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Something happened to my machine overnight and my adblock addon was blitzed.  So, I've reinstalled it and started adding back all that needs to be blocked.  I've gotten most everything 'working' again.  Except this 'ALLDEALAPP' thing.  In the screen shot above - you can see the 'ad by alldealapp'/close images and then by the links for 'author' and 'posted' there is a green circle with an arrow - that too is attached to 'alldealapp' thing.  I did find 'alldealapp' in my list of pgms and uninstalled it there.  I'm wondering if I need to restart the pc to finish making it go away?????

Help and suggestions appreciated.

WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, pootie pictures, favorite adult beverages, and anything else that we think might help. Everyone and all sorts of troubles are welcome. May we find peace and healing here. Won't you please share the joy of WYFP by recommending?
I volunteered to write tonight’s WYFP diary because today would have been my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  It’s a FP because, I’m not sure how to deal with it.  Mom passed in June of 2007, before her 63rd birthday and their 45th wedding anniversary.  While I wasn’t terribly close with my mom, she was one of the constants in my early life.
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WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, pootie pictures, favorite adult beverages, and anything else that we think might help. Everyone and all sorts of troubles are welcome. May we find peace and healing here. Won't you please share the joy of WYFP by recommending?
It's post 7.45pm CDT and a WYFP diary hasn't been posted yet......  and I've got a doozer of an issue.

Monday, I (we 4 contract employees) were accused of shopping for an answer to a question that we've been asking for over a month now.  Do you want us to consolidate DB2 sql disasters and DB2 'not available' return codes where we can or not??  The answer we've been given is analyze it..... well.... that's a shit, non committal answer if I ever heard one.  Then we go through one design review where I had consolidated codes and got lambasted for it.  So, I put it all back and then make sure that all error handling is taken care of and get lambasted for doing that and adding return codes......  Ok, fine screw it.  I'm not touching anything that doesn't absolutely doesn't NEED to be changed in this conversion.

We were instructed to convert around 100 pgms, 15 tables, untold copylibs, jcl, packages, and binds from IMS to DB2 and while we're in them clean up the code.  I think that there's an average of 4000 lines of code per pgm.

The next problem is the time frame to complete this project.  The lead pgmr wants us to 'buy in' to no more than an average of 2 weeks per pgm (to design, write test cases, code and unit test).  We're telling her that that idea is insane.  Her response is basically to threaten to recommend that our jobs get shipped to India if we don't agree.  She claims that the conversion will go faster as we move on in the pgms.  Maybe we will, maybe we won't.  We won't know until we get further along.

We've pretty much decided that when push comes to shove, our reply will be - Based on J's assessment and estimation that the pgms will become easier as we progress, ok.... Then when we're getting closer to the dead line and things aren't complete, we can refer back to J's assessment and that she was incorrect and what we had been trying to tell them was more accurate.  She KNOWS we're more correct in our estimation than 'they' are.

Needless to say, I'm pissed.

We're designing on the fly now.  We're finding issue after issue.  There may be a problem with the new databases not containing all the information from the original.  There are 2 tables that had a few fields with the exact same name.  The system architect and user have decided that they contain the same data.  J, the senior pgmr and lead project pgmr isn't so sure and hasn't been able to prove it yet.

This is what the design specs are going to look like, based on J's comment that they don't need to be so detailed:

1000-Mainline  Section.
   No changes
1100-Primary-edit  Section.
   Change IMS names to DB2
1200-Edit-Repair-Date  Section.
    Change IMS date time ddmmmyy format to DB2 ccyy-mm-dd format

I had been doing it much more detailed.  So detailed that the 'coding' and compile phase took me only 12 hours on a 10,000 line pgm to get a clean compile.

I will probably continue doing the same thing for myself.  But what I give to management is what I wrote above.  Cause I have a feeling that we're going to be specing, writing the test cases and they'll have someone else to the coding and testing...... cause those outsourcing places work faster..... they'll get crap back.  But, that's not my problem.

