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Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 09:10 AM PST

It's All Orange Today

by Payne

One of the great ways to keep track of what's happening around the country on this incredibly historic day is Twitter. Around the country, when people are voting-- when they are encountering long lines or no lines, problems at the poll or just remarkable efficiency, epiphanies or mundanities about their candidate(s) of choice-- they are communicating those facts to the masses in real time.

I've been working on a site called Fresh Squeezed Election Tweets, commissioned by Tropicana. We just rolled it out this morning as the polls opened in the Eastern Time Zone.

So, whatever your election experience today, if you use Twitter you'll be sharing that experience with thousands of friends and strangers-- and if you use election keywords you may even see your message on Fresh Election Tweets.


How are you keeping track of the election as it happens?

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52%12 votes

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It's so great to see the subject of science fairs become a hot topic here among the Kos cognoscenti--

To DailyKos readers the problems of plastic pollution are not new - it sits in landfills for millenia. Floats in the ocean and animals eat it or get caught in it and drown.

The slurry of chemicals from degrading plastic hurts human health, animal health, and soil and ocean health.

Well Daniel was sick and tired of it and came up with a solution for his science fair project.

-- not only because it's gratifying to discuss the ways in which our most urgently pressing environmental concerns are now being tackled by kids doing science projects, but also because of the ideas this development evokes, the further conversations that arise from this observation.


Have you ever been to a science fair?

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42%23 votes
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27%15 votes

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