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Obama is getting killed on the Libya / Benghazi framing by the Republicans, and he needs to change that fast.

As proof I point to yesterday's PPP poll of Iowa and New Hampshire here:  which says: "Voters are closely divided between the two candidates on the issue of Libya, favoring Romney 47/46 in New Hampshire and 46/44 in Iowa."

LOSING THIS ISSUE IS A TOTAL FAILURE OF COMMUNICATION ON THE PART OF THE OBAMA TEAM. This really undercuts what SHOULD be an Obama strength. I also noticed that the one thing Obama did not refute in the second debate is when Romney went into his speech about how Obama's mid east policy is in ruins.

Right now Benghazi is framed as a terrorist attack which the Obama admin did not prevent, and wishes to deny because, supposedly, Obama's whole plan is to cozy up to terrorist Islam in Africa. However, if Obama were to frame the Libya issue as a very favorable comparison to Iraq or Afghanistan he ought to be about 30 points more favorable on the issue than the Republicans.

Read below for what I think ought to be Obama's talking points. I fear Obama is once again taking for granted that voters know the facts of Libya rather than just Republican talking points.

First let's closely look at the Libya situation which conservative David Frum calls "Obama's war".


The cost of Libya military operation was how many times less than Iraq?

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75%24 votes
18%6 votes

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Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 11:06 AM PDT

Gallup Daily shows Obama 50-45 Romney

by mr market

So a bit of good news - maybe this will help break the Obama is losing news out there.

I still suspect Obama is in for some rougher days in this poll. But this is definitely good news.

Same poll was 49-46 on Friday.

This is a registered voter poll, so that means it probably doesn't account for turnout and for voter supression efforts. But it is good news.


Fri Oct 05, 2012 at 12:29 PM PDT

Foreign Policy Debate

by mr market

You know, just on the off chance that someone on the Obama campaign reads anything here, I thought I would list some of the lies we can expect Mitt Romney to lob at Obama during the Foreign Policy Debate.

If Obama can not effectively handle these lies, he personally deserves to LOSE the election, even though Mitt Romney is a sociopathic, hollow, monster.

Feel free to add some in the comments below. Nothing will be too outrageous. In fact, the more outrageous the lie, the more likely Mitt will say it.

Here is my list in no particular order:

1. America is not respected around the world. Obama has done huge damage to our reputation.
2. Obama has ignored the veterans coming home from the wars.
3. Obama has done nothing but apologize for America.
4. Our Enemies see us as weak because Obama is weak.
5. Obama acted politically and irresponsibly in setting a timetable for the end of the Afghan war.
6. Iraq is a mess because Obama pulled out troops. it is shameful how we 'cut and ran'.
7. Iran is close to a nuke and Obama is doing nothing about it. He needs to send a clear signal to the Iranians and has done NOTHING.
8. The Arab spring was a disaster for America.
9. Obama abandoned our ally Egypt and now the radical Muslim brotherhood owns Egypt.
10. Obama is responsible for the mess in Pakistan.
11. Obama's defense cuts are irresponsible and Romney never would have signed on to them.
12. Obama, generally does not understand American power in the world.
13. Obama missed a good opportunity to foment revolution in Iran a few years back and he did not back their protests.
14.  Obama is going to give Afghanistan back to the Taliban which disrespects all the American blood shed in that country.  
15. Obama has made America less safe than we have ever been in the past 70 years.
16. Libya is run by radicals who hate America.
17. Obama abandoned Poland with the missle shield and does not stand up to Russia who is a huge threat.
18. Obama's actions will lead to the destruction of NATO and the domination of Europe by Russia.
19. Obama has done nothing to protect American workers from overseas competition.
20. Obama has done nothing to stand up to China on trade policy.
21. Our Allies are abandoning us and looking for new alliances with China and Russia.
22. Obama was asleep at the switch and the attack in Libya is a huge failing on his part.  
23. Obama accepts donations from foreign sources (citing sources specifically) and then says he is compromised by this money and Mitt would never do this.
24. When America's economy is weak, America is weak. Obama has destroyed the economy.


How do you think Obama will do in the Foreign Policy debate?