They've decided that this project isn't really worth investing the proper amount of time and resources despite the fact that this conversion is the foundation for all of their future plans.  So why should I give them exactly what they need to accomplish their end goal???  They decided that we're the 'hired help' and basically mercenary coders.... That's what they're going to get.


I've read several posts from people saying that they're getting scripting errors when trying to read this site.  Apparently it's been happening on all browser types, but IE more often.

Here is one of my replies from last night's encounter:
Because they have something coded incorrectly somewhere.  But, the mistake is not 'big' enough to interrupt the primary functioning of the site.  It's kinda like putting 3/4 cup of sugar in a cookie recipe instead of the recommended 1 cup.  The 'powers' have most likely decided that the error is not important enough to deal with at the current time.

Dkos is aware of it.  But, like I said it's not high on the list.  Either that, or some poor pgmr somewhere is trying like mad to find the correct senario in which they can recreate the error.  It really could be a very, very specific set of conditions that is required to cause the error.  Here's what I suggest y'all do in order to help this poor guy out in trying to pin the error down.

After the jump.....

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Sat Jul 28, 2012 at 05:00 PM PDT

WYFP - Stress and jobs

by nchristine

This may be long and winding.  But, it sure did make me feel better to get it all out!!

This is a story of how I came to realize I had a flaming burnout in relation to my job.  First, a little background.  I had worked for 9.5 years for a teaching hospital.  My position was terminated due to the institution moving to a third party software package for clinical documentation (and other stuff).  While I had been employed there, it was not uncommon to hear that computer programmers and the IT staff was a drain of resources for the institution.  That we cost too much money and didn’t provide any income for the institution.  That this was a hospital, not a software development company.


Were you able to understand my 'rant'??

9%4 votes
7%3 votes
21%9 votes
2%1 votes
29%12 votes
19%8 votes
9%4 votes

| 41 votes | Vote | Results

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When I got home late Thursday and opened up my pc, I found an email in my 'boards' email account.  It was from DKos letting me know that someone generously purchased a lifetime subscription for me.  I think I have some ideas as to who it might be, but I'm not going to say because I could very well be wrong and I don't want to hurt the feelings of the one who actually made the purchase.

I'm at a loss for words as to why someone would do this for me.  It's not like I have the ability to write thought provoking diaries, or even a yearly one about the state of politics in the State I live.  I enter the threads/diaries of people that I've found to have written excellent diaries on topics of interest in the past and are writing on them again.  I don't often submit a reply to many of them because it seems that others have written what I wanted to say, or the conversation is moving faster than I feel I can read/type to and contribute to the conversation.

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Mon Nov 14, 2011 at 04:43 PM PST

Meta - Just need reassurance

by nchristine

Tomorrow I start a new job.  I will be working for a huge yellow earth moving company through a contract company, Volt and as a w-2 employee there.  It is a 12-18 month contract.  As we know, this time frame is negotiable.  I keep flip flopping over "I can do the job with my hands tied behind my back" and "What happens if I can't figure out what it is that they want done??"

I'm a computer programmer.  I've worked primarily in the mainframe world.  This job is in that world.  It's been a while since I've worked in Cobol.  But, I don't think it's all that different than PL/I.  JCL, been there done that, for the most part.  CICS, I've been using one interface for a number of years.  I've no clue what is used at this company.  DB2, yes, I know how to use SPUFI and queries.  IMS, yes, it's a pain in the ass, but hey for one of the early database structures, it's not too bad.

I'm not sure what I'm worried about.  Probably because I've been looking for work for 22 months now.  The job is 3 hours away from home.  I'm having issues looking at apartments.  The ones available in the $5-600 range are not inspiring, to say the least.  I really don't want to pay a whole lot for a place because - 1) it's a contract job and who knows how long it will really last - 2) I'm planning on going home on Friday afternoons and coming back on Sunday afternoons - 3) I still have my mortgage and bills at home to pay.  (I'm sure that there will be weekends that I don't go home due to weather and/or work issues.)  I've looked at extended stay hotels and the cheapest is $1000 a month.  I've looked into furnished apartments and the cheapest there is $1800 a month.  Someone suggested rooming with someone in town by looking on craigslist.....  I'm going to ask the other contractors were they're staying sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

I'm staying in a hotel for this and next week.  The &^$#% bed is lumpy and I didn't sleep worth diddly last night - that's clouding some of the stuff as well.

