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A favorite fundraising project for many of us in the community at DailyKos is the Okiciyap (Lakota for "We Help") Food Pantry. The food pantry on the Cheyenne River reservation fills an urgent need providing much needed sustenance for young and old alike. It also works with assisting with the education of the young people in the area. In fact, in August our community was able to help Okiciyap provide the local youngsters with backpacks full of the school supplies needed for a good start to the school year. Over the years we have conducted many successful fundraisers for needs both large and small, including a wonderfully successful quilt auction. Now the need is basic and acute, money to buy food to distribute to hungry people.

Even in the best of times the people on the American Indian Reservations of South Dakota have many challenges including chronic poverty and some of the worst unemployment rates in the country. The unemployment rates on high plains reservations can reach unbelievable levels even exceeding 80 percent. And these are far from the best of times.

So exacerbating the normal difficulties with a weak economy came the sequester which made the problems so much worse, as you can read about in Meteor Blades's diary. And we are still crippling the federal programs on the reservations, funding at sequester levels. I can not even begin to imagine how the government shutdown impacted the reservation. But just for good measure throw in an early heavy severe snowstorm.

Incredibly, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) cuts are scheduled for November. All over the country food pantries are facing shortages. The donations are often down to sugary sodas and candy, if available at all. Now more than anytime the need is money to buy food. Please, will you help with this?

Follow me below the fry bread thingey for incentives to snag your donations.

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Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 05:22 PM PDT

Okiciyap , we help bidding diary

by mollyd

I’ve wrestled with what to say in this diary. Unlike Meteor Blade I have little relevant personal experience with poverty. What ever economic challenges I have had have been minor compared with the people that are helped by this Okiciyap.

Yes this is another appeal to join DK Quilt Guild to benefit the Okiciyap (we help) the Isabel Community .  Ok, Okiciyap is more than just another good cause.  In a world where there are so many worthy causes this one resonates with me because it is so totally grass roots. The needs and wish list isn’t generated by well-meaning ladies sitting in their comfortable home in Shaker Hts., Scarsdale, or  Potomac. The organization isn’t run by an idealistic, but well paid professional in a DC office. Nope, its totally controlled and run by the people who are in a position to know what they need and who volunteer their time to help their own community. And this makes it highly effective and very special.

Likewise the quilters and the bloggers who have joined in to assist, give their time and effort with a kind of joy in community that I find refreshing. I hope you do too.

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A wish for everyone to have warm clothing and a full tummy is the very least one can ask in the holiday giving time of year. You might think in this very wealthy country that this would be a given. That all would have the basics of life, sadly that is not the case. And so this diary is about raising funds and getting contributions of warm clothing and funding for food for the Food Pantry in Isabel, South Dakota on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation. The Food Pantry and children’s center was begun by Georgia Little Sheild, and continued after her death last April by her sister Cindy Taylor. And this project was enthusiastically taken up as “our” project by many members of Daily Kos; as we reach out to a rather remote corner of this country that has some of the highest unemployment and greatest need in the country.

As we draw closer to Christmas, and to the end of the year the days grow colder and the nights get longer. And in very few places does the wind blew colder than across the Great Plains of the Dakotas. Very few places does a child or adult appreciate a warm winter jacket or a hoody to wear beneath the coat. It is not a good place to wait for the school bus without a pair of snow pants covering little legs. Want to go out a play in the snow, then warm winter mittens are a must have. And the need for clothing does nor remove the continuing need for food supplies, which have been harder than usual to obtain this year due to crop failures. More below the orange dingleberry

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Mon Aug 27, 2012 at 11:11 PM PDT

update on Black Hills Sacred Site

by mollyd

If like many of us, you have been following the situation of a sacred site to the Lakota, Dakota,  and Nakota tribes; there may be news.

The original situation: the land known as Pe' Sla was owned by a Reynolds family who over the years allowed use by the Native Americans for prayer and ritual, was put up for auction. Which it was feared would lead to development and be lost to the people.

read from sunday's article in First Nations News

more below the graphic thingy

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Sat Aug 18, 2012 at 04:42 PM PDT

priorities of the 1% - cartoon

by mollyd

Please have patience I'm not sure how to best post cartoons. follow below in the main section.

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Tue Jul 20, 2010 at 09:31 PM PDT

defeating Andrew Breitbart

by mollyd

Yes, he lies, but his lie is a transparently deliberately malicious lie to ruin organizations and the people within them. There is a name for that kind of lie.. libel. And there is a remedy in law. There is also ample precedent for defeat of hate organizations by lawsuit. And here is where we go to the Southern Poverty Law Center for examples. see below the fold.


Who should be sued?

37%46 votes
2%3 votes
0%1 votes
52%65 votes
7%9 votes

| 124 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri Jun 12, 2009 at 02:44 PM PDT

Memorial fund for Stephen T. Johns

by mollyd

Several of us were concerned about making donations to Mr. John's family in his memory.

Yes, its a very short diary. Information about the Memorial fund follows. Condolences are nice, but one family will need more substantial help as a result of this act of heroism.

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Let this be a lesson to us all. I'm not sure why anyone should be surprised. McCain's staff knew McCain had to do well. They knew he frequently blows it when he has to think on his feet. On the other hand, that Obama having thought much about topics of spirituality, didn't think he needed to prepare answers.

And in fact Obama didn't do badly, he just didn't do as well as McCain.


Why did McCain do so well?

12%13 votes
20%21 votes
34%35 votes
26%27 votes
4%5 votes

| 101 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Mar 18, 2008 at 09:01 PM PDT

"Strikers" whining on O'Riley

by mollyd

Ok, scanning through TV channels there on Fox was a stunning sight. A Hillery supporter whining to Bill O'Riley about blogging on Kos and explaining the so-called "strike".

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Bits and peices kept get through the mists of 80k hookers, and missing blondes. The campaign insult of the day ties up all the pundits as they repeat charges and concerns. Meanwhile the financial meltdown continues. Krugman again weighs in and this is an area he understands. Well as anyone can understand faith based economics.
More below the fold.


How scared are you?

41%50 votes
8%10 votes
16%20 votes
33%40 votes

| 120 votes | Vote | Results

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  Or perhaps it is training Republicans to be psychopaths?  Hard to say which, but almost almost all mental health professionals will tell you that animal torture and killing while young, is characteristic of those who later have little problem killing and torturing humans. And it appears that Republicans are not upset when their chidren treat animals this way. Most people know of Frist's adoption of stray cat for vivisection and surgery practice. Young George Bush's exploding frogs are common knowledge. But the newest animal cruelty report comes from one of the Republicans running for POTUS.


Most worrisome cruelty to animals.

8%4 votes
4%2 votes
36%18 votes
51%25 votes

| 49 votes | Vote | Results

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Upset at Moma Bush and her remarks about protecting her beautiful mind? Outraged at Rove who wants his son to never do menial work? Look beneath for fold for a glimpse at the model for such outrageous attitudes.

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