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17%3 votes
11%2 votes
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5%1 votes

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I don't think this point of view is going to be some great insight to many who visit DailyKos. But one reason I think it's worth a post is because of who is making the point. Below is an speech that was considered too controversial to post at  

Another reason it is worth a post is that I think the biggest problem with economics these days is you have a huge number of people, including most all Republicans, even very poor ones, who simply believe the 'big lie' from the Republicans about the relationship between government and economic growth. Most people don't understand economics, so it's easy to fall prey to arguments like: 'We've all seen inefficient government, look at the DMV line ups. So who knows how to spend your money better, you or the government?' Case closed I guess, right?

These are the kind of arguments we need combat. And we are only going to do it by pointing to rich people who agree and with equally simple arguments. I think. We need to dumb it down! Lets try things like:
- The US economy grew best in the 1950s and 1960s when top marginal rates were 70%-90%
- If you don't think government spending can end a depression, who do you think borrowed to finance WWII?
- The US is a leader in aviation today because big government made the investment in the early 1940s
- Like in the 1950s and 1960s - middle class incomes grow fastest when government recycles money into things like education and infrastructure

When the republicans talk about 'going back' these days, they are talking about going back to the misery of the early 1900s. We need to point to the 50s and 60s.

Forget the rich for a minute - on a side note the implied disloyalty to America of some of the right wing arguments directed at MIDDLE CLASS voters always amazes me. These people claim to love their country, claim to care about the deficit, and yet won't give up ANYTHING to help their country. They are essentially saying: "Give up my expensive cell phone contract for a cheaper one? Or give up my right to drive an expensive car in favor of a cheaper one? Hell no, screw the government, screw the country, I want my cheap crap and I can't cut back even 3 or 4% to pay higher taxes to help America".

Anyhow - on to the rich people, who, as we all know, set the agenda in this country: From the link below: "...Nick Hanauer. He's a venture capitalist from Seattle who was the first non-family investor in Today he's a very rich man. And, somewhat jarringly, he's screaming to anyone who will listen that he, and other wealthy innovators like him, doesn't create jobs. The middle class does - and its decline threatens everyone in America, from the innovators on down. "

Link to the transcript of the speech:

It's a very short speech but I have pasted a few notable passages and a conclusion below:


I could give up the following to help my country

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3%4 votes
5%6 votes
52%62 votes
23%28 votes
10%12 votes
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Well, it's come to this. The 99% of lazy malcontents in Libya have overthrown a regime which provided jobs to the majority of the population. Motivated by selfishness, laziness and jealousy of the 1%, no doubt. With the majority of people in Libya gainfully employed, they have opted for chaos over stability, and literally killed the biggest job creator Libya has ever known. Here's the breakdown of why their struggle was utter folly:

1. It's a sad day for the free market in Libya
Gadaffi ruled the country for decades. During most of those years, the majority of Libyans were employed. Maybe not 99% of people, but most, probably 51,52, or 53% anyhow. Yes, Gadaffi accumulated billions of dollars for himself, but he possessed skills that the normal population did not have. They begrudged him his success and engaged in class warfare. He rose to his position solely on merit and personal skill, and now the rebels, jealous of his personal wealth have killed him off.

2. The biggest job creator in Libya just died.
How many jobs did those lazy rebels create? None. Gadaffi deserved the billions he salted away and those do nothing lazy rebels were not even grateful for his generosity and compassion. The Libyans just killed off their biggest job creator, their society is unlikely to survive.  



Should you ever protest anything?

16%4 votes
4%1 votes
4%1 votes
8%2 votes
4%1 votes
4%1 votes
8%2 votes
50%12 votes

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No need to be so glum!! Cheer up!!. Sure it sucks to lose some good Democrats. But the next 2 years are going to be very tough for the Republicans, here's some things to look forward to:

1. The Republicans now have 'skin in the game'
I know John McCain's slogan was 'Country First' but like most Republican lies, it is the exact opposite of the truth. The truth is the Republicans have been 'Me first and damn the country' for the past 2 years. Saying no to anything helpful, combined with a bad economy was a recipe for political success. From now on, if no laws get passed they are going to be held partly responsible.

There's more...


I look forward to:

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36%43 votes
45%53 votes

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Before I bore you, let me assure you that trade policy is a BIG deal. It is the number one problem with the US economy in my opinon. Not kidding, the USA is being sucked dry, and if you are lucky you can sell your houehold gold to 'cash for gold' before you head on down to the soup kitchen for a meal. This is what it's come to.

