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Sun May 17, 2015 at 03:02 PM PDT

9 dead in Waco TX biker gang fight

by mrsgoo

This is a breaking story... If you are anywhere near the Central Texas Marketplace - get out.


Update: Wreck list for my rant?! Wow! Thanks! I did hear back from Target they want me to email them the particulars. I'll be back at the store sometime this week to pickup another RX. Will be taking the packaging, receipt and demanding a refund and that they find another supplier.

 I did for the first time tonight. A couple of petite sirloin steaks. 2 for 7.99! yippie! I needed to pickup my RX and today was my day to run the store. So, I told the hubbie - cover for me while I run to Target. I had some mushrooms that needed cooking - so hey! I'll grab a couple of steaks, you start a couple of baked potatoes and that will be dinner. It was a busy day today. Well, I noticed the fine print on the package at the store - "contains up to 12% solution". The alarm bells went off BUT I didn't want to spend another 30 minutes heading to my regular grocery. How bad can it be right? Follow below the swirling orange thingey for my tweets to @target tonight.  

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Comments closed on the EIR/EIS for the BDCP yesterday. Restore The Delta organized a protest at the Sacramento Capitol where they delivered thousands of signatures against the plan to siphon 9K CFS of Sacramento River water to the #ThirstyBillionaires growing permanent crops in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. Mavens Notebook had a host of links to the comments that are pouring against this disaster of a plan.

From John Garamendi “The twin tunnels project is being unilaterally implemented under authority claimed through the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), which is ironic given how destructive the tunnels will be to the Delta and how they completely fail to meet the law’s co-equal goals of water supply reliability and ecosystem restoration,”

From Jared Huffman - “Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) today led a letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) outlining a strong opposition to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). The letter, cosigned by California Reps. George Miller, Mike Thompson, Doris Matsui, John Garamendi, Barbara Lee, Jackie Speier, and Jerry McNerney, was offered as part of the public review and comment period, which ends today.  The letter states: “Implementing the BDCP as presently described would be far too expensive, it would undermine the health of the Bay-Delta estuary and Northern California fisheries, it would harm tribes as well as communities in the Bay-Delta region, and it would violate numerous state and federal laws – including several laws that the authors of this letter have written and championed.”

Please go read.

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Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 11:20 PM PDT

WTF CA? Leland Yee

by mrsgoo

Wow! I read (ok skimmed the affidavit - just wanted to see Yee's involvement) today. It really does read like a shitty Hollywood Chinese Gangster movie. Unreal.

FBI: California Sen. Leland Yee took bribes, trafficked guns  

Here the link to the affidavit Unsealed Yee affidavit

The CA Dem's better get a handle on this and clean house. Reading the affidavit about the gun trafficking thing blew my mind. You really gotta read it. Coz if this shit is true - wow! He is going to be connected with Muslim groups trying to overthrow the government or even stranger - he says that the Philippine gov't is funding! Muslim groups to deflect attention from their own corruption!

Either way - CA Democrats need to kick folks like this to the curb and kick them hard.
What a stain on the CA D party. News like this only helps the R's.


Got a phone call today from a gal who has a cattle ranch on Bradford Island. Rumour has it that they want to dam False River and at the next Reclamation District meeting, USBR will be asking for an encroachment permit. This crap was pretty well discussed a few years back and got canned as you can see here Anticipated Project Schedule:  The Franks Tract Project has been delayed.  

Ha! It's back! On Steroids. Just found this on the Sacramento Bee California to dam Delta sloughs if drought persists

Here is what pisses me off about all of this. Drought is not a new condition in California. It's damn near normal. Instead of pushing for new storage and conservation and reclamation of water - we get a sustained push for a boondoggle of a tunnel plan to shunt the Sacramento River into tunnels to send water to the southern San Joaquin Valley growers. It's not LA pools folks - it never was. It's Stewart Resnick and his damn POM Pomagranates and Pistachios that want the water.

It's big money pitting farmer against farmer and the fish are losing. In severe drought plan, California salmon may be moved by truck


Will you be in Sacramento for the 3/15 Fracking Rally?

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87%14 votes
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Sat Jan 04, 2014 at 11:47 PM PST

Testesterone, booze and stupidity

by mrsgoo

So - I'm getting ready to close. A guy in the RV park is down on the porch. A guy from the marina is on the porch and they start talking motors. The third guy shows up. The guy from the RV park starts talking shit about the dudes motor in his sand rail. The guy from the marina starts talking shit back.

I'm in the store - so the next thing I see is the guy from the RV park heading up the ramp. I think he's going home. He comes back down about 10 minutes later and asks the guy from the marina to have a chat. Up the ramp they go. Hubbie and the other guy from the RV park go - well, they need to work it out. My hackles go up - WTF do you mean by that?

