Sure McCain stood up, when the lights were upon him, and decried the old lady who stammered that Obama was a "secret Arab" but behind the scenes he brought the greatest threat to reasoned politics we've ever seen - Sarah Palin.

All united left and centre left front rolled our eyes when she's spew her insane "Lock and load" type nonsense rife with passive threats of violence. Now Rep Giffords lies in a hospital with a bullet in her head and many more are dead or injured.

The irony is Giffords was a moderate who often bucked Pelosi and this is how she was repaid. Being literally targeted by Palin and with a bullet in the head.

The right has become extreme and it has become insane. Being a moderate, trying to build bridges with these fanatics is a recipie for disaster. Opposing the conservatives is the only way to go.

I only hope this incident will make progressive politicans think twice on compromise when it comes to bringing back the debate on gun control.