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I received my healing quilt from Rain in Portland OR, today and I've been searching vainly for a way to contact each and every Kossack whose name is contained within the quilt, to send a personal note of thanks.

But I cannot find a way to do that within Daily Kos, so I offer this up to each of you.  I am so incredibly grateful for your tangible outpouring of support.

And below the fold, I list the names that I have found on my lovely quilt.  I plan to read your words over and over again in the coming months as it seems I will have some time to do so while I go through treatment for my lung cancer.

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Let me introduce myself.  I blog here and on the internet as moe99.  I am a government attorney living in Washington state for the past 28 years.  

I have been a member of Group Health Cooperative, one of two medical cooperatives in the nation, since 1983.  My three children were born at Group Health, and they were treated there throughout their childhood for inoculations, colds, even whooping cough once, and various broken bones.  My needs were met there as well, for the most part.  

But two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the delays that are part of the normal Group Health experience make no sense at all in the present context and may operate to diminish my chances of full recovery.  Let me explain below.

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Will someone please tell Digby that her site is inaccessible due to a Hewlett Packard ad that won't go away?

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Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 04:40 PM PDT

CNN language and bias

by moe99

Earlier this morning, I read a headline on the front page of CNN that stated: "Obama could steal Virginia from GOP."  Hmm, I thought.  That implies a criminal act, does it not?  That perhaps Senator Obama is taking something that does not rightfully belong to him.  I wonder why CNN is doing that?  Is it because they think McCain is entitled to the votes of Virginians?  

Here it is:

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On Sunday, I went over to a neighbors' house to write postcards for the Obama campaign.  These were  handwritten notes to undecided voters explaining why I was voting for Obama.  It took  2 hours to write just 15 but  all of us there were exhilirated and it felt like we had done some small thing for the campaign.

While I was writing the notes, my neighbor told me about an experience her mother had with John McCain.  Her mother had worked as a discharge nurse at a hospital, and was on the floor the day McCain came to pick up Cindy after she had delivered.  She told her daughter that it was one of the worst experiences she had gone through as a discharge nurse--McCain was in a hurry and extremely rude to the staff.  He did not want to sit through and listen to the discharge instructions, and he was loud and abrasive about it.

Although this is a small story, it seems that, as Jung was wont to say that small stories illustrate larger issues and in this case it is a significant personality problem that Sen. McCain seems to suffer from.  We are fortunate in that the Rolling Stone has just given us an in depth look into McCain's grandiosity with the publication of The Make Believe Maverick.  

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My question was sparked by comments that Matthew Yglesias posted on his website:

Thought of the Day

It sure was nice of Bill Clinton to put important national concerns
above petty partisanship by agreeing to host a John McCain campaign
speech and help the GOP nominee burnish his bipartisan credentials.
You might think a former President would be so committed to an axe-
grinding agenda that he couldn't see the big picture. But not Bill —
he puts country first, not some personal agenda. Oh what's that you
say? His wife ran for the Democratic nomination and lost? Think that
might be relevant?

Then here is a bit from Letterman two days ago, where Clinton was on
and Chris Rock followed him:

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It would seem to me, that if you are a judge, particularly one  appointed in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan, and that you are presiding over a notorious obscenity case, that you might want to keep your own house clean.

Well, Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals musta thought the rules didn't apply to him.

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Thu Sep 20, 2007 at 07:23 AM PDT

The long term problem with Blackwater

by moe99

I think Talking points memo tied some threads together quite neatly today when they noted that Blackwater has been operating above and outside the law in Iraq since the inception of the hostilities.  

Spencer Ackerman noted that the State Department has given that mercenary comapany a green light to do whatever it wanted.  And that the State Dept. Inspector General has actively blocked outised investigations of their conduct.  Read his post in full.  It is most troubling:

What worries me beyond current concerns is below the fold.

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This morning as I was putting up my flag, I found that i was wanting something more than simply the mindless patriotism that generally goes with the display of Old Glory.  What I did is below the fold, but I want your suggestions as well.

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I'm a former resident of NW Ohio, many years ago.  It's a rock ribbed Republican district for the most part.  But they should not be letting their US representative, Paul Gillmor. live near Columbus, way the heck out of their distrct.

I learned this from the Defiance Crescent News online.  Part of the article is posted below.  But the conclusion should be clear--hijinks like this should not be tolerated and if this Gillmor refuses to live in the district he is elected from, he should be unceremoniously tossed out on his can.  I hope someone in NW Ohio steps forward to do the job.

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In Seattle, the residents have been used as a political ping pong ball in the wars between Gov. Gregoire and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels over whether to rebuild the noisy, nasty viaduct that runs along the waterfront, or pony up big bucks for a tunnel in fill dirt, or to tear it down and create a surface option.  Follow me below and I will give you the skinny on the kerfuffle.

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Mon Dec 18, 2006 at 11:36 AM PST

Looking for a gung ho inventor

by moe99

As many of you have read, Seattle and its environs continue to suffer the after effects of one of the worst storms on record.  Many homes remain without power, and residents who use gasoline powered generators or charcoal fired grills indoors are being hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning.  

I went to Eddie Bauer today and ordered a radio that is powered by cranking it.  Seattle has sold out, but there a few still on the shelves in one of their stores in MN.  While doing so, it occurred to me, that someone could build a generator that is powered by bicycling indoors which would have the benefit of 0 production of carbon monoxide, while adding the benefit of increasing one's stamina and overall health as a result.  I mentioned it on a diary talking about the Seattle storm, but think it is important enough to raise on its own.

More below the fold.

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