Oy! two fifty somethings rolling around on the ground like 5 year olds on the playground. We all headed up the ramp. WTF?! Is wrong with you guys??

It gets worse. Much worse. So here I am at 11:15pm wide awake. Combatant #1 had "something" strapped under his shoulder. The hubbie says it sure the hell looked like a gun.

Combatant #1 - RV park guy - has left yet again. Marina guy is on his boat, the wife has been keeping him contained. Sorta.

Me ! I AM DONE! Idiot males. Oh, did I mention guns? And booze and stupidity. I am soooo done with the both of them. When they sober up in the morning..... It is done. Ya got 30 days to find another place. You can't handle your booze? GET THE FUCK OUT!

Unreal. Just unreal. Had planned for a nice evening watching football and having dinner. Oh Hell No! Gotta police two hot head idiots. Idiots gonna lose tomorrow. These stupid fuckers are used to me being nice. Too bad for them. Just ask my husband about not finishing the bathroom in our first house for over a year. When I finally lost it - that sonofabitch got finished in a week. Those two morans are about to experience the wrath of Dawn.



KCRA TV is reporting that she has been recovered - is safe and the perp is in Custody!
And - then they went to commercial! Ok, they're back.

He pulled a gun and kidnapped her. Found in the car down by the docks in Antioch. And - that is all they are saying.

"Docks in Antioch" could mean anything. By the bridge? Old town Antioch? I'm just glad they found her and the perp is in custody.

Update: From the comments:

WakeUpNeo posted a link to SFGate -

Police believe the kidnapper followed the mother and daughter home after the two had shopped at the Walmart store at 4893 Lone Tree Way in Antioch. The incident comes a day after an attempted abduction at the same store, with a man matching the description from Friday's incident trying unsuccessfully to kidnap a young girl, Vanderklugt said.
Emphasis mine. Not good. Please tweet and FB to get this info out. If this is the same guy - this is really ugly.

Original Post:

I would not normally do this but - the details are a bit disturbing. May not be a custody thing. Fox 40 (yea, I know but I was watching the football game) just mentioned that the guy may have followed the mom and kid from a local Walmart.


938 PM PST FRI JAN 3 2014







Back when life was good and the hubbie and I decided that the America's Cup was a awesome thing to go see, we rode the ferry from Vallejo to SF. It was fun. Until we made the ride back. The ferry was jammed with people. We found seats up top - outside facing the back of the boat. There was 3-4 adults supervising about 3-4 kids that were out of control - running around and running around and running around. The parents did not seem to care. Fine. Until we got motoring between leaving SF and headed to Vallejo. This boat travels probably 30mph or better. I actually became very afraid. Dear Mom - do you realize that your child that was running around between the seats could have been easily picked up by a nutcase and thrown off the back of that boat travelling 30+ miles an hour? If you have not considered this - perhaps you should. I grew up in Detroit. So we did not have ferrys. But I can damn well imagine that if we did - Mom would not have let us run around willy nilly. She would have made us SIT DOWN in a SEAT and enjoy the ride.


When they moved Chris from Sutter Delta to the L1 Trauma center at John Muir Walnut Creek I knew the bill would be out of this world. Today, we saw online the claim filed with Anthem Blue Cross. 294K Two Hundred Ninety Four Fucking Thousand Dollars! Wrap your head around that one. He is my 300K guy now.


Mon Nov 18, 2013 at 08:37 PM PST

Update on the mrgoo.

by mrsgoo

He is being a dick. When we went to see the neurosurgeon on 11/13 - he told him - what you think that you can do - do 50% less of it. And since you have this seroma on your incision, you should do less than that.

Our of his pie hole today," I felt that I was able to mow the entire RV Park, I only mowed 50% of it". Yep, he jumped onto the zero turn mower. Yep, he jumped into the ranch truck and drove the utility trailer to the leaf pile. All that and a bag of chips bitches! Because he is IRON MAN! I am beyond upset. I told him, obviously you are smarter than a neurosurgeon. I will look up the phone number of the International Space Station, because they really need Chris Gulicks advice on how to operate it. Coz, if he is smarter than a neurosurgeon, he is obviously smarter than a fucking rocket scientist! We have an appt. w/the neurosurgeon on Friday. I tried between the lines last Wednesday, to tell Dr. Chen, you give him an inch, he will take a mile. When we get there on Friday - I will lay his azz bare. I rode with him to the leaf pile in the ranch truck - my fucking back hurts. You are rocking back and forth - I am sure that THIS is not what Dr. Chen wants.

