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While Kossacks went to bed with dreams of keeping Delaware's Senate seat in our hands, we had the first gubernatorial debate in the battleground State of Ohio.  

Before the event, President Clinton fired up an estimated crowd of 2,000 outside the debate venue while all the GOP did was send ten ORP college interns and had a banner plane fly over.  Kasich had no rally before, or apparently, after the debate.

When Governor Strickland attacked John Kasich's personal, corporate involvement in outsourcing Ohio jobs to China, we got our first gaffe of the night:

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The bombshell really had nothing to do with Lehman Brothers.  Instead, it has to do with a company called Invacare, an Ohio medical manufacturing company that is the world’s leader in building wheelchairs and other home medical goods.  John Kasich sits on their Board of Directors.

I’ll let the Strickland campaign ad (the second one they released today) take it from here:


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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown hails from Cleveland.  He has decided to stay neutral in the Democratic Senate Primary.  Lee Fisher lives in Shaker Heights, and his local Democratic Ward Club has decided to stay neutral in the Democratic Senate Primary.  The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party?  Neutral.  The Ohio Democratic Party? Neutral.  The DSCC?  For Fisher.  One of these kids is not like the other...

If Lee Fisher "decided" not to pursue an endorsement from the Ohio Democratic Party because it would be too decisive, then what the hell makes the DSCC any different?


Should the DSCC get involved in primaries in the final week of a campaign when the candidates are both statewide elected Democrats?

10%7 votes
83%56 votes
5%4 votes

| 67 votes | Vote | Results

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Here's the opening line of today's Stephen Koff story in the Plain Dealer:

As Jennifer Brunner remains a threat to Lee Fisher's success in a U.S. Senate primary campaign that no one thought would come this far.

I guess I, Tim, and the rest of us who wrote over a year ago that everything that is happening in this race would happen are the "no one".  Every person who's riding that bus, come to see that bus, worked to get that bus is a nobody to the likes of Stephen Koff.  Those of us who refused to accept the narrative fed to us by the media that this was a hopeless cause, who knocked on doors, got petitions signed, are spending hour after hour on the phones volunteering to get as many votes as possible are just delusional nobodies...

Proud of it, too.

11 days to go.



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John Boehner makes it perfectly clear that no matter how many GOP ideas the White House incorporates, the Republicans are interested in seeing it defeated in ANY form, even as he admits that most Republicans agree with most of the bill (and yet, he didn't mentioned what these points were as a starting point in the recent health care summit.  I know, Boehner, disingenuous?  I'm stunned, too!)

From the Hamilton Pulse-Journal:

While Boehner said there are about eight to 10 points in the current health care legislation most Republicans agree with, he said Congress and the president need to find more common ground and not just "have some Republican crumbs sprinkled on top."

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Wed Feb 03, 2010 at 07:42 AM PST

OH-Sen: Fisher campaign tacks right

by ohdemvoter

Ohio Daily Blog and the Cleveland Plain Dealer are reporting that Lt. Governor Lee Fisher has fired his campaign manager, Geri Prado, and replaced her with Jay Howser, who had worked on the campaigns of Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Mary Landrieu (D?-LA).  

The reason for the Fisher fizzle is no mystery.  Despite raising massive amounts of money and endorsements, Fisher has not caught fire with the electorate, especially the Democratic primary electorate.  With more than one poll showing Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, despite being at an enormous fundraising disadvantage, polling better in the general election against former Bush official Rob Portman, Fisher has seen his poll numbers slide slowly over time as people nationally began to realize that Jennifer Brunner’s grassroots campaign might prevail in the primary.

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It’s been an interesting time here at the Brunner campaign.  First, the Washington Post’s "The Fix" has concluded that despite Fisher’s fundraising advantage, his campaign is "something short of impressive."  Second, after Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner filed her candidate petitions, which was gathered entirely by an army of progressive volunteers, we’ve received phone call after phone call from folks pointing out that our primary opponent has hired out-of-state staff to gather his signatures.

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Back in December, the media in Ohio reported that DSCC Chair Sen. Bob Menendez had told Ohio Secretary of State/Democratic Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner the had "written Brunner off" because she wasn’t pulling in as much money as corporatist Democrat Lee Fisher:

The DSCC has all but written her off, however, and the establishment has turned to Fisher. In fact, Brunner said when she spoke with DSCC Chair Bob Menendez in Sept., he first told her that he "didn’t want to see a Democratic candidate at the end of the primary with zero dollars," and he followed up that his organization would go into the state to work against a candidate perceived as "being negative in the primary or not raising enough money."
Brunner said she responded: "If you do that, the women of Ohio will never forgive you." Menendez, she said, retorted: "I know you’re not scared of me, and I’m not scared of you."

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Jane Hamsher's FDL's glorious strategy of helping the progressive movement by 1) getting bloggers to get Blue Dog Democrats to support health care, and 2) then blast those Democrats who supported it to the delight of the Republican Congressional leadership continues.

Today, it's a SurveyUSA poll poll done by FDL (always reliable) on the OH-01 rematch between incumbent Congressman Steve Driehaus (D) and former Congressman Steve Chabot (Douche, I mean Republican).

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Geoffrey Sea, aka "Ohiobama", seems to be hell-bent in suggesting that '08 Independent candidate David Krikorian is the only real Democrat in the race and that State Representative Todd Book, former House Assistant Minority Leader, somehow is not really a Democrat.

I've seen him write it too  many times to let it go.  Clearly, this is someone who needs a reality check.  If you ignore the simple fact that Krikorian ran as an Independent, not a Democrat, in the last election, there are plenty of reasons to say why Krikorian is not a Democrat.

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A month ago, John Kasich told his supporters via his campaign website that today's campaign finance report would be his first opportunity to show how strong his campaign is.  Oops...

While Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH) reported over $4 million on hand, Kasich has less than $500k on hand.  Kasich is trying to shed the Bush Republican label in Ohio by talking about what a maverick Republican he was and different from the Bush Administration.  ("We're maverick-y" worked so well for the GOP in Ohio in '08.)  In contrast, the GOP's Treasurer candidate, who's taking on incumbent Kevin Boyce, reported over $1.3 million on hand.

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According to Talking Points Memo, at today's Sotomayor confirmation hearing, Senator Cornyn (R- TX) had prepared statements that were a rant about judicial activism:

The Supreme Court has even taken on the job of defining the rules for the game of golf. (If you're curious, the case is PGA Tour v. Martin from 2001). Some people call this "judicial activism." Whatever you call it, it's pretty far from enforcing the written Constitution that the Framers proposed and the people enacted.

Except that the U.S. Supreme Court didn't decide Martin based on some unwritten constitutional provision like Cornyn suggested.  In fact, the Court didn't decide it on any constitutional grounds at all.  Instead, the "rules of golf" were re-written by an Act of Congress called the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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