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The initial attack on Max Blumenthal’s new book, released October 1st, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel (currently No. 2 on Amazon’s history of Israel best seller list), was led by Eric Alterman, writing for the November 4th edition of The Nation.  Alterman condemned the book, using the now widely reported terms for it as “The ‘I Hate Israel’ Handbook,” and “Hamas Book-of-the-Month” selection.  Within days of Alterman posting his first critical essay at The Nation, he posted another.  Then, in response to detailed critiques of Alterman’s analyses of the book by Blumenthal and others, Alterman jumped in a third time.

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I just submitted this petition to the White House niche, We the People:

We petition the Obama Administration to Invite Medea Benjamin to the White House for a beer.

On May 23, 2013, President Obama gave an important address at the National Defense University. Near the end, indefatigable peace activist, Medea Benjamin, pled with the President to consider important issues he had not addressed directly in his speech. The President stated, "The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to."

We the undersigned believe the same. We encourage President Obama to invite Ms. Benjamin to the White House for a beer or two, so that he may redeem his pledge.

It needs 150 signatures before it goes up on their front page.
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I'll be hosting J Street founder Jeremy Ben-Ami at the firedoglake Sunday Book Salon this afternoon, beginning at 2:00 pm PDT.  He will be on-line for two hours, to answer questions about his new book, A New Voice for Israel: Fighting for Survival of the Jewish Nation.

Please come join us.


Two years ago, On December 27th, 2008, the Israeli military began their campaign, Operation Cast Lead,  against the people and infrastructure of Gaza. About 1,500 Palestinian people, the vast majority of them civilians, were killed.  Many children were killed.  Far more were wounded, traumatized, orphaned, or lost a parent, sibling or siblings.

Some of these kids have struggled to articulate their experiences.  This diary is about one of them.

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Democratic Party nominee Scott McAdams announced today that his campaign has raised over a million dollars so far, in his quest to pull off a surprising victory against two opposing candidates who are entering stages of terminal infighting.

Joe Miller, who has had a succession of "worst week yet" weeks, is in the middle of the worst one yet.  Not only did his Sunday evening arrest on of an award-winning news editor at a public event by unlicensed goons working for a company that itself is unlicensed go viral nationally, it has since gotten worse.


Should the McAdams campaign ramp up to challenge Lisa?

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At a town hall meeting Sunday afternoon in Anchorage, U.S. Senate campaign GOP nominee Joe Miller was asked a long question on how we should keep illegal immigrants out.

His short answer: "If East Germany can do it, we can do it!"

After the meeting, Miller was approached by Tony Hopfinger, an award-winning journalist and editor of the on-line news source, The Alaska Dispatch.  Here's what happened next:

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Progressive Organizations Blue America and Americans for America are launching a set of new ad campaigns early Wednesday morning.  The first target - Alaska's Craziest Catch, Teabagger Joe Miller.

Hoping to catch a wave of netroots funding to reach Alaska voters with the reality of a possible regressive figure in the U.S. Senate that might scare the bejeezus out of Bering Sea crab skippers who routinely face winter sea ice, mountainous waves and 900-pound crab pots crashing all over the decks, this ad campaign needs support.  Real soon.

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Wednesday evening, with the backdrop of a luscious late summer Alaska sunset over Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Democratic Party U.S. Senate candidate, Sitka Mayor, Scott McAdams, addressed the post-prmary Alaska Democrats Unity Dinner. The dinner is designed to bring candidates back together after the sometimes hard-fought battles of internal politics.

Scott was the event's last speaker.

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The reported suicide of a Gulf charter skipper begs comparison. There is no exact number, but many suspect at least 30 people in Alaska or who worked on or were ruined by the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS) killed themselves over the succeeding 20 years, one as recently as last year. I knew three of the victims, one very well.

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Today, along with Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and 84 other U.S. Senators, Sen. Mark Begich signed a letter so rife with lies that it begs a very detailed and determined answer.

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Here’s an idea:

The MV Rachel Corrie should plan on reaching the exact point at which the USS Liberty was attacked by the Israeli Navy on June 8th 1967, on June 8th 2010.

They should ask for permission to lay wreaths and garlands from the families of those killed at that site 43 years ago.

They should ask that now, and continue to idle in the area north of Egypt.


Should the IDF allow the MV RC to honor the USS Liberty?

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Wasilla Alaska's foremost quitter and cult compound developer, Sarah Palin, has issued a very predictable, ghost-written, facebook response to the illegal seizure on early Sunday, of a flotilla of vessels attempting to bring humanitarian supplies to the 1.6 million people being illegally besieged in the Gaza Strip. In it, she criticizes the U.S. media for "reporting one side of the story," something we've also been doing a lot of in the blogosphere. Sarah's take is different from ours, though. Allow me to walk us through hers:


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