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It is funny to me to hear people like Romney whine.  First, he doesn't know a goddam thing about really small businesses....nothing. He has never been close to one.  Think he knows what a family owned dry cleaners or a mom trying to start a business out of her home goes through? If you do, then,'re an idiot.  I do pretty well, and was thinking about trading in my American made car for a fancy new Land Rover. So, I was looking on their website, and they had a category titled Business Tax Advantage.  I thought it was pretty funny that things like this, for vehicles that start at mid $50's and go up to well over $100K have this plan.  Why, for example, wouldn't any American made vehicle used for business at least 50% of the time have accellerated depreciation? Hmmmmmm?

I am keeping my US made Jeep Grand Cherokee, which still has more features than the Land Rover and has a beautiful interior and will no longer go back to flirting with European beauties.  If I think that we give away the store to China so people can buy cheaper cheap shit at Wal Mart, then I have to practice what I preach.  You should all do the same. Buy American, it's actually kind of hard to find for some items.

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I was in the car so listened to the debate on the radio.  Just on radio, Romney seemed like a flaming asshole.  Condescending, out of touch (y'all go get me some women - isnt' that discrimination? - while you're at it pick up some Negroes and a Mexican) and a blatant liar. Now, I have been watching CNN for almost an hour, and all these blowhards do is talk about the CNN polls.  They don't talk about the debate, they talk about their polls. This is entertainment not journalism.  Only CNN has the CNN polls blah blah blah.  

The best information seems to be coming from the 35 "undecided" voters in their focus group.  CNN loves these "undecided" voters, and these people have figured out that undecided means you could get on TV.  

Enjoyed the debate, the coverage on CNN blows, and I don't think for one second these voters are undecided.  They are lying or stupid. Let's go vote, I can't stand this fucking nonsense much longer.


The stuff from their website says it all, given the current state of affairs.  An inglorious end to a company that started in the US in 1916 (You know, the year we had the "good navy" according to the money powered Cyborg and his sidekick Eddie Munster).  Below the broham label:

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The scariest moment of the debate last night came when Paul Ryan made one of his few honest statements of the evening.  Ryan said that he cannot separate his personal religion from his guidance on policy.  In short, he thinks that his personal beliefs should be yours, and if he is in a position to enforce that upon the rest of it, he will do his level best to do so and not blink (even though he blinks less than one of those night creatures with bugaboo eyes you always see photos of in National Geographic peering over a log at night).  Well, Mr. Ryan, you should read the basis for the language in the Constitution, which is the often quoted bill introduced and eventually passed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in Virginia, and a precursor to the language in the Constitution.  It is NOT freedom of religion, it is freedom FROM religion, and that, you self righteous career politician, is what guides policy, not your personal brand of religion.  Biden had the right answer, and you got it dead wrong. Read a little Jefferson and educate yourself before you think you can use your religion to force policy on me.

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From Mitt Romney's speech at VMI (sorry, veterans like myself don't consider VMI some great bastion of military heritage, today it's where either legacies have to go or wayward kids get sent) today:

"The size of our Navy is at levels not seen since 1916. I will restore our Navy to the size needed to fulfill our missions by building 15 ships per year, including three submarines."

As straight to the point as I can make it, he pulled this from his ass: More below rolled up band aid.

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All the focus has been on Mitt Romney and his 47% comments as of late. The more important number 47 needs to be brought roaring back and hung around Mitt's neck both prior to and during the next debate, considering the fact that apparently Romney's term as Governor was legendary with achievements, according to the Romney clone that showed up at the last debate with all new stances and data (that's a nice way of saying he lied his ass off)

This is nothing new, merely a reminder.  There was a nice little article in 2011 by Think Progress that pointed out the following:

During Mitt Romney's term as governor of Massachusetts, his state ranke 47th in job creation.  

As soon as they salted the doorway after Mitt's departure, employment growth zoomed to one of the top five in the country.  

So, the "great job creator" does have a record - 47th out of 50 in performance. I hope the Obama campaign reminds people who don't follow politics quite as closely as this crowd of that fact over and over very soon.

Here is a link to the article, good to remember with Mitt there are TWO 47s to remember.


Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 09:12 AM PDT

The Obama ad I want to see

by napalminthemorning

Screen opens, it's President Obama talking directly to the camera.

"You may have seen the first debate between me and Mitt Romney.  You have seen the reviews that said I looked confused.  That's because I was.  

The man who I debated stated that his positions he has traveled the country testifying to are not his positions, as of the debate.  So, let me point out to you debate Romney versus real Romney.

1.  Taxes - Romney's plan is simply going back exclusively to the failed George Bush trickle down policy.  Give the money to people who are aleady rich and hope they are grateful enough to make some jobs for poor people....if they feel like. From 2000 to 2008, they didn't, and fewer net jobs than were ever created in our history were created. We have already far exceeded the number of net jobs created by the 8 years of the Bush administration.  The Romney plan says he will cut out loopholes to pay for the tax cut. He can cut every loophole that exists out - which you know won't happen - and still is left with a HUGE gap to make his plan not increase the deficit.

2.  Social programs. Do you like PBS? Mitt jokingly said he would cut out its funding. Well, if you think you can solve the budget crisis by cutting out less than one one thousandth of the expenses you are just crazy.  All discretionary spending combined is less than the Pentagon budget.  Think about that for a minute. The DoD budget is more than all social programs, education, HHS, environment combined.  Yet Romney says he will increase the DoD budget and not absolutely gut everything else.  That's magic math.

