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Mr. President, when you addressed the convention of the United Steelworkers, I believed every word you said. When you said "Corporations have to learn that it is not the Department of Management, but the Department of Labor!" and " We will pass the Employee Free Choice Act!" I stood and cheered and hollered until I was hoarse.

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Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 08:19 AM PDT

I like Bill Maher, but...

by mundog50

Last nights Bill Maher show on HBO was a bit of a let down. He had two Congressmen on as his guests, one from Georgia and the other from California. And rather than being fired up and prepared for their normal Republican repetition of corporate drivel, he pretty much let them have the bully pulpit.

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Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 10:59 AM PDT

Bankruptcy 2005 applied to Wall Street

by mundog50

In 2005 our congress passed a bankruptcy bill, crafted by the banking industry, to correct supposed problems with the then current law. Despite testimony from a wide range of experts ranging from bankruptcy judges and trustees to Harvard professors that the new bill imposed onerous conditions on people in dire circumstances and lead to many more families suffering financial ruin, our representative chose to believe their banker buddies and passed this turkey. After all, only a scumbag scofflaw would attempt to get out of their financial obligations, right?

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Today is Labor Day, the federal holiday that we honor all those workers, past and present, that built our country and fought to bring dignity, living wages and a decent standard of living to these United States. As voters, we have a chance this fall to elect officials who will pass the Employee Free Choice Act. I know that many of you are already die hard democrats and probably I am preaching to the choir. But the opposition has made a great deal of the fact that this act will "rob the worker of their god given right to a secret ballot." I have some modest experience in organizing workplaces and would like to share with you why this is just another lie promoted by the party of big business.

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