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Crazy news from the Rocky Mountain state.  From the Denver Post:

Gov. Bill Ritter is planning an 11 a.m. press conference Wednesday at which he is expected to announce that he will withdraw from the race for governor, numerous sources close to Ritter confirmed tonight.

The governor's office made calls to the Colorado Senate president and Speaker of the House to ask about their availability to attend the press conference.

At the same time, Washington, D.C. blogs were reporting that Ritter would drop out of the race for governor

While this is just another "open" seat for Dems to defend, this is probably good news


Is this good news

50%38 votes
25%19 votes
24%18 votes

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To all customers, bloggers, and media.

Starting on Tuesday, some of the SoapBlox servers were infiltrated by a currently unknown source for unknown reasons.

SSH access was acquired by the hackers, where they were able to install port scanning scripts on to the machines.  SoapBlox servers were then being used to scan other servers across the Internet, looking for vulnerabilities.  

The disruption of service was caused by our ISP disconnecting the affected servers when they became aware of the port scanning.

The attack was limited in scope, effecting 4 separate SoapBlox servers.  While around 25 SoapBlox sites were offline, thousands of people were affected.

Steps are being taken now to identify who did this, and proper legal action will be taken.  If you have any insight on to who perpetrated this attack, please let us know.

At this time, all services are returned to normal.

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As if the past 8 years isn't enough proof of the failure of Republican ideas on, well everything... we finally get SEC Chairman Christopher Cox saying it.

From the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a longtime proponent of deregulation, acknowledged on Friday that failures in a voluntary supervision program for Wall Street’s largest investment banks had contributed to the global financial crisis, and he abruptly shut the program down...

"The last six months have made it abundantly clear that voluntary regulation does not work," he said in a statement. The program "was fundamentally flawed from the beginning, because investment banks could opt in or out of supervision voluntarily. The fact that investment bank holding companies could withdraw from this voluntary supervision at their discretion diminished the perceived mandate" of the program, and "weakened its effectiveness," he added.

When even the Bush appointed Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission says voluntary regulation caused the financial mess, you know GOP ideas are dead.


Should Pelosi put the legislation online for at least 24 hours before the vote?

90%46 votes
1%1 votes
7%4 votes

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x-posted @ SquareState


That's a 10% drop since Sarah Palin was announced as possibly being a 72-year old heart beat way from the Presidency.

Then there's the Bush Legacy of Republican ideas:




How's Your 401(k)?

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40%38 votes
39%37 votes
15%14 votes

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Mon Jun 02, 2008 at 08:55 AM PDT

Why Hillary Lost: Iraq

by pacified

That's it.  There's really nothing more to say.  The plain and simple fact is if Hillary Clinton would have voted against the Iraq War and been a vocal opposition to it she would have the Democratic Nomination.

But she didn't.

If only Hillary would have fought as hard with "just words" to prevent the Iraq War as she (and her supporters) are fighting to stay relevant, perhaps 4,000+ American GIs would still be alive--not to mention countless Iraqis.

But she didn't.


Is the Iraq War Vote the Reason You Didn't Support Hillary

67%61 votes
30%27 votes
2%2 votes

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I seem to spend a lot of my time musing on ways to take back power for the people.  I assume you do to.  Our progressive/liberal activism's most central tenet is about trying to re-balance the equation of power.

So my latest scheme comes from the old adage: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

We'd all agree that Media Ownership is a huge issue.  So why don't we own some of the media?

Our target: Clear Channel


Taking over Clear Channel: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

72%88 votes
10%13 votes
17%21 votes

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There are 3,253 pledged delegates in the 2008 Democratic Primary.

To get the magic 50%+1 number with pledged delegates, a candidate would need 1627 pledged delegates

Using CNN’s current count of pledged delegates...

Obama pledged = 1,328
Current Clinton pledge = 1,190
Total pledged so far = 2,518

Obama is currently leading 53% - 47% in pledged Delegates.

Let's run some numbers.

There are 734 pledged delegates remaining (Total Pledged - Already Voted).

To reach the 50%+1 number of 1627 pledged delegates, Hillary Clinton needs to win 437 of the 735 remaining pledged delegates--or 60%.


Will Clinton get 60+% wins in any of the remaining states?

10%13 votes
89%113 votes

| 126 votes | Vote | Results

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Another reason why Ohio and Texas should vote for Obama from Rasmussen:

Looking ahead to November 2008, Barack Obama has a twelve-point lead over John McCain in a general election match-up. Obama attracts 50% of the vote while McCain earns 38%.

At the same time, McCain has a nine-point lead over Hillary Clinton, 49% to 40%.

So with Obama we start with 12 points up, with Clintion we start 9 points down.  That's a frickin' 21 point swing!!!


Who is best for the Dems

95%162 votes
4%8 votes

| 170 votes | Vote | Results

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Rasmussen says it all with a new poll today:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows that Barack Obama (D) currently holds a seven-point advantage over John McCain (R), 46% to 39%. However, if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, McCain will begin the race with a fourteen point advantage, 49% to 35%. National polling,  updated daily, currently shows the same general trend with Obama currently performing better than Clinton in match-ups with McCain.

There's a reason many "fly over" states have gone with Obama over Clinton.  And this poll confirms it.

Think of the down ticket races in these states!


Who's a better help down ticket for Dems?

90%68 votes
1%1 votes
8%6 votes

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The software that brings you Open Left, Swing State Project, Pam's House Blend, My Left Wing, Docudharma and the majority of the BlogPAC sponsored 50-State Blogs is proud to announce here on Daily Kos the first version of SoapBlox Lite.

What is SoapBlox Lite you ask?  Simple.  It's free online community software for you.

With SoapBlox Lite you'll get a blog with front page diaries, a "user diary" section and a "recommended diary" section just like Daily Kos.  

You'll get Ajax-based comments and comment ratings, nested comments, and a WYSIWYG editor for diaries and comments.  You'll have a fully functional tagging for post organization.  You'll have polls for your diaries and RSS feeds for you, your SoapBlox Lite, and every single user that joins.  


Want a SoapBlox Lite?

47%8 votes
23%4 votes
29%5 votes

| 17 votes | Vote | Results

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Everyone is finally realizing our economy is in the crapper.  Write-downs already are are reaching the $100 Billion on the subprime mess.

Since it’s an election year, fiscal sanity is again thrown out the window as "Tax Rebates" is what we’re going to get.  The tired GOP of "the consumer knows best how to spend money" will not be challenged.

So what will happen is we’ll be borrowing $150 Billion from China so we can buy $75 Billion worth of crap assembled in China, moved about with $75 Billion of oil from Saudi Arabia, to have it all end up being thrown in landfills.

If we are going to borrow $150 Billion, let’s do something worthwhile.

How many mass transit systems you could build for $150 Billion?


How are things "economy"-wise in your neck of the woods lately?

6%3 votes
6%3 votes
19%9 votes
45%21 votes
21%10 votes

| 46 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Nov 29, 2007 at 12:09 AM PST

Beyond American Capitalism

by pacified

I'm sorry to break it to you, but American Capitalism is unsustainable.  Deep down, I know you already know this.

How do I know you know?

Because what Utopia does American Capitalism offer?  


american capitalism is fundamentally flawed

75%54 votes
15%11 votes
9%7 votes

| 72 votes | Vote | Results

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