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This is an extremely short diary because the cartoon says more than many paragraphs could, and more effectively.  As a Texan educator who is also a Christian, I don't want religion in schools and this cartoon might be a good thing to send to any friends or relatives who insist that it should be there.  Sorry about the link instead of the actual picture--couldn't get it to load.

There is a series of cartoons addressing the same subject at:


Hypocrisy--again.  Surprise-no.

Is anyone surprised that the Republicans voted against a bill that would have prevented the AP incident?  Is anyone surprised that Issa voted against it?

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Coming home just now, I turned on a local wingnut radio station just to see what they are ranting about now.  I was not to be disappointed.  A representative from a site for an organization called Texas Values (you can already see where this is going) was ranting that some local governments in Texas are GOD FORBID--recognizing domestic partnerships and are EVEN MORE SHOCKING--granting benefits to them.  I apologize for the all caps screaming, but that is the emphasis this man was putting on this issue.

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My pharmacy-free mood lifter is going to and looking at some of their live web cams.  At present my favorites are the toddler pandas from China and the Great Dane service dogs.  There are two sets of puppies there now along with some adults.  They are trained to be service dogs, with preference given to veterans.  The dogs are donated to the disabled, free of charge.  The Great Danes' size and strength make them valuable for people who have balance issues.  

Watching puppies being born and seeing them grow is sure to bring a smile to my face on even the worst days.  They switch the cameras between the month-old pups (ten of them!) and the three-month old pups (small litter--only three of them).  

To see how to help the organization, look below the fold.

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Another combination of guns and PTSD, apparently.  This is a breaking story here in Texas; the bodies were found this afternoon.

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I wish I had thought of this, but saw it on another board and thought it was a good idea.  You could donate to any similar fund, and have the acknowledgement sent to any other pro-gun-at-all-costs group.  It is a way to do something positive and make a statement to the group(s) that exert their power and money to keep politicians from doing what needs to be done.  It is telling them that there is money and power being sent to fight them.  

On days like the last few, it feels good to do something that feels positive.  

Of course, I think addressing the mental illness issue is also important, and dare any selfish bigot to challenge the Obamacare spending on mental health now.  

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I am on an email list for rescuing dogs and cats and most of the ones I get refer to local pets that need fostering or adopting.  I wish I had Romney's money to devote to these sweet, furry friends that love us no matter what, but do what I can with my five adoptees.

There is a sad, sad situation out of my area that made me think of the animal lovers here, and the possibility that someone here might be able to help in some way, either directly or indirectly.

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I am amazed at the distortions and lies that fly by the surrogates for Obama in the media and the fact that frequently the progressives have no answers to correct them or further questions to ask.  When that happens, it appears to some that the accusations must be true.

Let's list the ones you have heard that are not being dealt with sufficiently and put the facts here so that at least we can refute what our friends, family, and colleagues say.

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This may not meet the requirements of length, etc., but I think it is important and time sensitive.  This was posted on another board.

You may want to use the form provided for ease and speed or may choose to write your own.  The thought of having to leave a much-loved pet behind to who knows what circumstances is terrible and we owe our people and their animals much more than that. Knowing that this place is great for animals and people, I came here.

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If you were lucky, you saw Lawrence O'Donnel interview Katy Abram last night on Hardball.  He was exceptionally polite and somehow managed not to openly express amazement at her ignorance.  He let her have some dignity by not pushing each question forcefully, as we know he can.

I was looking for that video on YouTube and found an edited one that the conservatives have clipped and scrapped.

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Much is being said about the tone of the town halls and I think many in the media are interpreting the opposition in different ways.  This is especially important since President Obama is about to hold a town hall to clear up some misconceptions about health care reform.

Let's look at a game that involves opposition:  football.  

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On "Your Money" on CNN today, there was a debate about the surcharge on those with high incomes to pay for health care reform.  Of course there was a wealthy person against it, and we have heard a lot of that, while usually the ones for it are those who do not make enough for the tax to hit them. I fall into that category.  

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