There are a lot of lies in economics, mostly they are propagated by those who stand to benefit from these lies and distortions. It's easy to say things like:
"Cheap consumer goods benefit the US consumer"
"Low value US jobs will be replaced with high value jobs in the US."
"Capital will be free to invest in more productive industries"
"We need a more educated work force to compete in the future"
"The US became a great economic power because of Free trade"

These are all lies or distortions or miss essential points.... read on...


The best way to fix the US economy is:

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47%24 votes

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Below is a link to fantastic bloomberg article which should be a MUST READ for the Obama Administration as well as members of Congress. Please help spread the word! When titans of industry like Grove write articles like this, people should damn well pay attention!!

Andy Grove, senior adviser to Intel, was the company’s chief executive officer or chairman from 1987 until 2005.

The article is not too long and ends with a great policy prescription for the US.

Most of the rest of this diary is snippets of the following article from bloomberg.

How to Make an American Job Before It's Too Late: Andy Grove

See below for the link:


Do Obama's jobs policies differ from GW Bush's?

31%22 votes
60%42 votes
7%5 votes

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Here is what O'Reilly did on July 21st:

Most ALL of the show was spent talking about Shirley Sherrod.

THEN about 40 minutes in there is a segment called the "Back of Book Segment" where he showed video of two other black women acting 'badly'. Then he failed to mention some of it on his web site.

The segment had two video clips:

  1. Video of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee making some mistake about Viet Nam
  1. Video of Whoopi Goldberg on the View acting all silly and they wondered if she was on drugs possibly.

Maybe one extra video of another black woman is a coincidence, but two extra videos is a pattern. NO ONE HAS CALLED O'REILY ON THIS TO MY KNOWLEDGE.

40 minutes on Shirley Sherrod, then video of two black women to be made fun of? Wickedly racist in my opinion. And Just wicked - then he does a little cover up on his web summary... see below...  


What can be done about this?

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25%12 votes
17%8 votes
14%7 votes
36%17 votes

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This Rolling Stone article is a must read for anyone who wants a good appreciation for just how crooked Wall Street has become. It's an easy read, even if you don't know anything about finance.

It is truly shocking, and points to a sad, sad state of affairs in US government and finance. I hope it's publishing in the Rolling Stone will reach a number of people who might not otherwise read much about the financial collapse.


The US financial system is

82%87 votes
15%16 votes
1%2 votes

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Fri Feb 20, 2009 at 07:31 AM PST

Cool video of Obama in Canada

by mr market

Obama was in Canada yesterday. One of the biggest fairly conservative newspapers in Toronto has what is basically a very favorable music video posted on it's front page web site today.  

The video has cool music and you can see how Obama has nearly totally rehabilitated the image of the US, at least in Canada. Everyone is all smiles, makes Obama look like a rock star. And this is not a liberal newspaper.

This is not a youtube video, so you have to sit through about a 30 second commercial. The video is only 1 minute and 26 seconds long and you can replay it without seeing another commercial.


Is Obama cool or what?

48%54 votes
7%8 votes
10%12 votes
33%38 votes

| 112 votes | Vote | Results

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Fun fact of the day - JP Morgan has 90 Trillion dollars worth of notional derivative exposure. Yes that is 90 Trillion with a T. (The US GDP is supposedly around 14 Trillion.) Another fun fact, when JP Morgan took over Bear Stearns they inherited the Bear Stearns counter parties. Bear Stearns had 5000 counter parties in their CDS portfolio alone, yes 5000 of them.  

This is Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To really fix the financial mess, the Feds are going to have to declare these things null and void. And take other extraordinary measures that no one is going to like.  

Obama's challenge is to dismantle this house of cards without the whole thing falling apart. The fact that these companies were unregulated and too big to fail, is an outrage from the Bush years and the Republican control of Congress. The Democrats are not blameless though. These companies wired themselves up in such a way as to be impossible to take down without risking the entire US economy.


What punishment is fitting for the makers of financial weapons of mass destruction?

3%4 votes
62%70 votes
33%38 votes

| 112 votes | Vote | Results

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