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The following happened a couple of days ago in Springfield, MO.
From Springfield News Leader

The Springfield man who allegedly fired several shots at a fleeing purse thief last week has had his concealed carry endorsement revoked, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said today.

Charles R. Webb, 61, is charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon in the Friday night incident.

Police say Webb was waiting in his car outside of a Price Cutter store at 3260 E. Battlefield Rd. when he saw the purse snatching occur.

The thief hopped into a waiting sport utility vehicle, and Webb pursued the man.

He allegedly cornered the SUV in a nearby motel parking lot, and fired three shots with a 9mm handgun at the vehicle, an apparent attempt to disable its tires.

The purse thief’s vehicle escaped, and Webb allegedly engaged in a chase that reached speeds of 80 mph.


Conceal and carry laws should be repealed:

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I may not be standing there right now, however, it was just over a year ago that I gave up on my second attempt to make a life in the Big Easy, took one last look at an empty Jackson Square, picked up my bags and headed to boarded a bus back to Missouri. Feeling homesick is a horrible thing, having the feeling while standing in the middle of the city which was that home is crushing. The buildings were all still there, some of my old friends were still there, what had changed?

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We've all seen the news stories. They're often labeled things like Oxycontin abuse: the invisible epidemic. No matter what name the story is filed under, they all share a common theme. The theme is that there's an "invisible epidemic" out there of otherwise healthy people using prescription pain medications to get high. I fail to understand how they can call this an "invisible epidemic", doctors know about it. Everyone and their mother has seen umpteen "news" stories on the issue. Please follow me below the fold as I explain what the real invisible epidemic, an epidemic that is a direct result of so much attention paid to the very visible abuse "epidemic", really is.


How should doctors handle prescribing pain medications?

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One of the main talking points I keep hearing from the right about national health care is that, by some voodoo I've yet to figure out, we'll lose our choice of doctors/hospitals should we switched to nationalised health care. Please follow me below the fold where I'll use my personal experiences and show how the reverse is really true.

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Good afternoon, today I'd like to talk about health care reform and, more specifically, on how important I feel it is that we have at least SOME FORM of public option. If only, at least for now, to give a person the option to divorce their health insurance situation from their employment situation.


How do you feel about the subject?

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Sat Nov 01, 2008 at 07:01 PM PDT

Obama rally disappointment (UPDATED)

by Onyx

Obama isn't scheduled to speak for another fifteen minutes and I'm already disappointed. Not by the rally itself. I'm disappointed because I'm not going to get to go! I've started looking forward to going as soon as I found out there was going to be a rally here in Springfield MO on my day off.

So, why didn't I end up getting to go? Well, we showed up at 8:00pm and the stands were already packed and there was still a line that seemed a mile or two long, standing two to three abreast! My wife has back problems, so even if we were able to get in with that many people waiting, standing in line and walking that far would have been to much for her.

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