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Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 07:13 AM PST

DC area housing advice?

by n8rboy

So my son the digital media genius has scored a job with the DPCC and will be moving to DC next month.  Good job, great benefits, not-huge salary, so he needs to keep rent under $1300 per month.  Any advice from DC-area Kossacks as far as what areas he should be looking at, how far out of town he'll have to be, etc?


Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 09:04 AM PDT

Our problem with honesty

by n8rboy

This is sometimes why we sometimes lose - the Democratic commitment to a reality-based approach.  President Obama gets beat in the first debate, and all OUR people are the first to admit it - in front of the world and the undecided voters.  

Romney gets creamed in the third debate just as badly - based on opinion polls! - and the Republicans are out there screaming that they won.

What they know is that most people didn't watch the debates - they just look on the teevee later to see who won.  And of course the MSM reports dutifully that one side says they won and the other says no they won, so it must be a tie.

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Sat Dec 24, 2011 at 08:29 AM PST

Health Care for Christmas

by n8rboy

My oldest son is 27.  He's an independent video producer.  In Michigan.  In spite of the fact that he does awesome work, he is somewhat underemployed.  He does part time work for a local production house as an independent contractor, does online video for some local businesses, edits film, and does really cool weddings.  But of course he has no health insurance, since in this country we get that from our employers, and he technically has no employer.

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Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 02:30 PM PDT

Lunch with Governor Snyder

by n8rboy

OK, I didn't actually sit down and break bread with the Governor of Michigan.  My company runs restaurants in Michigan, and Snyder was in for lunch at one of our places on Friday.  He even had Secret Service- type guys with him, all in black with earpieces and mirror sunglasses.  Our staff is mostly college-age, and we're in Ann Arbor, so none of them were exactly thrilled to see the gov.  We've had our share of celebrities over the years - actors, coaches, politicians - so it wasn't really a big deal to anyone.

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It's fun and easy!  Can be played with just two people, or a big ol' group!  Rules are very simple: you score points by out-liberaling your opponents, either in a diary or, better yet, in the comments of somebody else's diary. - Length of play - until everyone gives up - Grand Prize - the rec list! - Winner is determined by points - see categories after the fold:

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Sun Apr 05, 2009 at 01:17 PM PDT

Calling Joe Biden

by n8rboy

Look, I know the Vice President is busy.  I'm not trying to suggest he's not.  He's attending briefings, advising the President, and working hard behind the scenes.  But I'm starting to feel like we're losing the media/public perception battle, and I think Joe is the guy who needs to step up.

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Tue Jan 27, 2009 at 08:18 PM PST

So... can we have our flag back now?

by n8rboy

Driving back to Ann Arbor from Northern Michigan on 09/12/01 it was weird and moving to see all the American flags displayed.  They were everywhere, symbolic of our unity and pride.  I remember thinking I wanted to do the same - fly our flag.  I didn't do it right away, and after a while I changed my mind.  It seemed like most people displaying the colors were also displaying comments of the "my country right or wrong," "these colors don't run," or "America - love it or leave it" variety.

In the years since, it seemed like the conservatives had co-opted our flag.  Old Glory bumper stickers always seemed to be next to "support our troops" and "W" stickers.  It seemed like patriotism meant not questioning our government.  

Here's something I'm not proud of: a couple years ago, a girl at work was handing out American flag stickers on July 4.  She smiled and offered me one.  I smiled back and said "no thanks, I'm really not that patriotic."  It was a little joke.  I got a couple laughs, because it was an unexpected thing to say.  But really, I just wasn't comfortable wearing a flag sticker because I was afraid people would think I was a republican.

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