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This diary entry is from my 65 year old mother-in-law who tried to get to the One Nation March today. I hope any organizers who read this find out what happened. What a screw up.

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From Press Secretary Gibbs twitter feed:

Some chatter on my bracelet it's for 9yr old daughter of friends she is bravely fighting cancer - say a prayer for her

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Fri Jan 29, 2010 at 05:37 AM PST

Breaking: Q4 GDP @ 5.7%

by mysticlaker

Annualized GDP growth for fourth quarter comes in at 5.7%.

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This will be short and sweet. Have you phonebanked today from home for Martha Coakley? It's easy. 50 numbers to call generally takes about 30 minutes. I would say a live person 7-10 times out of the 50, 20 messages, and 20 wrong numbers or no longer there numbers.

30 minutes today can help us tremendously. She is a great person and candidate and we all know what can happen in our country is with the other party in charge.

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Mon Dec 14, 2009 at 04:03 PM PST

pre-emptive breaking diary

by mysticlaker

There's an awful lot of applause coming from the Senate Dems' meeting right now

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Sun Oct 11, 2009 at 10:21 AM PDT


by mysticlaker

Pundits and right wing heads explode.

Since Thursday Pres. Obama is up to 56% approval. His best reading since August 5th (up from the 50% last Wed).

As usual they are wrong about what American's appreciate about our leadership and President. Winning the Nobel is an honor. I am sure many like me want the President Obama to do a lot more now to live up the potential of the peace prize, but most Americans thinks it's a positive sign for us and our country.

I wonder if we see the siren on Drudge to emphasize this great news for America and Obama? After hearing George Will and Nicole Wallace on TWWGS it makes me so happy to know they don't understand America anymore.

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Watch live @

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Tue Sep 29, 2009 at 02:34 PM PDT

Email from Senator Chuck Schumer

by mysticlaker

He's not giving up yet. There is a lot left to fight for, both on the floor and potentially in reconciliation.

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The epic fail on Saturday, is even reflected in the good old Rasmussen polls. He can't even hide from the fact that these fringe characters don't hurt the President or the health care debate. Actually, using Drudge's logic one could argue the fringe help the President. Since his low point at 45% according to RAS, Obama is now at 52% approval. An additional improvement of 2 points since Saturday's epic teabagging.

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We act just like many of the pundits around here no matter how much we complain about them. We've seen it many times it doesn't stick with us. Just like the "pundits" many folks around here only see one step ahead, and remember one week behind.

The rope-a-dope is performed by a boxer assuming a protected stance, in Ali's classic pose, lying against the ropes, and allowing his opponent to hit him, in the hope that the opponent will become tired and make mistakes which the boxer can exploit in a counterattack.

In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position, attempting thereby to become the eventual victor.

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I hope that in September President Obama will do something simliar and hold a major prime time address regarding the health plan debate. I just watched these by Kennedy and am amazed at the parallel arguments to our fight today.

The AMA sponsored the next night (to an empty MSG) and had Dr. Annis respond to the President's proposals.

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While there is still a lot of pain out there, this is better news. The U6 also dropped from 16.5 to 16.3%. Also, an increase of hours worked is reported.

Stimulus is starting to work and will continue to spur investments and innovation into 2010.

This is unexpected great news (and not for John McCain).

It's going to help Obama greatly in the HC debate. Democrats plans work. That will be the message that is going to be said over and over again now.

Just for some perspective, a loss of 275K jobs is less than we had during 5% unemployment. It's a great number given where we were in January.

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