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I'm a Tom Joad democrat, a prison reform democrat, an anti-poverty democrat and a pro-justice democrat - so the party left me a long time ago...and they never looked back as they went chasing after the fat checkbook crowd. The few indisputably good things the party has done, such as the war on poverty and support for the civil rights movement, recede into the distant past as a brave new world emerges in which we are left to wonder just what IS the difference between neocons and neolibs, and whether democrats bombing the world in an unending war orgy is any better than repubs doing the exact same thing. The Military Industrial Complex is an evil piece of work and the same can be said about anyone who supports it. All the fear mongering, hate and bullshit in the world cannot change that simple fact.

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Tears well as a tsunami of emotion rises in me threatening to break through my skin and fill the world. All it takes is a song, a word, a memory - and I rumble like an earthquake down where the deep memories live. The power of it is something I often prefer to avoid. The reminders can shake me to my core. The memory and emotion seem so much greater than myself. I struggle to contain them. I have to remain watchful or I'll be overwhelmed. I fear that I might lose myself, the flood might carry me away, that if I ever start crying I may never stop.


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Would you lie the country into war? Order people tortured to death? Start wars while cutting taxes to the shamefully rich? Continue to trash the planet and fuck over its people? Push policies based on greed and corruption while lying about everything under the sun? Ignore war crimes and economic depravity at the highest levels of society? Favor corporations over humanity? Neglect the national infrastructure? Ignore the climate CRISIS? Ignore racism? Ignore poverty? Ignore homelessness, veterans, regular people? Crap on all the good people of the earth who desire PEACE? Shit on your oath of office and wipe your ass with the Constitution? Laugh behind your hand at the gullible idiots who vote for your soulless ass?

Come on, we're dying to know.



I wrote a diary the other day that apparently struck a nerve. It got passed around some on Twitter and FaceBook and you wouldn't believe the swarm of haters and trolls that swept into the diary to beat their chests and prove my points. The gist of the diary was that we have a lot of dumbasses and assholes in America, such as the ones who threw a 'draw the prophet' contest to exercise their right to free speech and provoke and insult Muslims. Some people got killed as a result of their little hate fest. I laid partial blame at the feet of Pam Geller and the yahoos who participated in that ugly stunt because they were clearly seeking to provoke Muslims out of pure hate. It was no different than that dumbass down in Florida who wanted to burn a mountain of Korans. What a mean, hateful, disrespectful and insulting thing to do for no good goddamn reason. But he's got the right. He's got the right. He's got the fucking RIGHT!

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Fight dumbassery everywhere you see it. We've been way too tolerant.

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Look, I don't know what we're supposed to do about our bullshit political system but it seems to me that it must start with facing up to the facts.

Believing that this time, someone is actually going to deliberately deliver meaningful change and not just pretend to do so because it polls well is beyond naïve. It's willful blindness. It's like we're trapped in a Groundhog Day scenario with Lucy (I like my metaphors mixed) yanking the football as Charlie Brown goes to kick it...over and over and over a-fucking-gain, ad infinitum.

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Thanks everyone for responding to an urgent need yesterday. One of our own was in trouble and you guys came you so often do.

Here is the diary from yesterday that this is in reference to:

Calling all kossacks - help needed - please rec this

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$343 is not that much money...but it is needed by tomorrow. I posted a diary earlier via the Daily Kos Fund Raisers group, but it didn't get much attention and only raised $60 - which I and Fineena are both very grateful for - but she's in a jam and needs the additional $343 so she can pay for her dentist's appointment tomorrow morning.

Please rec this diary and kick in a little if you can. If enough of us give just a little, we should be able to do this. It's really not that much money spread over the dkos audience. Let's get some attention for this cause so we can ease Fineena's mind about tomorrow.

And thank you to the daily kos community for all you do.

I'll repeat the pertinent info from the earlier diary below the thing to provide context and the information you'll need to ACT. Please help us tonight if you possibly can.

It starts with an email I received today from Fineena:

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Our friend, Fineena is still coping with difficult circumstances. I first wrote about her situation here.

She could still use a little more of our help. Her latest email explains:

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Note: Please forgive the re-post but in this case it seems appropriate.
Madison, Wisconsin has designated April 20, Ben Masel Day in honor of our friend and compatriot who was so well known and well loved here at dailykos and elsewhere.

Ben was known far and wide for his cannabis activism, as well as his activism for justice and civil rights in general. It's appropriate that 4/20 be dedicated to Ben. I expect he'd be pleased. Ah Ben, you was one of a kind.

Read more of what I've had to say about Ben over the Itzl.

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Good and bad, I define these terms
Quite clear, no doubt, somehow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

 ~ b. dylan




Into the void we go

it's very important that we follow rules

it's very important that YOU follow rules

the equality theorem

attempting to communicate, stumbling over complexity

dreaming of cascading levels of booleans and fractals

and the higher mathematics that lie at the core

of the paradoxical universe

a cosmic puzzle for the pondering

dark matter at the border of mystery and wonder

a puzzle whose primal purpose is to be a puzzle?

the 1 inch equation

some knots resist unraveling

please continue to hold, your call is very important to us


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Sat Apr 18, 2015 at 11:57 AM PDT

The Woodstock Photo

by One Pissed Off Liberal

About 20 years ago an old and dear friend from my youth showed me a photo I had forgotten existed. It was an old time-ravaged black and white of me and my old friend, Bobby Hall. It is the only photo, as far as I'm aware, of us at (or near) Woodstock in 1969. You'd have to google the sign to know it's Woodstock (we're still not quite there but we're close, maybe 50 miles, not sure). It's poor quality and taken from too far away, but at least it has maximum peace signs.

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