I guess I just need reassurance that things will work out, one way or another.  That I made the correct decision.  That things will get better.


Thu Oct 27, 2011 at 06:48 PM PDT

Chronic Tonic - Substitute Diary

by nchristine

Something must have happened to delay the regularly scheduled diary - which I'm not aware of who was going to supply one for tonight.....

CHRONIC TONIC posts on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST. It is a place to share stories, advice, and information and to connect with others with chronic health conditions and those who care for them. Our diarists will report on research, alternative treatments, clinical trials, and health insurance issues through personal stories. You are invited to share in comments (and note if you'd like to be a future diarist).

So, y'all are going to have to deal with me.... I've got issues going on....

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 at 03:56 PM PDT

Apple's Steve Jobs resigns

by nchristine

Know it's not a 'real' diary.... Came across ABCNews 5.43pm CDT.....

Steve Jobs of Apple has resigned effective immediately.  His letter seems to elude to hint at medical concerns.  I wonder how this will affect the lawsuits Apple has going against Samsung??

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How you can help those that have been flooded out.

First an anatomy of the Great Floods of 2008, in my untrained, but observant, view.  The Floods began around Thanksgiving of 2007.  How is this??  Quite easy, that's the first snow fall we had in my part of the world.  For the next three months there was measurable snow fall every other day to every third day and snow continued into March.  In Cedar Rapids, the airport (the official measuring location and well to the south of town) measured around 63 to 64 inches of snow for the season.  

In a 'normal' year there would be between 30 and 35 inches of snow and there would be a significant January Thaw.  However, this year, the thaw didn't really occur.  We did have a brief thaw, but not a 'real' one.  Normally, at least half of the snow would melt off during the January Thaw.  Then Spring came.  And its rains.  It rained darn near every day in the months of April and May (or at least it seemed that way).

My photos of the flooding:

Read on....

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Sat Mar 15, 2008 at 10:02 PM PDT

*My* Iowa Convention Experience

by nchristine

This year was the first time that I've gotten so 'involved' in the political system and I've been eligible to vote since 1983.  There are many reasons for having not been involved before and becoming so now.  First and foremost was utter disgust and contempt of the current administration.  I'll leave the rest to myself.

I live in Linn County Iowa, so I can speak only of Linn County.  I volunteered to be an alternate delegate to the County Convention for Edwards.  I got a postcard late last week reminding me of the convention today.  I may have even gotten some phone calls, but my message on my answering machine is a generic recording and the caller wasn't sure they had the right number.  I was there by 8.10am.


Should I continue to District Convention and remain an Edwards delegate??

33%28 votes
25%21 votes
3%3 votes
19%16 votes
10%9 votes
8%7 votes

| 84 votes | Vote | Results

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This morning's news stated that Senator Grassely(R) of Iowa has removed the $50 million dollar grant to some dipsh!ts here in Iowa for an asinine idea of an indoor rainforest in this years' budget.

This thing has been controversial from the getgo, even here in Iowa.  It shows in that the idiots haven't been able to get anyone in the state to match, in contributions, the Federal grant.  The 'group' that proposed this idea have become obtuse in their demands from the location that they originally wished to build this.  

At first it was to be in Iowa City, but IC wouldn't go along with some of the groups' changing ideas and demands.  So, the group, in its infinite wisdom, decided to get all pissy about it and held a 'contest' for a new location.  Some other town was foolish enough to say that they'd cough up some serious money for this thing.  Can't remember which one, but who cares?  I sincerely hope that this removal of the grant from the Federal budget will finally kill this stupid thing once and for all!!

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