I am SO fucking pissed. At 2pm we ended the leaf parade, went to the house and got something to eat. He runs out of the norco tomorrow. Getting the refill has been interesting. Now it is sitting at the neurosurgeons office. Hope it is filled tomorrow - or not. So Mr. KnowItAll eats lunch, makes the phone calls I told him to make for the RX. So I need to go to town to get fixin's for dinner. Hey! You all piss and vinegar and can ride the zero turn, you can watch the store eh? So I head to town and am back at 3:15pm. I still need to tape a couple of invoices in the RV park and stack firewood (It's a gonna rain tomorrow and we only have a wood stove for heat). So I do those things. His RWNJ BFF shows up at 3:30pm. I am just finishing stacking firewood. I tell him what dickhead did today. He just shakes his head. So he goes down to the store while I finish stacking wood/starter. I head down to the store. By this point, it is 4pm and fuck it, I poured me sippie cup of ice and wine. He is in the chair at the store and I can see that he is uncomfortable. But, Mr. KnowItAll tough guy will NOT admit that - instead he says that I can run the store until 5:30! His RWNJ BFF says - yep! You could do an 18 hour day but you'll just do nine! Because the Dr. said 50%! OH SNAP! Thanks RWNJ BFF!

So we ended the day with Mr. Tough Guy, sitting in the store for far longer than he should b'coz - I'm Mr. Tough Guy. He is a gonna show me! sigh. It is 8:10pm. He ate dinner in bed and is crashed out.

Earlier today, "you're agitated" - ya think? You need to get over it? Really?? Really?? Talk to the hand pal! You can explain this to your neurosurgeon, coz obviously, you are smarter than he is.

He is doing some plutonium level bullshit to justify his actions. IMHO - it is just as radioactive. When we hit Dr. Chens office on Friday - He can try to 'splain himself.
I will cut him no fucking slack. IMHO, you have one of the top dogs in neurosurgery putting your broken ass back together, and you diss him? I do not think so. Frankly, I hope that he is sore as hell tomorrow.


The Mrgoo is smarter than his neurosurgeon.

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So since we own a business - we can either go SHOP for businesses or go as individuals. I completed the SHOP application with no problem. Somebody will be contacting us. Cool!!!

Then I tried to complete the individual application. We want to compare both before making a decision.

The problems started when I began to enter myself as a household member. I am a Permanent Resident Alien. A "green card" holder. So I answered the question about being a citizen/naturalized citizen as no. So it pops up another selection box where you indicate on which type of document you are in the country on. I selected I-551.

It wants my alien number - no problemo. I got my "green card" sitting right in front of me. Then it wants a document expiration date. OOPS! Mine is old - it DOES NOT EXPIRE!

Then it wants a card number - Sorry, my green card does not have a card number either.

The site wants a 9 character alphanumeric alien # - mine is 9 digits.

Now I have purchased mortgages and found employment with this green card. It is perfectly a-ok.

So I fired up the chat line typed in that I was having issues with entering info about my I-551 and detailed the problems.... and waited.... ohhh I'm number 14...... and waited... and waited.... about 30 minutes later, I'm number 1! woohoo! No shit sherlock, my husband is sitting next to me and we get.......a message stating that my request had been cancelled and click here to get an email response. So I clicked, sure send me an email. This is what I got...

.Permission Denied
You do not have permission to access this document.
Follow me across the orange squiggle of glitch
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Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 09:49 PM PST

Update on the Mrgoo

by mrsgoo

We were supposed to see the Neurosurgeon for the 1st follow-up on 11/15. They called 11/14 at 10am and cancelled - he will be doing an emergency surgery on Friday. Considering that he did the same thing to fix the Mr's back - can't be po'd can we? But somebody cancelled today and could we be there at 1:30? You Bet!! So we closed up shop and headed over to Walnut Creek. He took some of the staples out of the incision. But the upper part has some swelling. A seroma he called it. Gave me an RX for an antibiotic and said if it started draining, call in the RX and call him. Otherwise, he is doing well.

So the Mr. thinks that he should be able to ride the golf cart, drive the ranch truck and go fishing. The Dr. said - here is what I think. Whatever you THINK that you are able to do - do 50% less! And for the next week until that seroma gets better, I want you to do even less than that. Like, not much! So he has decided that he will be a really good guy for a week. His motivation - one day after the last staples come out - he can have a shower! That cool NASA no-rinse soap even when I use hundreds of baby wipes to give him a sponge bath - just aren't the same.

He wanted to see the incision so I took some photos before I dressed it tonight. Handed him the SD card and reader as I was finishing dinner. So - did you check it out? yea.
That was a pretty subdued yea. Felt like a oh holy fucking hell is that MY back? yea. It's like a foot long or better. And is still pretty scary looking. So maybe looking at the pix will dampen his enthusiasm a bit for riding the golf cart or WORSE! going fishing!

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