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Tue Sep 27, 2011 at 01:05 PM PDT

Tea Party Zombies Game

by not2plato

I just did a search and was surprised that I did not find any mention of this.  

A new, free, educational online video game is available for all to play.  

Its called Tea Party Zombies Must Die.  

If you haven't played this yet, you have some new fun in your future.  

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The Ryan Budget currently under debate in DC and around the country plans to replace Medicare with something else.  

That much should be clear to all.  

Sadly, it is not.  In fact, much of the debate coming from one side amounts to a denial of that fact, which is done by creating the illusion that Medicare will continue to exist under the Ryan Budget.    

Their opponents, meanwhile, appear to be falling for the illusion.  They say that the Ryan Plan “ends Medicare as we know it” for example, which implies that some sort of Medicare will still be in existence (i.e., Medicare as we have yet to know it).  That is a false implication, yet it persists.  

Abraham Lincoln loved to open his speeches with a joke.  One of his favorites involved audience participation.  He would say, “If we call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a dog have?” The audience would shout “five”.  Then Lincoln would correct them: “No, it only has four, because calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”  From there he went on to indict the DC bureaucracy as too dense to understand this simple fact.  

The Ryan Gang is betting that the voters are too dense to understand it too.  They are replacing Medicare with something else, and calling it Medicare.  But it is not Medicare simply because they call it that.  

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Local right wing gas bag, Mike Rosen, has a new opinion piece in the Denver Pest arguing that government workers are not really tax payers because, you know, they are paid with tax money.  

I am shocked to hear that all the money withheld from my paychecks was not taxes but something else.  What on earth could it have been?  

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With his political attack on opponents Rick Waugh and Floyd Bayne, Eric Cantor has run afoul of the League of Women Voters.

For months, the question in VA-07 has been, why won't Cantor debate?  

At first, Cantor claimed that he was too busy -- what with spending 4 or 5 days a week in Washington.  But then it turned out that he was actually on tour promoting his book and other Republican candidates.  

On the night of the debate for the League of Women Voters, he he was a mere 10 miles a fundraiser with Lynn Cheney.  

So, he made up a new excuse.  His opponents are at fault, he says, because they are merely seeking a food fight.  


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69%102 votes

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Its true that thuggery is all the rage on the right these days.  Remember the lady at a rally wearing a Crown who got elbowed and abused in California?  And now we have the journalist illegally detained in Alaska for daring to speak to a republican.  And the lady ganged up on in Kentucky for daring to speak to a republican.  And the guy brutally arrested in Virginia for daring to consider speaking to a republican.  

New information has emerged about the brutality in Louisa, Virginia on Monday.  

First, the man arrested, Jon Taylor, is deaf in one ear.  

Second, his son, who recorded his father's arrest with a phone, and was also arrested, is a minor.  

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The campaign of Democrat Rick Waugh is in high gear, challenging Republican Stooge, Eric Cantor.  

Early last week, polls indicated that Cantor's support was very weak.  

Later in the week, Rick Waugh unleashed two devastating ads attacking Cantor on Health Care and Government Spending.  


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The campaign of Democrat Rick Waugh had a remarkable week.  

On Wednesday, a new poll from Progressive Contacts showed support for Republican Eric Cantor slumping.  Bad news for Eric was good news at Daily Kos.  

It was also good news to the Waugh Campaign.  That very morning it was discovered that candidate Rick Waugh's car had been vandalizedas it sat outside his home.  The perpetrator(s) wrote curse words and  seriously scratched the windows with keys, and defaced his bumper stickers.  

Rick's car was vandalized again on Wednesday night -- this time an Eric Cantor yard sign was pasted to the front window (pic here).  

There have been other acts of right wing sabotage in this campaign, from stolen yard signs, to racial intimidation.

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In a press release from the Rick Waugh campaign, support for Eric Cantor, Second Dragon in the House Minority Caucus, appears to be slumping.  


How Cool Would it be to see Arrogant Eric, the Ultimate Insider, Lose on Nov 2?

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6%119 votes
6%122 votes
10%188 votes
1%28 votes
4%86 votes
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Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 11:40 AM PDT

Chicken Cantor in the Field

by not2plato

Its been since Sunday that Chicken Cantor showed up on youtube.  But he is back again.  

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Sun Oct 17, 2010 at 09:02 AM PDT

VA-07: The Saga Continues

by not2plato

The latest meme playing out in VA-07 appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch Saturday morning in a story titled "Cantor Defends Refusal to Debate his Opponents".  Prior to today's story, Eric Cantor had always maintained that he was in Washington working to create jobs, and too busy to debate.  

Except when he said something else.  A shifting story always feels a little fishy sounding to voters.  

Adding to the fishyness is a fact that not a few sharp eyed voters and local voices have noted, namely that Cantor has not in fact been in DC during the recess, but has instead been flying all over the country to work for other candidates and to promote his book.  He has all too happily spent his energies in an effort to create a Republican take over of the house, and to promote himself on a national stage, while ignoring his own district, and his own constituents, and tyrannically refusing to grant them the simple pleasure and justice of an actual debate.  

Obviously, his fellow republicans are way too important for the folks back home.  His time is for them, and the locals can like it or lump it.  Eric is working for the RCCC, not for the 7th district.  

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Sun Oct 03, 2010 at 05:17 PM PDT

Dr No is a Chicken

by not2plato

Eric Cantor really is Dr NO.  Just look at his voting record for this week, as it appears in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  

This is just for one week!

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Sun Sep 12, 2010 at 11:46 AM PDT

A Guy You Can Help

by not2plato

There is a guy named Rick Waugh running for congress against Eric Cantor.  

A social worker by trade, he was one of the first Obama volunteers in Virginia back in '07, and went on to win the Virginia Grassroots Award for his volunteer work on the campaign in '08.  

He has live blogged here at DK.  

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