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"On Friday May 14, 1948 -- the day the British Mandate over Palestine expired -- the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel was signed by members of the National Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum, representing the Jewish community in the country and the Zionist movement abroad. It went into effect at midnight, Tel Aviv time.

Eliahu Epstein of The Jewish Agency sent a letter to President Truman, dated May 14, 1948 announcing the event. Truman responded with recognition of Israel by the United States only 11 minutes after the declaration in Tel Aviv."1


Thought on the diary?

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2%44 votes
20%410 votes
28%584 votes
35%714 votes
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7%158 votes

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10 minutes with comedic cuts thrown in.


Your thought on the video?

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Dear Senator Obama,

You have pledged your support to Israel in solidarity, contrary to the Founding Fathers' advice against entangling alliances with foreign powers.


Is Obama a traitor to the U.S. like Hillary for declaring iron-clad solidarity with Israel?

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52%250 votes
5%24 votes
0%3 votes
5%28 votes
9%45 votes
2%13 votes
7%34 votes
4%20 votes

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(ABC News web site imposes a 500 character limit. Send your comment/complaint to "ABC News: Network Programming Feedback")

The April 16 Democratic Presidential Candidate debate is indeed a travesty. I shall report the complaint to FCC for the conflict of interest and for engaging in irrelevant trivia that disregards the spirited, substantive and informative debate.

ABC News directors & producers and Walt Disney Company media executives have turned America into a laughingstock of the world.

[Because] George S. and Charlie Gibson clearly neglect the standard of broadcast journalism, this [failure] warrant the discipline & termination.


Should ABC News (owned by Disney) be held accountable for its neglect and bias re: disastrously stupid

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10%10 votes
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Discuss institutions.

Un-f*cking-believable. This is financial tyranny that contravene the Adam Smith concept of free market.  

I noticed the omission of the mention of SWAT being used as a financial terror tactic in MSNBC, CNN and ABC News.  

U.S. Treasury secretary -- who is a former Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO and current International Monetary Fund member of the board of governors -- Henry Paulson is another well-known major league asshole added to the list of traitors to the Republic for their part in damaging and wrecking the American economy.


Should Treasury grant Federal Reserve more power to regulate U.S. financial system?

7%4 votes
73%42 votes
0%0 votes
8%5 votes
7%4 votes
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1%1 votes

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I am miffed that YouTube, owned by Google, decide who are the "real" contenders for U.S. president on You Choose 08 channel page.

Mike Gravel and Ron Paul are still in the race all the way to the party conventions in defiance -- and give the disenfranchised people of the dominating parties the real choice rather than being told to pick the status quo candidates.


Should Mike Gravel be represented in "YouChoose 08" YouTube page?

46%24 votes
7%4 votes
9%5 votes
13%7 votes
3%2 votes
19%10 votes

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Apparently Rush Limbaugh effect worked.

What Rush said:


Is the Rush Limbaugh effect perilous to the system of the American republic?

45%30 votes
21%14 votes
10%7 votes
1%1 votes
21%14 votes

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Rarely have I felt moved by the courage of the American politician facing the "Establishment" controlling the Congress and tell nothing but the truth in his quest to stop the protracted & pointlessly bloody Vietnam War by divulging the lengthy texts of the leaked "Pentagon Papers" into the Congressional record for permanent posterity, end the mandatory draft and bring home the troops.

Let the first short intro video speak for itself.


Should Mike Gravel be commended for ending the draft as a one-man filibuster?

89%116 votes
1%2 votes
3%4 votes
0%0 votes
3%5 votes
0%1 votes
0%1 votes

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I regretted not registering in time to cast the vote for Gore/Lieberman as a politically apathetic albeit liberal-leaning young college-age person in 2000, but in retrospect, I did not. More on that later.

Ralph Nader was commonly denounced with regular vitriol by aghast and dejected members of the Democratic Party as "the spoiler" who cost Al Gore the presidency in the contested election in 2000. Blame it on U.S. Supreme Court and the corrupted voting process under the supervision of then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris while George's brother Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida.


Is Ralph Nader a spoiler who should be urged to drop out for the sake of the two-way election?

48%97 votes
11%23 votes
30%60 votes
2%5 votes
6%13 votes

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Reference: Obama is getting screwed by the delegate math

Reuters tv: Superdelegates could tip balance (YouTube, 2:44)

CNN: What does it mean Hillary's ready to rely on SuperDelegates? (YouTube, 4:11)

MSNBC Countdown Keith Olbermann: Hillary Clinton pushing for superdelegate strategy (YouTube, 6:23)

1968 Chicago police riot at Democratic National Convention (YouTube, 4 min)

Let's be clear that if Hillary Clinton is crowned with the nomination by the overwhelming majority vote of the superdelegates at Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado the last week of August, it will swing the moderates, hostile towards Hillary's "socialist agenda" (mandatory health care, economy micromanagement, etc) to cast the ballot for McCain (if chosen by RNC hacks), ensuring the win for McCain in fulfilling his quest to become the next "war president" eager to order the attack on Iran/Syria should Bush back out.


If Hillary Clinton wins the DNC nomination despite Obama's substantial lead in delegates, would you accept the decision?

16%54 votes
74%249 votes
5%19 votes
3%11 votes

| 333 votes | Vote | Results

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