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2006 was a monster year for Alabama politics.  Every 18 years the calendar conspires to put a huge majority of Alabama's elected offices on the ballot at once.  2006 saw elections for Governor, Congress, and Chief Justice to Coroners, Sheriffs, and County Commissioners.  In all, there were 733 races on the ballot on November 7.

The successes in Alabama might not be as high profile as in many other states, but they are no less significant as it relates to the party's standing in our state.  With no Senate race, House races that never really got close, and a popular incumbent Republican governor the battlefield shifted a little down ballot to key statewide races and important legislative battles.

With an incumbent Republican governor running 20 points ahead in public polling and outraising his opponent by over 4 to 1, Alabama Republicans thought they could sweep out our statewide elected officials and finally take over the Alabama Legislature.

That didn't happen.

When the dust settled on election night, Alabama Democrats were the clear winner.

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The Montgomery Advertiser: has exposed a Republican nominee for Civil Appeals Court (a position voted on by everyone in the state) for her ties to the Ku Klux Klan.  

Terri Willingham Thomas, a district judge in Cullman County, won the Republican nomination for the open Civil Appeals Court Place 2.  

Today, the frontpage of the Montgomery Advertiser exposed her deep family ties with the Ku Klux Klan and other right-wing, extremist hate groups.  

I know many of you assume that Alabama is the unabashedly racist, backwards state portrayed in television and film.  But it's not.  Alabama certainly has been on the wrong side of history, but Alabama has also led efforts to rectify those injustices.  

Even at the height the segregationist fever, public association with the Ku Klux Klan was enough to end a political career.  That's why it's so appalling that a Republican nominee for statewide office has close, familial connections with local leadership in the KKK.  

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Yesterday the Alabama Democratic Party filed a "motion to intervene" to keep Alabama Republicans and the Bush Justice Department from transferring the responsibility of election administration from an elected Democratic Secretary of State to the Republican governor embroiled in a hotly contested re-election race 100 days before the general election.

This Republican power grab for control of Alabama elections must be fought for the integrity of the voting process to be maintained.

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A revelatory set of recent polling questions shows an Alabama public deeply dissatisfied with President Bush and national and state GOP leadership.  

For the first time in four years, more Alabmians are identifying themselves as Dems than Republicans.  And by a huge margin (52-36) Alabama voters would not vote for George W. Bush if the election were held today.

More analysis and the complete polling results below.

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Democratic sheriff Mike Blakely is the top cop in Limestone county, but last Sunday he called upon a higher power to help settle a dispute.  

After being called to settle a Sunday morning dispute at a local church, Blakeley didn't use his weapon or cuffs, but instead used the most powerful tool in the Christians' aresenal: prayer.

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When longtime Democratic State Rep Nelson Starkey died late last year, the Alabama Republican Party made it clear they wanted to take over his swing seat.  GOP Gov Bob Riley interfered in the race in attempt to recruit a stronger candidate, the Republican nominee launched a whisper campaign against the Democrat, and the state Republican party paid for and distributed a last minute smear mailer.  

And yet after all that Democrat Tammy Irons ( still defeated her Republican opponent by a landslide of at least 20%.

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I am a long time member of DailyKos and used to publish a blog on Alabama politics before taking a position with the Alabama Democratic Party as Communications Director.

The Alabama Democratic Party has started a blog ( as a small part of our effort to use new and proven tools to energize the grassroots of our party.  Our blog primarily revolves around Alabama news and developments, but will not hesitate to call out national Republicans either.

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Sun Oct 02, 2005 at 10:22 PM PDT

Roy Moore to Launch Next Crusade

by poliscizac

Today, Monday Oct. 3, fmr. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore will reveal his political plans in his hometown of Gadsden, Alabama.
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Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has always been an unabashed conservative Republican.  So when the Senate GOP leadership shelved the upcoming estate tax repeal vote in the wake of Katrina, he went into action.

Sessions embarked upon a campaign to find a Hurricane related death to make his case for the repeal of the estate tax.  When called on his tactics by Time and the Birmingham News he backed off a little saying, "It was never a matter of big import to me. It was just a thought."

And just for the record the estate tax applied to only 410 estates in Alabama in 2003.  

I recently blogged this as well ...

Alabama Governor Bob Riley (R) has been on the politcal ropes much of his term.  His push for a $1.2 billion tax increase to fund schools was defeated with 70%.  He has seen his standing erode with the Roy Moore debacle and the failure of state voter's to remove segregationist era language from the state constitution.
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After publicly toying with it for months on a "listening tour", former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (D)-(1999-2003) announced he will run to reclaim the office he lost to Bob Riley in 2002.  
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Runoffs for mayor were held in Mobile and Tuscaloosa today. In both cities the retiring mayors have been institutions (Al Dupont as mayor of Tuscaloosa since 1981 and Mike Dow as mayor of Mobile since 1989).  

Though the races are officially nonpartisan both winners are active Democrats.  

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