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Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 11:45 PM PST

Drudge: Ashcroft to resign

by newsouth

Drudge is reporting that Ashcroft will tender his resignation in the next few days. There were no links yet, it's on the top left column at

NYT offers some speculation here, predicting that Powell, Ridge and Ashcroft all will step down shortly.

Sorry if this has already been posted.. didn't see it in the diaries scroll.

Bush's major perceived strength is protecting us against more terror. So the least likely terrorists targets are the states that vote for him, while those most susceptible to another terrorist attack: NY, DC, CA go overwhelmingly to Kerry's side. Those are the one's that were actually attacked and they don't trust Bush as far as they can throw him. Now why can't those midland landlocked safe haven states see that?
Here is Bush's reformed military of which he spoke in Thursday night's debate, and here is his reason to promise it will be comprised up of all-volunteer forces.

It's no secret that Rumsfeld has been pushing hard to shift the allegiance of our fighting forces from the promise of a true democracy represented in our Flag, to the bottom line analyses streaming from corporate boardrooms.


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