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Connecticut citizens as well as many others across America are saying they don't want any more 'polarizing' politics?  Elect Joe and it'll be Bi-Partisanship all the way!
Well so much for what the people want.  And so much for Joes' words.  What they actually got is a whole nother' story.

Joe Lieberman, already, has proven to be the epitomy of a polarizing and lying policician.  The kind we all had enough of.  Remember?
Throwing around his promised 'Seniority power' during the campaign he said to the Hartford Courant on November 1, 2006:
.."I'll be in a position to work to put together a consensus to improve what we're doing and put pressure on the Iraqis." This stands in stark contrast to comments from Lieberman just a week ago."

But on Joes' first day of liberation at a hearing on Iraq in the Senates' Armed Services Committee, his very first questions are not about helping the situation in Iraq, not about his deep concerns for the troops welfare or of the welfare of the Iraqi people. His goal was to put pressure, publicly, on the Democrats.

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(This Diary had to be edited, re-formatted, and re-posted)
Sorry for the duplication!

So sorry Russ stepped aside today! His voice needs to be heard by all.  (Maybe Al Gore, as our next Prez can make him V.P. or Sec. of State?)

We've had a website for 'Feingold08' for a long time and believed in his perspectives on Foreign Policy.

Senator Feingold fights against all opression, believes in a strong but balanced Foreign Policy and demanded exhaustive diplomacy over pre-emption!  But above all he was a champion of the people and their rights.

This diary is re-posted primarily as a correction, but it's also to add my voice to those calling for more discussions on a neglected topic.

If you dont' agree with my commentary, fine.   But don't slam the door and throw charges of anti-Semitism.  Policies are legislated by humans. Wars are waged by humans.
No God would condone Cluster Bombs and Depleted Uranium tipped missiles.

So let's keep religion out of it. Allright?

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This is just a quick Diary.  I wrote a piece yesterday which included a few factual points on our Foreign Policy, among other topics, which included Israel.  
Israel, the last time I looked, was part of the Middle-East and is part of U.S. Policy.  

My Diary was almost instantly taken down and my tags were change with bigoted slurs against me.  I was labeled an anti-semitic troll.

Lovely, yes?  And on Kos of all places.

Do we have a real troll behind the scenes here???

Has anyone else been insulted and/or targeted, unfairly?

See, or not:
A 'Neutered' Joe? Beware the C.B.G.B.S.! (Redux)

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Democrats 51 and R-49??

To automatically throw the 2 new Independant seats in the 'D' column??

What the f#@! is going on here??

I could understand a mistake here, but the NYT, WashPo, Real Clear Politics all push the LIE that the 6 new seats give the Dems the 50 for control or just brush over how crucial the Connecticut seat was for the Democratic Party  

Only CNN had it right last night. 43 was the official base  number on the Democratic side,  because Joe lost the 44th in the primary.

The new official Senate Tally is: (43 old plus 6 new for the Dems)



Do My Concerns Matter?

28%42 votes
57%84 votes
14%21 votes

| 147 votes | Vote | Results

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C'mon we need some quick legal help here!

From everything I've researched Joe is officially recorded now as an Independant.   If he wins in Connecticut who gives a damn where he caucuses.   The Dems have officially and legally lost a Senate seat. !
Therefore our potentially winning 6 seats does not, I repeat not give us the majority.  Only if the official D, who is Ned Lamont, wins the seat can we reach the magic 51.

If Joe wins and we amazingly win 6 seats, its STILL only a 50/50 Senate.   And more Cheney than you ever thought of in your worst nightmares.  

Worse still it will dramatically diminishes the new gains in the House everyone worked so hard for.

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Thu Oct 19, 2006 at 08:21 PM PDT

"Bob Schiefer Reacts To Debate"

by motherwolfe

"Bob Schieffer Reacts To Debate" is actually the headline of this piece just posted after the Connecticut Senate debate.  This same news site out of Hartford offered the only live video stream of the debate.  

Such a big headline out of a few partisan, inaccurate, deceptive and deceitful words by the 'veteran moderator':

"I think it's interesting to get the various viewpoints, because you really got them all. You had Sen. Lieberman who said 'Look, we can't turn around and walk away from Iraq,' and you had other candidates who said that's exactly what we ought to do," Shieffer said. "That reflects the spectrum of opinions across the country right now.

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Sun Oct 15, 2006 at 07:24 PM PDT

Time to plan a Kos Woodstock II

by motherwolfe

Things are getting really freaky.  Afghanistan and Iraq together now overshadow the totality of the horrors of the Vietnam War era.  The government, the spying, the lying and torture and mass killings.  But we don't need to re-hash that part right now.

But speaking of hash, that actually brings me to todays lighter agenda.  I do have a much higher purpose in mind by discussing what else went on during that era, and what it meant!

This is sad but hysterical report from the BBC on Canadian Troops 'activities' in their fight against the Taliban:

...."Taleban fighters using giant Afghan marijuana forests for cover are proving a tough foe to smoke out, the head of Canada's armed forces has revealed...
..the crew of at least one armoured car had responded by camouflaging their vehicle with marijuana...."
"...Burning them is not an option," the general said...

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The messages revealing possible contact between Foley and a page in San Diego just widened the trail and scope of who may have known of Foleys interest in young pages.  

Mark Beck-Heyman, of San Diego, came to D.C in 1995, at 17 years of age to work as a congressional page, having been nominated by Congressman Brian Bilbray-R.   And learned almost from day one that there was one person to be careful of: Rep. Mark Foley.

"When I got there, I was warned about Foley from former pages and cloakroom Republican staffers," said Beck-Heyman, who attended a Catholic high school at the time and was nominated for the page program by Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray, who then lived in Imperial Beach. "The warning was to watch out for him."

He provided The Washington Post with a handwritten letter that Foley had sent him after the page left Washington to return home to California, suggesting that they get together during the Republican National Convention in San Diego in 1996.


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Now that's a great title to occupy us all through Halloween!

But my piece comes from a serious side of genuine shock at how many Americans continue to deliberately play ignorant and/or just won't get involved enough to ask questions. Easily jumping, uninformed,  on the bandwagon of any cool sounding slogun.

The now cyclical Right-wing led Congressional panic every election cycle followed by the also routinely predictable and pathetic kow-towing by all of the Right and some fearful Democrats leaves little time to ever stop and say:
"Hey, can we really trust the Republicans and the Bush Administration with all this secretive power since THEY'VE ALREADY DECIEVED US ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE!!?? "

Many never ever bother asking how the Bush Administration  actually uses all these new 'powers' or how the actual 'Intelligence' is used??  (And, more importantly, never forget the Republicans access to most of it!)

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Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 03:19 PM PDT

Do you know where your NPR is?

by motherwolfe

'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' is a very funy and topical show on NPR along the lines of Colbert and Stewart.  
Yesterday was the first time I've ever heard it censored in a somewhat bizarre way.  
The second round of the show centered on Sen. Allens' flair up during the last debate where a reporter asked him the question about his heritage.  Whenever the host Segal spoke recounting the exchange between Allen and the reporter, loud music blared out overlapping his voice just enough to drown out his words.  The sound continued to ebb and flow in precision strikes.  This was planned.  But by who??  
And why?
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Have Bush and General Casey outsourced the war in Iraq to foreign mercenaries
and private security firms??  SURE!

Does General Casy and the Iraqi Ministers use mercenaries to train the Iraqis?  YOU BET!

Doesn't that leave our troops reduced to painting and picking up trash??  WAR IS HARD WORK!

And aren't they dying while driving back and forth just to pick up trash and direct traffic??   ABSOLUTELY!

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