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because now Rand Paul is making the same remarks as Chris Christie.

In an interview with the network Monday, Paul said that vaccines are "a good thing" but that parents "should have some input" into whether or not their children must get them.
"I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines," he said.
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The North Carolina House Committee on Health and Human Services passed a bill that would prevent teenagers from receiving counseling or treatment for sexually transmitted infections unless they have notarized consent from a parent.

Parental approval would also be required for anyone under the age of 18 seeking substance abuse, mental health treatment or pregnancy care. Any care provider would be forced to obtain notarized written approval before diagnosing, treating or even counseling.
No other state requires parental consent to obtain a test for an STD.

In the past,

Rep. Verla Insko, a Democrat from Chapel Hill, said the law was enacted back in the 1970s because “there were real problems.”

“Teenagers were delaying treatment,” Insko said. “They were getting sicker, they were spreading venereal disease, in some cases committing suicide because they could not talk to their parents.”

N&O article
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Mitt (who?) Romney spoke to a graduating class from Southern Virginia University over the weekend and told graduates they should get hitched and have a passel o'young-uns right quick.

"If you meet a person you love, get married," he said. "Have a quiver full of kids if you can."

Okay, first off, who wants to listen to Mitt Romney at their college graduation? It's supposed to be a happy day.

Second, the "quiverfull" movement is pretty much the cutting edge of 1453 thinking. He could have just said "Have children," but using that language specifically is a shout out to some pretty extreme beliefs.

For example, that using birth control is blocking children that God wants to be born.

What a relief that we didn't end up with this guy as president.


I am sad about the overeager prosecution and tragic death of Aaron Swartz. Since I have a little experience in the world of academic publications I have been thinking about how things can change in the future to ensure the freedom of academic knowledge.

For those who may not have experience in this area I've outlined below a little bit about how the process works and then below that, some thoughts about what the future might look like, but I'm interested also to hear your thoughts about how it could operate more freely.

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If you live in California, you may be deciding how to vote on Proposition 37.  Prop 37 is an initiative which would require the labeling of GMO foods. Since I was seeking information on how to vote, I asked two talented Kossacks to weigh in on opposite sides of this debate so that we could have a diary representing both sides. Below are their thoughts. Thanks to both of them for providing food for thought in the upcoming election!

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Such is the message of a new and VERY SCARY video from a group of nuns in Ohio.

Here's Jezebel's take on it, and here is the very informative video itself:

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I read Markos's diary about Clark County, Nev.'s Republican party being taken over by Ron Paul fans. The diary includes an image of a billboard suggesting that people check out I had never heard of the Oath Keepers so I had a look at their website and thought I would share this ... ahem ... very interesting information with you!

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H/T to Seneca Doane for linking to this poll.

In the beginning of April, SurveyUSA did a poll of 1,314 likely California voters that asked who they plan to vote for in this June's California Senate primary race.

This year, we have a "top-two" primary, meaning it is an open primary with all candidates presented to voters and the top two vote getters will be moving on to the November election, regardless of party.

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I checked out Redstate to see what they were saying. Warning: you may wish to have your eyes washed after reading this. I won't link to it.

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Two New Jersey birthers are challenging President Obama's position on the primary ballot in New Jersey.

Nick Purpura, of Monmouth County, has filed a challenge along with Ocean County resident Ted Moran alleging that Obama has never shown adequate proof that he was born in the United States - despite the release of a longform birth certificate by the White House in April of 2011.
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Next November, Californians may be faced with three different ballot measures attempting to raise revenue for our state. The California Budget Project has released some comparisons of the sources of the revenue and what they would go toward.

Their side-by-side comparison is located here (pdf) and a longer memo style description is here (also pdf).

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I like sports. This is not a diary about hating sports. I'm going to say that right off the bat. I grew up playing soccer, ran on the cross-country team when I was in high school, and went to a college known for its trips to the Final Four. Keeping fit and healthy is important to me, and I think you can get a lot of positive benefits from being on a team. Camaraderie, learning how to be a good sport, winning and losing gracefully, respect for other teams as well as one's own teammates and coaches ... there are a lot of positive things that come out of it. I always enjoyed playing sports growing up.

A few years after college, I married a long-suffering Mets fan. I grew up going to the local minor league team now and then but was never really much of a true baseball fan myself.

However, now I have two boys, and while my younger son doesn't have any interest in sports, the older one, age 11, is a baseball fanatic. He has loved baseball since the age of 3. I remember being 7 or 8 months pregnant with our younger son, lying on the futon in our family room because I could barely sit up comfortably, and throwing him a ball, and him throwing it back, over and over again. When he was 4, my husband took him to his first major league game and he refused to leave the seat for even a minute to go get ice cream, he was so enthralled with the game. How many 4 year olds do you know who would rather watch a baseball game than get an ice cream cone?

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