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Sun Mar 22, 2015 at 09:17 PM PDT

Is Obamacare truly too expensive?

by palmipede

I noticed about a 7% difference between monthly premiums of Obama Care plans quoted on Covered CA and those quoted on a private health insurance exchange that claims to be unaffiliated with the insurance industry. Guess which one is higher?

That was for a 35 year old living in San Francisco.

Over a lifetime a 7% difference in premiums can make a difference for one's remaining mortgage payments, it's not something to sneeze at.

Did anybody else notice a similar delta between the quotes of official and private exchanges for the exact same plans?


Are the health insurance quotes that you get on private exchanges higher than those from the official ACA exchange for your state?

46%6 votes
23%3 votes
7%1 votes
7%1 votes
7%1 votes
7%1 votes

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Thu Dec 04, 2014 at 12:19 AM PST

Failure to Indict is not Racism

by palmipede

That more black people get shot by police is a sad statistics and a sign of racism not just on the side of the police, but once the line is crossed the question becomes should a police officer be charged for murder?

Darren Wilson will go on trial but not as a police officer and me think that is an essential point for the Prosecuting Attorney in the Darren Wilson case and all those that will follow unless those people who rig the system are sent to trial first.

Response below the squiggly.

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Would you rather have $200,000 in the bank even if you could not cash it now or rather give $200,000 in lifetime political contributions to the party who defunds the Affordable Care Act?

Either ways, this coming election involves big money and your ability to control it to help your children get a better education, to start a business or to keep your house, whatever you envision.

All you got to do is vote, and all you got to loose is, well too long for a dairy.

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In 1997 when I moved my family to Richland, WA from Edimburgh UK, I liked my new bank. My children were growing up fast at the time, with all the found memories that now go with it.

Today, I could not shake away my doubts that my dear old bank has truly lost memory in a bad way, not just in a convenient way and this is why I think so.

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