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    I was listening to a progressive radio host,yesterday. She had been on The Young Turks,last night. She praised him, called him awesome and so did her staff! This woman is a progressive,who researches the facts ,before she talks about politics, and Obama. She knows,the opposition he has been dealing with and how he has accomplished so much, in spite of this. She is also aware of the mistakes he has made.
    I contacted another female progressive host, who researches ALL the facts. She gives an in depth analysis of Obama's presidency. This show feels that Cenk is a "nice guy". They  don't want to be seen,as criticizing other progressive commentators! They feel the need to protect  and band together,because progressives ,already get too much bashing from the right!
    I wonder, do they ever really listen to one another shows! If they listened to Cenk and many others, they would realize the damage they do! Cenk is a bright man, and is certainly capable of analyzing the facts....why doesn't he?  Instead he whines and moans about how Obama is weak and he always "caves"! Another is Adrianna Huffington. After Obama's state of the union address, she tweeted,"Obama gives great speeches, but we still have 25 million unemployed!" I think some "smart people" realized what a goldmine there was, being a progressive, during the Bush years. They  switched parties and started making big profits!
    I think Cenk and his kind "behave themselves" when it's in their interest. For instance when Huffington is on "This Week" or Cenk is with a true liberal! These people are so dangerous because liberals trust them and think they are giving them the true facts. I know I was fooled! I was just so grateful to have "true progressive voices" to listen to!
    I think that members of the liberal media must hold their own accountable! It is their job to criticize someone,who is causing as much harm as the right wing! Instead they protect,praise,never pay attention, analyze or question them! This is exactly what Cenk and all the others depend on, laughing all the way to the bank!


Tue Feb 14, 2012 at 12:24 PM PST

Why low information voters hurt us!

by pipercity


    I haven' seen this story on progressive shows on TV or Huffington Post.This is a man who is a "control freak" and very calculating. He rarely criticizes the Republicans, unless they inadvertently help the economy,or raise taxes! In interviews you can see, that his answers are well thought out and rehearsed...he leaves nothing to chance.
    The reason Norquist doesn't want to raise taxes, is to destroy all entitlement programs to "to balance the budget"and...leave the government crippled. The government will not have the money to provide the services that people are used they will be privatized.We will be paying for something ,we used to have for free! And guess who profits from this! He doesn't care, that with our worsening economy and debt crises,will turn the USA into a third world country. You think the 1%, won't make huge profits,while having cheap labor! The rich  don't care if we get rid of entitlement programs ,they don't need them...but they still take it anyway!  Norquist feels that the rich are entitled to everything they have, because they are smarter and superior to the rest of us! This is based on the premise, that only the strong survive! It's your own fault, if your not rich... or even poor! You are simply inferior!
    We have almost lost our voice and we need to realize, how much work needs to be done! We can't sit quietly anymore "talking" to each other...though this is so important! We have to aggressively fight this! We also have to realize that the "liberal media" is often very critical of Obama. They say he is weak and that he caves and he didn't achieve EVERYTHING he promised! They conveniently forget ,what he was up against and what he inherited! It's not fair that Obama gets unfairly criticized from both the right AND the left! Read the facts! Put in any journalist name, then Obama and you will see for yourself!I realize Obama has made mistakes..but I believe he has the best interests of the people...which in this climate, means a lot!
    I get tired of people telling me, "that everything will be fine, it always is". It's not fine! Poorly informed voters are so harmful. They vote because of a single issue, a sound bite, partisan TV shows,a liberal elite bias,that "looks down on them"..(ignoring how the Republicans really treat them),laziness, and my favorite "because I always voted this way". People are so easily manipulated! Their is a heavy price we  pay,when people let someone tell them the "facts"and validate their unexamined and often harmful belief systems. They reinforce that they are right,that they are on their side,and will stand up for them against the liberal elite..who look down on them and that they are the only ones who really understands them and appreciates them. It's so much better to be validated and valued,what need do they have to search for anything  perhaps the truth!  Sometimes religion doesn't focus on the true teachings of help the poor, to treat people like you want to be treated,ect. Instead they focus on the wedge issue of abortion. I feel it is a woman's right to choose, but I also think women pay a heavy toll,feeling guilty,etc. We have had a Republican president for 20 years since 1980..have they done a single thing to change the law, concerning abortion?  Of course not! They don't want to loose votes or their wedge issue!
    These changes have been done over a period of 40 years! I often feel like we are the frog in water, where the temperature is slowly raised..the frog dies ...because he feels no "threat" and doesn't leave!
    I really appreciate this site!


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  When  2011 Carlyle company went public in 2011, they had to open their books.The "dirty little secret" was revealed...which I'm  sure in certain circles  is a well known!
    While working at Carlyle, the partners took "very low salaries", they got 96% of their compensations from investment profits.
    Investment profits are taxed at a much, much lower rate than salary, this means tthat they paid much lower taxes!                                                                                         By deferring much of their compensations into "investment profits" Carlyle partners only paid 15% rate on this income.This is because of a tax loophole known as "carried interest". This loophole lets  the managers of Carlyle and Bain, arrange compensations to look like a share of profits which are taxed as long term gains. Instead of standard compensation for services, which would be taxed as normal income from work. Long term capital gains have a maximum tax rate of 15%!
    Do you really think that Romney and his army of tax attorneys,didn't do this as well, as any other loophole he could find?
    Romney will never release any more tax returns! Big business will never allow this!


   Why are electronic voting machines,that don't leave a "paper trail" still being used? These are being used in key states like, Florida, Ohio,etc! This issue shouldn't be discussed when people are already voting!


In 1998 "Catholic" John Boehner voted yes to include contraceptive coverage in the government's insurance plan,FEHB. Where was his outrage then! Twelve senators who also voted yes, are Obama's biggest critics! How many "good catholics" have 8 or 9 kids...Yeah right!


  In 1998 "Catholic" John Boehner voted yes, to allow contraceptives to be added to the federal employment health benefit plan. Where was "outrage" then?
    Twelve congressmen who also voted yes are now criticizing Obama's plan! How many "good catholic" congressmen have 8 or 9 children? Yeah right!

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