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Atlantic City New Jersey had a monopoly in the North Eastern US on casino gambling for well over 30 years, but that monopoly no longer exists. Neighboring states have their own legal casino gambling now, and Atlantic City has begun "right sizing" its number of casinos to make up for the gamblers staying closet to home...The Revel, the newest AC Casino, and by far the most opulent, never really got off the ground. It is a very impressive $2.4 BILLION landmark which had closed and then re-opened has  few gamblers and no potential buyers. It closes for good September 1.

 The Showboat celebrates it's last working day today, August 31.The Trump Plaza and 2 others are going or gone this year, leaving an estimated 8,000 workers jobless by mid September. Some of these workers have been casino workers for decades. Atlantic City had a dozen major hotel casinos, and will have 8 remaining.

Donald Trump has ordered that the TRUMP name be removed from the Plaza pending its closure, but not to worry - the OWNERS of these huge gambling hotels are the very same people who own those other gambling hotels in various other states, including here in PA...where there are a dozen or so statewide. The big guys are fine, thank you, but  the workers are left behind although a few hundred will be offered positions if they will relocate.
There are now so many casinos in the North East that half of all residents from West Virginia north live within 25 miles of a gambling "resort"...all, of course owned by the  same corporations who are closing the AC casinos.

Atlantic City's mayor, Don Guardian, their first republican mayor in years, has asked NJ's republican governor Chris Christie for millions in state funds to help offset the loss of tax revenue...

Christie's response is still pending.


A right - extremist "Think Tank" in Olympia, WA, has decided to express its loathing for labor Unions by working this Monday, the US Labor Day national holiday.

As a retired AFSCME Steward, I have to state how much this impresses me...but I think their protest is completely incomplete...they should cease using ANYTHING that might have Union or other worker organization involvement...roads, police and fire fighters, air traffic controllers, sporting events, hospitals, postal services, movies, public schools, many grocery chains, toll roads, many brands of cars and trucks, and anything over 30 years old made using steel, oil or coal.

They should also avoid things shipped by ship, train or truck, and of course ANYTHING made in Europe, and  they certainly should not work weekends or other legal hoildays, and should begin working 12 hour days for maybe a dollar per hour, less for the women, of course. And start bringing the kids in to work, too...for next to nothing.

Have a happy work day, GOPers...and why do you refer to these organizations as
"Think Tanks" when so little thought is involved in any of them?

I'm taking Monday off.


It is almost Labor Day Weekend, so here is just a brief reminder for the Secret Liberal Anti-Christmas Regional Group leaders...Please keep this to yourselves until we get our Autumn orders from the One World Government Religious Persecution Office some time in late September...

We are making real progress with our campaign to secularize and commercialize the Christmas Holiday, and we plan to continue with the following successful programs -

Christmas Trees and evergreen decorations, which as we all know, are European Pagan Winter Festival symbols. They are everywhere now and you all deserve credit for this!

Gift buying and competitive gift giving - Probably our most successful campaign. EVERYONE expects lavish gifts, as advertised on TV, and in every imaginable media...Most people have no idea that this is our work.

Santa - Again, universal acceptance of a mythical European winter tradition...Great stuff, guys!

"Christmas music" - More and more Jingle Bells and similar "Holiday songs"...Really hammers our message home.

Thanks for your attention - this is of course just a warm up for our big holiday season, and we will git into details as the fall progresses...any thoughts are appreciated.

See you at Halloween!


I am a 67 year old retired AFSCME Steward. I have worked a lot of terrible jobs in my life and aI am fortunate to be alive and in semi comfort in retirement.

This is a song by Woody Guthrie that someone has added a few current political faces to...

The fascists ARE bound to lose, providing we get our liberal heads out of our ass and VOTE for Democrats this November. Please do not fall for some idea of "sending a message" or "protesting" by not voting. The right counts on a number of us to do just that, indeed they spend a lot of money to encourage us to do that...Do not do that.

Vote Blue In November! We are not perfect, but they are insane.


Last Friday, Beverly Hills police detained a tall, bald black man they saw walking down a  local street. They cuffed him, made him sit on the sidewalk for over an hour and jailed him for 6 hours because he "matched the description" of a man who had just robbed a nearby bank...a tall, bald black man.

He was Charles Belk,  a Hollywood TV producer, on his way to check his parking meter...He had been RUNNING, but slowed to a walk when he got a text, and was then stopped and arrested.

He repeatedly asked them to have someone identify him or to check the bank cameras , which no one bothered to do. He states the police never read him his rights and denied repeated requests for a lawyer. He was being held on $100,000 bail until someone actually DID watch the bank security video and found he looked nothing like the actual robber, who at this time is long gone.

Beverly Hills Police have apologized for the "inconvenience"...Mr. Belk states he is very glad he had stopped running just before police saw him...


