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Of all the gifts given to the Democratic Party in 2008, I think Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was certainly the most delightfully unexpected treat- one of those "Oh, I never knew I wanted one until I got it!" sort of presents.  

As it turns out, she might just be a gift that just keeps on giving!

In an interview with Fox New's Greta Van Susteren, the Governor of the State of Alaska admitted that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't yet ready for the national spotlight in 2008, but, golly, by 2012 or 2016 she'll be fired up and ready to go!

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Every poll made public in the race between George Bush Cover-Up Artist Pat Roberts and Jim Slattery so far have said the same thing:  Roberts is in significant trouble.  A new poll, conducted by experts in Kansas polling Cooper & Secrest Associates, makes that recurring theme that much more clear, and enhances the case that Jim Slattery's race against Roberts is going to be the dark-horse upset campaign of the year.

Pat Roberts has lived in Washington since before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.  On his> watch, gas prices have soared to record levels, the economy is in the tank, he has given George Bush his proxy in terms of whatever independent judgment he once had, and Kansas voters are increasingly ready for a change.  Here is a true upset in the making. Is there precedent?  See two-term Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Don't believe them?  When asked if they would prefer to vote for a Democratic or a Republican candidate for the United States Senate, 41% of Kansans said they'd prefer a Republican, while 40% said they'd rather vote for a Democrat.

That's a 10% surge for the Democrats since 2007, and that's Democrats & Republicans tied- in Kansas!


Can Pat Roberts Be Beaten?

41%35 votes
19%16 votes
26%22 votes
9%8 votes
3%3 votes

| 84 votes | Vote | Results

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(Cross posted from Everyday Citizen)

Senator Pat Roberts might do well to take some of his memory pills.

For whatever reason, he and the Kansas Republican Party have decided to go down a path that certainly didn't work very well for Jim Ryun in 2006 as they threw up a barrage of negative radio ads and ad hominem attacks against former Congressman Jim Slattery on the day Slattery made his run for the United States Senate official.

It's just too bad Roberts remembers so little attention of his own party's recent history.  Jim Ryun proved in '06 you've got to talk up your own record, because people aren't going to vote for you just because you say your opponent is the bogeyman.   It always leaves people with the question, "You've been in office for how long and you don't have anything good to say about yourself?"


Does Slatts stand a chance?

54%30 votes
32%18 votes
7%4 votes
5%3 votes

| 55 votes | Vote | Results

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