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Fri Mar 01, 2013 at 08:43 AM PST

with a whimper

by positiveharpo

i am suprised by the outcome of the john doe investigation into scott walker's regime at milwaukee county. the image of a continuing walker governorship is full of dark color. his rule is guided by instruction from his surety. there will be no compromise, because he brooks no argument. he is telling us, then showing us how it is going to be. so, stfu and get in line . i am sick of it. they are selling a tractor beam that is directed to pull us back into the past. they have rewritten the past ,  so they can believe that they can control it. i wish i wanted to stay in wisconsin to see how the difference between the electorate that voted scott in and the electorate that voted tammy in, is settled. but, the words of horace greeley have been ringing louder lately and the compass has turned.


Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 02:49 PM PST

News or not?

by positiveharpo

The Milwaukee JournalSentinal is reporting that Governor Walker has been implicated in the John Doe investigation that has snared some of his aides. or former aides. The headline of the short article is  'Walker,key aides implicated during Doe sentencing'. The implication of this language is lost on me, but, i'm thinking that it can't be good news for the Wisconsin governor. Can one be implicated in a crime and not charged with a crime? Like an unindicted co-conspirator? Then Governor Walker would have one more thing in common with Karl Rove. I'm hoping that there is more news soon.

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