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Wed May 03, 2006 at 12:28 AM PDT

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Democracy

by Poor Rich

If we think through the logic of the unitary executive theory promoted by the Bush II administration, we are forced to arrive at the conclusion that this is "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" democracy. They claim that they represent the people as they were elected and successful election shows that the people approve of their policies. But the theory of the unitary executive means that the administration thinks it never really needs to tell the people what has been done in their name and further, that for representatives of the people to inquire what policies have been instituted, what actions the state has taken that they were supposed to approve or disapprove in the last election, is not properly the people's business.
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Major right-wing blogs such as Michelle Malkin's have been trumpeting the spin from Bizzyblog that fatalities have gone down annually during the Bush administration, so they imagine the New York Times editorial blaming the Bush administration for lax mine safety enforcement was misguided.

In fact, working hours in coal mines have dropped forty percent since 1993, so fatalities would have to drop forty percent just to stay at the same safety rate per 200,000 working hours (the way MSHA reported fatality rates on their summaries until 1999. Draw your own conclusion). Bizzyblog's statistics radically misrepresent the FACTS.

If we calculate underground coal mining fatalities per 200,000 working hours they look like this:

Over the last twelve years, the most lethal year in underground coal mining was 2001. The next most lethal year was 1996.

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UConn offering master's degree in homeland security

STORRS, Connecticut (AP) -- A new program at the University of Connecticut will offer a master's degree in homeland security. "Business and industry are looking for a curriculum that prepares them for the same kinds of things government employees are being trained for," said Krista Rodin, dean of UConn's College of Continuing Studies.

I can't wait to see the rest of the curriculum: Cronyism 101, Creative Accounting 211, Inventory Dismanagement 221, Not-bidding no-bid contracts, Throwing bricks of cash in plastic bags without counting it 400, Recruiting Young Republicans for Colonial Service 100, Competitive War Profiteering 301, Outsourcing Torture 201, Managing Pentagon Mismanagement 402, and lastly and most importantly, The Criminalization of Government Oversight as Business Opportunity 444.

Everyday I wake up wondering what it will take for the majority to recognize who is screwing them. This diary is immediately inspired by Roseeriter's Class Warfare diary referencing Bill Moyers and the Republican Party's systematic promotion of corporate tyranny. Here is where we start to fight the power with the people on our side.

My issue is this: Who isn't sick of having to pay charges they don't even know are accurate because not answering the phone is  the foundation of contemporary corporate business strategy (my HMO is practically a classification state requiring over an hour on hold with three different offices to collate data for ONE VISIT TO ONE CLINIC!)? How many millions of Americans in both parties are tired of getting ripped off by routinely "mistaken" bills they get from their cell phone providers every damn month? Who don't answer the phone when you are actually home from work? This issue should have the tidal political force of the don't call lists with more systematic consequences for corporate cronyism.

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Michael Barone of US News writes: "The focus of hatred in the right blogosphere is not Kerry or the Democrats but what these bloggers call Mainstream Media, or MSM. They argue, correctly in my view, that the New York Times, CBS News, and others distorted the news in an attempt to defeat Bush in 2004."

Barone is disingenuous. And he contradicts himself.

While the right wing blogosphere openly hates the so-called mainstream media (who have been jumping to the defense of payola journalist JD "Jeff Gannon" Guckert), Barone claims there is no personal animosity for Kerry or Democrats.

But wait a minute-- the imaginary media support for Kerry is why regressive Republicans hate the media. By Barone's own logic, then, this feeling about the media is fueled by hatred for Democrats. Indeed, journalists are hated AS democrats.

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George W. Bush: He's not just Jeb's "Big Brother" anymore.

The GOP must be held responsible for demanding political correctness with their new Social Security speech code. This has to be another line in the sand. We need to start taking names and extracting a price for press and network outlets that fall in line.

The press and the networks must be held accountable and be made examples of to the degree that they follow the GOP speech code correctness line. We have to be hitting THE PRESS AND THE NETWORKS early and often: Reciting Republican market-researched "speech codes" is not journalistic neutrality, it is indoctrination. Are you journalists or GOP staffers?

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Pride and Gout are seldom cur'd throughout.--Poor Richard

Minneapolis' TCF Bank has recently announced advertising boycotts of the Star-Tribune and City Pages because of negative publicity regarding the Republican activist blogging of its employee, Scott Johnson, founding partner of the militant, law-suit happy Republican blog, Power Line, and City Pages coverage of TCF Bank's exclusively Republican political contributions. With these actions, TCF Bank has effectively announced to the world that they not only intend to explicitly and self-consciously promote and support right-wing Republican causes, but they will also use their corporate assets to defend them from any and all criticism through their advertising practices.

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