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The Democratic Party of Wisconsin "is working hard to ensure the integrity of the canvassing process" in anticipation of a recount. (To make sure that the recount goes properly and there are no shenanigans.)

They need a lot of volunteers throughout the state. If you've got time, please sign up to help:

Here's the volunteer form.

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As you may know, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) has thrown its weight behind voter-led efforts to recall all 8 Republican state senators that can be recalled at this time. State Democrats aren't flinching, and the pettiness of the state GOP has only strengthened their resolve:

State Sen. Chris Larson said the fines show that Republicans are becoming "increasingly petty." He said none of the Democrats flinched after learning of the move. He was resolved to stay away as long as necessary.

"In fact, my family just brought down clothes for me," he said. "We're committed to this cause."

We also know that Republicans have already said that they will spend what is necessary to save as many GOP state senators as possible, and GOP allies like Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce won't be silent. There are many opportunities to fight back.

Please join me in donating what you can to the DPW.

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As you may know, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) has thrown its weight behind voter-led efforts to recall all 8 Republican state senators that are can be recalled at this time.

Republicans have already said that they will spend what is necessary to save as many GOP state senators as possible, and GOP allies like Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce won't be silent. There are many opportunities to help.

Please join me in donating what you can to the DPW.

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... that can be recalled.

I don't doubt that this is serious. Some key WI Democratic operatives live in these districts.  

You can donate here.

Recall the 8 WI Republican Senators

In 60 days we can take Wisconsin back by recalling the Republican Senators who have decided to push Scott Walker's divisive, partisan power grab that strips teachers and other workers of their rights and his disastrous budget that will cut millions from our schools and universities.

A recall effort takes boots on the ground to gather signatures. If an organization doesn't have field capacity on the ground now (as opposed to having some members living in the state), then, that organization is already missing the boat.

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I've written about the importance of coalitions in advancing progressive causes in general before, but with Wisconsin in the news, I figured it was a good time to illustrate it with a concrete example.

From time to time, I've seen various progressive bloggers question the importance of broad-based coalitions or specific groups within coalitions. As long as members of a coalition are working honestly towards the same goal, there really shouldn't be much of a problem. To do big things, you need to have folks who can speak to different voters and allay the concerns of different lawmakers who have diverse constituencies.

The progressive agenda can't move forward without coalition politics. Coalition politics is filled with headaches, but ultimately, it is necessary and can be very successful.

Another thing for all to keep in mind: There is diversity in what is known as the "Democratic base." It's important to understand the different parts of the base and how different organizations are better suited to appeal to the needs of different parts of the base. It's also important to understand that there are many organizations that are quietly effective and do work without any coverage from the netroots or national media. Some of the best groups are ones you've never heard of, and some of the least effective are some of the best known.

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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and many others were shot at a "Congress On Your Corner" event. I'm not going to discuss this senseless shooting, but wanted to give background on Congress On Your Corner events.

Congress On Your Corner is a smidgen different from a town hall in the people that attend them.

MANY members of Congress do Congress On Your Corner events. Rahm Emanuel was famous for doing them when he was a congressman. He frequently did them at supermarkets throughout his district. Supermarkets were ideal because they were convenient for constituents and allowed a member of Congress to come into contact with a cross-section of voters in the district, not just the activists who show up at town hall meetings.

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The Obama White House made a big push a few months ago to box Republicans in on the Bush tax cuts. It didn't work, and now Republicans are attempting to do it to Obama.

Quite frankly, the netroots missed a major opportunity a few months ago to help put the GOP into a box on the issue, and is now playing catch up when the WH has less leverage on the issue than it did a few months ago.

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Underreported election stories thus far:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce was motivated to spend big $ in this election against Democrats, but grew even more motivated to spend big $ in congressional elections because of its war with the Treasury Dept. and the Obama admin.

Lack of back up from progressive IEs hurts Pelosi's credibility with moderate-conservative Democrats. She promised Dems who voted left of their CDs that they would get back up. DCCC and labor doing what they can, but many others aren't or can't.

Lack of IEs in 2008 on progressive side and a misunderstanding of IEs after 2004 means many national donors don't understand the importance of IEs or how it can work for progressives. All of this makes raising money for IE operations much more difficult. This is not as much of a problem in some states where a slate of progressive donors already concentrate on funding in-state IEs.  With those prior successes, the IE groups in those states have an easier time getting previous donors to cough off the cash again.

More below the fold...

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I really wanted to title this "Get over yourselves," and figured that probably wouldn't be the best way to start this. But no matter what I titled this, there are going to be folks who won't take this as it's meant to be taken (especially after the Gibbs comments): Tough Love.

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Misinformation and myth-making lead to uninformed opinions, and there are some things that have floated around the blogosphere for way too long. It's not helpful, and I think that debunking some of these myths will help people understand some political dynamics better. You may not like those dynamics but understanding them is key to changing them.

So in the spirit of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (who said "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts") let's get on with a few of the netroots' favorite myths and misinformation. This edition focuses on myths relating to the party, campaigns, and party committees.

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Republicans are trying to harness/infiltrate the teabagger movement. They want those who are certain to turn out to vote in November to vote for Republicans, and not third party candidates.

That's going to be hard if Republicans are forced to go on the record of what they think about teabaggers. Republians who move too far to the right can't pick up votes in the center, and voters in the center don't want to be associated with racists and homophobes.

What matters here is just getting the media to ask the questions (see below).

There's something useful for Democrats and progressives to use against Republicans no matter what the answer is.

Of course, the media have tried to portray teabaggers as "patriotic" dissenters. Teabaggers need to be shown in an accurate light in the media: racists & homophobes.

I've seen Dems (individuals and party committees) call this stuff out before, but haven't gotten any traction in the media. The media saw the hate speech today, and quite frankly, it'd be major media fail if they aren't going to ask Republicans if they stand with racists & homophobes or not.

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Tue Feb 23, 2010 at 04:31 PM PST

Can we get real for once?

by Newsie8200

I can't tell if some people are just cheap dates or are working some other strategy. But whatever. It's time to stop being polite and time to start getting real.

The public option was dead late last summer. Dead as a door nail in the Senate. The votes were NEVER there for getting the public option through reconciliation (if it could be passed that way at all -- and that is a different whip count than the ones who wanted a public option). After whipping and pushing last spring and summer, we got to around 40-45 and got stuck and no amount of arm-twisting (from the WH or allied progressive political organizations) moved that number. It was only when the WH backed off, that you saw the stragglers come out and say that they were all for it. Cynical politics at its best.

We're going through the same thing right now with the Bennet letter.

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