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Students are enrolling in to colleges across the country at increases rates in the hopes of obtaining a job that allows them to reach middle class economic status. Despite this fact, many college graduates are finding it more difficult to acquire a job in their field of degree. So then the critical question is: Is a college degree the route to the middle class?

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Radical Equations by Bob Moses is a great read which presents many thought provoking ideas. One very important idea he presents at the conclusion of the book is the Three Tiers of Demand.

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Organizers, advocates, and movement builders can learn valuable lessons from the words of Ella Baker. Ella Baker was known as the "Godmother of SNCC" and was well respected in many circles of the Civil Rights Movement. The Algebra Project and the Baltimore Algebra Project have held on to the teachings of Ella and has applied them to their educational advocacy.

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Many education reformists and educational advocates believe that we need more money in order to fix the public education system. Others say we have enough funding and resources. Is this true? Let’s take a look at the facts.

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According to Scott Keeler at the Pew Research Center the People & the Press, the percentage of youth voters (ages 18-29) in the national election was approximately 18 percent of the total electorate in 2008. In the 2012 election, it is reported that the youth turnout has increase by one percentage. Although the Democratic Party has received the largest amount voters among this age group, many are overlooking the significance of this 1 percent increase.

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by Michael Fogelberg

Very good news across the country and here at home. Very nearly a clean sweep for candidates on Maria's List.

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by Ileana Cintrón

As for the results in Massachusetts, when the numbers are ratified, it is likely that turnout in 2012 ends up being higher than 2008.

There were a significant number of split votes for Obama and Brown. Very interesting maps showing the difference at:

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Check out this link:

By Joshua Holland, Alternet  November 6, 2012


“Lots of 'herstory' making Nov 6 , 2012. Let's make 2013 the year of the women. Bravissima to Tammy and all who voted for her. And Elizabeth Warren, first woman senator from MA and NH with an all women delegation. We really must show those men who tried to run amok on our bodies, that they will not do that.”

Maryland becomes the first state in the country to pass the DREAM Act in the ballot box.

By Ted Glick at Grist:  

“It was worth staying up ‘til 2 am last night to hear Barack Obama’s victory speech. The brother sure can bring it when he is inspired.  Now it’s time for the climate and progressive movements to do our job as citizens and demand that he do the same on climate. It’s time, long past time, for Barack Obama to break his own self-imposed silence on climate… “
Obama, Climate, History
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Elections are less than 24 hours away!!! Now is the time to reconsider one’s options. There is a two part question that should be in the minds and hearts of every voter who has not opted to vote early. What candidate should I vote for and why? Certainly this question should be coupled with subsequent questions.

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PSA for the Massachusetts area voters!!!

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As the presidential campaigns and their supporters make their last efforts towards getting a candidate elected, there has been an emergence of new commercial ads. One commercial, sponsored by, has been the center of controversy in the last two days. Because of the language of the ad, I have elected not to embed the video onto the DailyKos. Here is the link to the video: A Message from the Greatest Generation. Please watch the video before reading further.

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