'm doing or with Blogger where these photos are hosted, but there is no problem seeing them on my blog HERE, so I guess that means it's me. I will work on it at my leisure but between my blog and Puckish's great diary, you will have a good picture of how yesterday's event went.

So I did go to the World Can't Wait rally yesterday. I have to say, it was the smallest best protest I have attended. There weren't very many World Can't Wait staff and volunteers but since so few people attended, partially due to the rainy weather, they seemed to do a good job managing things. It was a very intimate organic atmosphere. Not very many grandstanders or major celebrity. The energy was damned good for a rained out event, and as the weather grew worse the crowd only got bigger.
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