3.  Healthcare. Every analysis of Obamacare says if you end it you will dramatically increase the deficit, in addition to leaving millions uninsured.  Remember this quote from non-debate Mitt - the uninsured can just use the emergency room. This was widely proven to be much more expensive than preventitive care.

These are just three points that Mitt Romney showed up with complete contradictions to everything he has been saying every day up till the debate.  My message hasn't changed. You know who I am and what my plan is. The biggest difference between me and Mitt Romney is that I won't just say anything to get elected. The choice is clear and it's yours."

P.S. - If he tries that shit next debate I am going to simply kick his ass on national tv.


If you haven't seen this yet, you can bet you will see it again.  Alpha Resources is making a strategic repositioning which will close coal mines in VA, WVA and PA.  Basically, all the well phrased corporate bullshit means is that they have decided that the domestic coal market is not a good long term bet, so they are going to let go of a bunch of workers and focus on exporting a different type of coal to the good countries that don't tie business's hands with regulations about the environment and such. Regardless, the timing isn't good, and it's real jobs being lost in hard hit areas and plays right into the Romney talking points of businesses not having confidence and Obama's war on coal.  I don't know if there are any ties between the GOP and the management of Alpha, but the timing is at least suspect. They also bought Massey, does that name ring a bell?  Think abuses and mine cave ins.

The press release on their website below the bro-ham insignia.  Like it or not, I can almost guarantee this will be strong ammo for the Romney campaign.

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Not too much to add.  Thank you CNN, who posted this simple chart showing who pays what types of taxes.  All Romney did was show you how he and his friends talk when they are together at "the club" or having dinner on the yacht.  

Here is the link to the chart.

CNN Chart on who really pays taxes


Happened to have saved an analysis from 2004, and found it while cleaning out my PC of old files.  One point we seem to forget to hammer is that the Bush tax cuts reduced income to the US by $4 trillion (if they run through 2014 - we're almost there).  So, with a total debt of $16 trillion, the Bush tax cuts will comprise 25% of the total US debt.  Again, that's 25% of the total US debt.  The article came from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, dated April 23, 2004, here is an excerpt:

The Long-Term Costs
If the tax cuts the Administration wants to make permanent are made permanent, current relief from the swelling Alternative Minimum Tax is continued, as most observers expect it will be (the Administration supports continuation of AMT relief but has not yet put forward a specific AMT proposal), and the additional tax cuts the Administration has proposed are enacted, the future costs of these tax cuts will be extremely large.

■Over the 10-year period from 2005 through 2014, the direct costs of the enacted and proposed tax cuts would total $2.8 trillion.  The cost would equal 2.1 percent of the economy in 2014.
■From 2005 through 2014, the increased interest payments on the debt that result from the tax cuts would amount to $1.1 trillion.  The interest payments would grow steadily with each passing year and in 2014 would equal $218 billion — or 1.2 percent of the economy.  This amount alone is as large a share of the economy as the government now spends on all programs and activities under the Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Interior, Justice, and State combined.
■Considering both the direct costs of the tax cuts and the associated increase in interest payments, the tax cuts would increase deficits by nearly $4 trillion between 2005 and 2014.
■Over the next 75 years, the cost of these tax cuts — assuming they are made permanent — would be more than the combined shortfall in the Social Security and Medicare Hospital Insurance trust funds.
In the absence of the tax cuts, the deficit picture over the coming decade would look very different.  Without the tax cuts, the deficit would be under $100 billion in most years.  With the tax cuts, the deficit is projected to grow to more than $675 billion by the end of the decade.[2]  If the tax cuts are extended, revenues over this period will remain at quite low levels by recent historical standards.  Over the next decade, average revenues as a share of GDP would be lower than the average levels of revenues in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

If you all recall, the rationale for giving these tax cuts was provided by none other than the President, George W Bush who told us the job creators would let the money "trickle down" to what Mitt Romney and the little woman call "you people".  As most people are aware, private sector jobs from 2001 to 2008 actually declined - if Bill Clinton were here he would say, in plain English, he ended up with less people working than he started out with.

So, it's important to keep reminding those who are all on board with ex Governor Romney's plan to lower taxes because that will be what causes the economy to grow and create jobs that we've heard that exact speech before, and it produced two things - more money for the wealthiest Americans and an increase in the debt of $4 trillion dollars.  Mitt and the rest of the wealthy will have their administrative aids send 'you people" a thank you note.


I decided to, for the first time ever, watch the Fox News morning show today, just to see what they had to say about last night. It is galling that these people actually get paid to do what they do , but I don't resent them earning a living - there is clearly a need for dumbasses. Besides all the typical things I have read and heard about, one thing that the Lord of the Idiots, Steve Doocy, said, when shown the picture of Hillary Clinton watching the replay of President Clinton's speech online, was that he didn't know they had such good TV reception in East Timor.  

The smirk on his face when he mentioned East Timor combined with his comment culminated in a message of....I don't know where that is but it's foreign and they couldn't possibly have anything like my America....all the while not understanding that the world is round thus we have time zones and finally, that you can see video when accessing the tubes of the internets.  

It is frightening that so many people use this as their source of information. These three buffoons are so ignorant it's comical until you remember how many people take what they say as gospel.  

The only thing is can say is what we say in Charlotte and other Southern cities when you are politely trying to compliment some who is mentally deficient on the accomplishment or even effort that results in failure of the most simple task....

Well bless his heart.  

For you yankees I will translate....what a fucking dumbass.


Sorry if this has already been posted, it's pretty funny.

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