A 25 year old woman was arrested by San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputies while getting off a bus. They said her eyes were bloodshot, and asked her when she last used meth...She had allergies and was using antibiotics. She was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. She was held overnight in the county jail despite a negative blood test for all  illegal drugs, and was forced to go to court - 350 miles away from her home

IMO, police exist to protect the property and person of the rich from the rest of us. This "new" aggressive and brutal and thoughtless police activity has actually always been the case if you are a "minority", or look poor, or look "unconventional"...DA's, magistrates and county legal systems have near absolute control over us all unless you can afford a very good attorney, and they can seriously screw anyone they want with little or no recourse or repercussions.


In New Iberia, LA, early in 2014 a young black man was stopped by police and searched. Drugs were found in his possession. He was arrested, and placed in the back of a police cruiser, hands cuffed behind him...In the police station parking lot, the police later reported that he struggled with police and refused to leave the car, and then produced a handgun that he had been carrying -despite the earlier police search - and shot himself in the back. The shooting was called a suicide.

Just recently the autopsy report appeared, and it found NO wounds to his back, but a single gunshot through his chest from the side that pierced his lungs and heart...

Police still say this was a suicide.

The gun was not a type carried by police, but many officers are known to carry "backup" handguns and some even carry "throwdowns", which are unregistered and un traceable guns that some officers may use to justify a shooting by throwing the pistol down near the person they shot and claiming self defense because " he had a gun..."

This has aroused some interest in Louisiana media and I believe there will be more on this in days to come.


Last September, LAPD captured a Hispanic man who they were chasing on foot after he had abandoned his car. They had been chasing him for running a red light. He complained after he was handcuffed that he could not breathe, and continued to make that complaint for some time while handcuffed in the police car, and on the way to the police station, and then when he was placed - still handcuffed - face down on the floor in a detention cell. Some hours later, someone noticed he was not breathing, and when paramedics arrived, they transported him to a hospital where he died as doctors worked to revive him...He had asthma.

ALL of this was recorded on cameras at the police station, and police officers lied about the incident until someone finally began an investigation into a complaint about it.

Police supervisors have stated that this does NOT indicate that police officers are  unsympathetic to people, despite the HOURS this man begged for help and for medical attention and was told that, since he was talking, he obviously could breathe, and that he should just "man up"...
His death was officially called an accident.

The standard for police behavior seems to be simple...anything they do is right. They are not to be blamed for anything for any reason, and they are really good, nice people who have a tough job and shut the fuck up. This seems to be everywhere and it seems the "cops against everyone else" blue wall mentality rules.


In January of 2014, a family in North Carolina called police to help to calm down their son who was suffering with schizophrenia and had been acting out...Police responded and  had succeeded in calming the boy down, until another officer, called earlier as a backup, entered their home and by his aggressive attitude, got the boy acting out again, picked up a screw driver and refused to put it down. Police then tazed him, and 2 police held the 90 pound boy to the floor...the new officer then reportedly said, "We don't have time for this..." and shot and killed the boy in his own home in front of his parents, who had been kept away from the boy by police. Here is the initial story...

Within a month the police involved, backed by the police defense organization, issued their own version of the shooting, here...

One officer was indicted, others involved were placed on administrative leave. The police agencies involved all stated the officers had acted to defend themselves , even though they wore vests and the boy's screwdriver was later described as "very small"...

The officer charged in the shooting was placed on unpaid leave and later claimed his wife had been threatened by the boy's mother...

It is proven threats were made, but NOT by anyone connected with the boy's family...Officers who did not actually shoot the boy have now been returned to full duty, and the trial of the actual shooter will begin...

The detective who actually did the shooting of a just 18 year old 90 pound boy, being held by 2 other officers on the floor of his home, "wielding" not a screwdriver, but a hair pick...Byron Vassey...has been indicted and suspended without pay, and has bonded out and evidently is still awaiting trial. I have further information on the outcome of this, despite repeated searches.

BUT - a standard tactic of defense lawyers is delay. I will try to keep an eye on this and I hope that anyone who has further information will post it here..


The US dollar is worth more now than at any time since last October's republican driven government shutdown and "fiscal cliff" debacle. The GOP has done it's best to stagnate and destroy any economic recovery, but the economy has been on a long, slow upward climb despite their efforts, thanks largely to President Obama's own actions...for which the GOP now plans to sue him.

Link to article on the US dollar, the economy here and in Europe and China and the slight decline in gold prices...


I just found and signed this earlier this morning...

I am not seeking discussion or argument, and I am not bashing anyone's beliefs.

 I am AGAINST promotion of politics in "religious" groups and I am especially against paying for these "religious" groups...they are now being supported by tax dollars.

WE taxpayers subsidize church property and income by more than $8o Billion per year at this time.

If you do not wish to sign, don't. If you DO sign, please pass it along to give others the opportunity.

Thank you.


Richard Mellon Scaife, newspaper owner and heir to the Mellon fortune, and funder of right wing causes and candidates since Barry Goldwater, has died of cancer...

He was praised by John Boehner and Newt Gingrich.

Scaife helped fund campaigns for Richard Nixon. Ronald Reagan and was a major donor in the "investigations" into the finances of Bill Clinton, although he later supported Clinton's social causes after Clinton had left the presidency.

Scaife was said to have helped shape the American Right in the 1980's and 1990's.

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