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Fox News got the tables turned last night at the Milwaukee County Democratic Party meeting in Milwaukee, WI. Shortly after the meeting got underway, chair of the Dem Party of Wisconsin, Sachin Chheda called out the reporter, producer and camera crew from Fox News (national, not the local affiliate), and makes the guy come to the front of the room to get an earful.

Check out the video and a summary below:

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Check out our latest get out the vote video. Nothing too much else to say other than GO! VOTE! And drag a couple of your friends and neighbors with you.

Turn off the hate. Get out the vote November 2. Simple as that.

Big hat tip to Cody from the One Wisconsin Now staff for putting this together.


Ron Johnson's PACUR LLC made a $5,000 contribution August 18, 2010 to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) political organization, despite the fact PACUR  has paid no state income taxes from 1997 to 2008, according to records from the Department of Revenue obtained by One Wisconsin Now and the RGA's most-recent filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

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With failed Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, you just never know what it's gonna be. Will his latest idea be a gigantic giveaway to corporation at the expense of Wisconsin's working families? Or will it be a totally empty promise, another in a long list of gimmicks trotted out by Brown Bag Boy?

Part of Walker's three-page (or 63-page if you blow the font up) agenda calls for making "Wisconsin a highly attractive place to start a business by eliminating corporate taxes for the first two years of operation." Operating under the assumption the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact won't get to fact-checking Walker's claim for at least another day or two, let's unpack this just a bit.

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I edited down the full audio we acquired from the secret Tea Party meeting where the voter caging plot was discussed. Speaking in these clips is Tim Dake, the head of Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and widely recognized leader of the Tea Party coalition in Wisconsin.

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Despite firm denials by Tim Dake, leader of Wisconsin's Tea Party organizations, the voter caging plot between the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity and the Republican Party of Wisconsin exposed this week by One Wisconsin Now, is directly targeting university students - most notably voters at UW-Milwaukee Sandburg Hall, which made up 95 percent of the ward's 2008 vote total.

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Building on xoff's excellent post about the massive alleged voter caging operation in Wisconsin involving the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Americans for Prosperity of Wisconsin and the major Tea Party coalition in the state, here's few more details about the plot and an update.

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One Wisconsin Now heard that teabaggers were going to be teabagging their way to the state capitol in Madison last Monday to convince themselves that members of the state legislature give two flying snorts about whatever gripe these bitters have.

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Hey all -- thanks for your feedback about the audio on our post about the Palin coin conspiracy. I've posted the transcript below, and also updated our video on youtube with handy speech bubbles so you can follow along with the crazy

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Sarah Palin came to Wisconsin Friday to stump for Wisconsin Right to Life, but desperately opposed having a record of her remarks made public.

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Wall Land Investment, LLC, one of multi-millionaire Madison developer Terrence Wall’s companies, has reclassified 2 million in prime Dane County commercial real estate into "agriculture" property, which allows the company to eliminate 34,000 in local property taxes. Wall is already under criticism for using a Delaware post "office" box to possibly avoid paying Wisconsin business tax.

In 2008 Wall owed 34,000 in property taxes on the $2 million properties. Reclassifying the 2+ acres of prime commercial development, located behind the Marriott Hotel and adjacent to the West Beltline near Middleton, reduced the value to just 600. One Wisconsin Now visited the site and the only sign of agriculture was a dozen pumpkins in various stages of decomposition strewn over the two acres of valuable real estate.

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The Delaware address of the "principal office" of T. Wall Properties, LLC, a business owned by Wisconsin developer Terrence Wall, is the same address the New York Times said is used specifically "to help corporations avoid paying taxes in other states."

But there's no evidence on Terrence Wall's business website that he builds anything in Delaware -- it looks like Terrence Wall's only construction project in Delaware was building a shelter to dodge his obligation to Wisconsin taxpayers.

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