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Mon Sep 22, 2008 at 10:20 AM PDT

Texas Needs You

by nevergiveup

The continuing disaster in Texas is taking its toll on resources. Residents in a 200 mile wide swath of the state are struggling to stabilize. Nearly a million people have lived more than a week without electricity. Hundreds of thousands are still waiting for running water. The mosquitos are hatching and likely to start carrying off small children.

But most of all, for hard working people who live paycheck to paycheck who have not been called back to work, and those who lost everything, FOOD is the pressing issue.

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The Austin American Statesman, a daily bird cage liner and Cox News product, chose to print this headline and story on the front page today above the fold. It starts like this:

White votes elude Obama
Primaries show a breakdown in support along racial lines.

By Steven Thomma
Thursday, April 24, 2008

WASHINGTON — If the Democratic primaries are a guide, Barack Obama has a problem among white voters.

and continues with....

(more below the fold)

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Lest we forget, there is a war on. Ran across this article from IPS and it just curdled my stomach.

Senator John Kerry, the Democrat from Massachusetts who staked his 2004 presidential bid in part on his opposition to the war, tops the list of investors. His holdings in firms with Pentagon contracts of at least five million dollars stood at between 28.9 million dollars and 38.2 million dollars as of Dec. 31, 2006. Kerry sits on the Senate foreign relations panel.

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Mon Apr 14, 2008 at 11:14 AM PDT

Do No Harm

by nevergiveup

We have know for about a year that my neighbor is dying.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, a proud man, pissed off as hell about the current war and this administration. Two years ago he retired from decades of volunteering with other vets when the stories from Afghanistan and Iraq triggered his PTSD. This left time to drink more and at 64 he looks to be about 80 years old.

His liver is failing, end stage cirhosis of the liver. He wants a death at home, with dignity. So why is that so hard to manage?


If I was suddenly dying today

33%3 votes
0%0 votes
22%2 votes
44%4 votes

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Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 09:50 AM PDT

Why Hope Will Work

by nevergiveup

America needs Hope. Pundits and voters are debating the validity of Hope and continue to underestimate the importance of inspiration and honesty.

The last eight years under this administration have piled up until the tension seems nearly unbearable. This diary attempts to explain why Hope is a powerful tool and not a naive delusion.

When Texas Governor Ann Richards was defeated by a privileged, squinty eyed, dummy, state Democrats were flabbergasted. And then the GOP-Bush-Rove machine rolled over what was left of our party and dream until we were completely deflated.

We tried to warn you in 2000 when Bush ran as the education president but frankly, this nation does not offer much credence to Texas Democrats. That's a real shame because we are a feisty bunch that tend to call it like it is.

And then we watched it happen to you. You got rolled over too. And then the world. And we realized it was not because we were weak. It was because they were strong. And organized. Very, very organized.

More below the fold.....

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Wed Mar 19, 2008 at 05:15 PM PDT

Honor Our Heroes: Body of War

by nevergiveup

On this anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, I am reminded of the birth months before of our anti-war movement. Let's not forget that for the first time in history, tens of millions of protesters took to streets around the world demanding peace before the war started.  

Bush went in anyway, but the peace movement has persisted and broadened and held people accountable relentlessly. He will be gone in a few months and the peace movement will continue.

Last Thursday night in Austin I was lucky enough to get into the Body of War showcase during SXSW. More about this amazing story and the soldier who turned a bullet in his spine into a movement to end the war below the fold...

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Tue Mar 04, 2008 at 10:27 PM PST

Young Voters Step Up In Ohio

by nevergiveup

*with apologies to the youth voters who actually showed up to vote.
this is to your many many friends who did not*

Previous title: Old People Kicked Young People's Asses In Ohio

As long as the youth vote fails to turn out and actually vote, old people will rule the democratic world.

The 18-25 yo crowd sure talks a big game, they look real cute at the rallies and hanging around headquarters, but then they give us SINGLE DIGIT TURNOUT in a primary they know is hotly contested.

UPDATE: In Ohio 18-24 equals 6.4%. 65+ equals 17%, so the youth vote did step up. I appreciate the correction since I am still reeling from the Texas process and clearly did not fact check before I vented. mea culpa kossacks.

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A friend of mine dared me to go see Gloria Steinem stump for Hillary here in Austin on Saturday. I say "dare" because apparently I have been "talking smack about Hillary" and this friend was convinced Ms. Steinem would change my mind.

I consider myself a lifelong feminist. I am often described as a feminist by others. The only thing I changed my mind about yesterday was Gloria (details below the fold).

This morning clinched it, when I heard what Karl Rove had to say and he echoed what Gloria said just the day before.


Gloria Steinem and Karl Rove

9%9 votes
11%11 votes
32%31 votes
19%19 votes
27%26 votes

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Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 11:58 PM PST

What This Means To Texas

by nevergiveup

Down here, we are used to being treated like the red headed step-child of the Democratic Party. It's ok. We've made peace with sending you all our money and getting nothing in return. Now you show up, plying us with questions, needing favors, wanting a decisive answer, and frankly it's unfamiliar and a little disturbing.

The last time we held national party attention Bill Clinton was President, Ann Richards was Governor, and Texas political stars were aplenty. And then the Bush-Rove machine kicked our ass and we were set aside for being "soft".

Well, if we're soft, the world is a marshmallow. Yes, you.

We know you will probably stop paying attention after Tuesday. Even if we turn out in amazing numbers, even if we send a decisive message, even if we deliver what the national party seems to so desperately need. Sigh.  

So, before we go and give you our hybrid election opinion, there are a few things about Texas I would like you to know....

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Wed Feb 20, 2008 at 10:02 AM PST

Dare We Dream?

by nevergiveup

I am taking the day off to re-find my own personal "happy space" and I wanted to invite my fellow Kossacks to join in.

Personally, I am disheartened by the chits and mud and nitpicking and damning of the rules. There is more to this election than settling for politics as usual and I need some time to think beyond choosing our candidate.

So here's the question of the day. It won't fit in a poll, and I am not looking for pat-spun-canned answers. I invite you to dream a little:

What do you want our next president to do?

(my answer is below the fold)

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Voting in the Texas primary is not enough to win delegates.

We need a massive turn out at the county conventions on March 4th to send delegates to the state convention where everything is finally decided. Here is where the machine and the movement get down to the nitty gritty of winning Texas.

It's easy, but you need to know the time and location of your county convention in order to attend. Rules below the fold.....

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Fri Feb 08, 2008 at 10:05 AM PST

Getting Out The Vote: What Works

by nevergiveup

As Dems work to get out the vote in the next few primaries, a quick reminder of what we know really works when it comes to mobilizing voters.

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