It appears another health clinic for women will be shut down, this time in Kings County, California.  On Tuesday, August 20th, any funding for the clinic in the upcoming year is about to be decided.  Only 1 of 5 supervisors, Richard Valle, is supportive of continued funding for the clinic.  The other 4 supervisors believe or want to believe that by outsourcing health services to the local hospital, all will be just peachy.

A few, brave women have been questioning this need to shut down health services to the poor.  A basic mission for counties here in California, is one of providing services to the poor.  In conservative Kings County, bedrock of vocal opposition to things like High Speed Rail, same sex marriage, and anything President Obama voices support of, it appears the poor are no longer the county's concern due to 'fiscal concerns'.    

There is an online petition located via the link below: