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Contrary to popular punditry, the protest vote that matters this November is your own.  We know the Tea Party and Republicans are fired up with their billionaire-sponsored, major network propagandized astroturf "protest" rallies.  We know that electorate is demagogued up to run to the polling booth.  

The under-publicized, undecided question whose answer will determine the future of our Democracy is whether the Democrats can get fired up this fall.  The undecided question is whether Democrats will mobilize to stop Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and their elected Republican followers, billionaire activists and misguided citizenry from wrecking the progress made thus far and any hope for a progressive future in America.

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Like the rest of us, President Obama is assessing the significance of Scott Brown’s election as the new Senator from Massachusetts.  The President would be wrong to interpret the election as a rebuke to healthcare reform.

The President’s quick response has been to replace his push for healthcare reform with invectives against the financial services industry.  The President’s approach may work in the short term and certainly will fail in the long term.  

Healthcare reform, along with tax reform and military spending, is one of three key areas in which change is needed to undue the failed policies of President George W. Bush.  Undoing these policies is essential to restoring the long-term health and stability of our economy and society.  

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This is a reminder.  The excellent Frontline documentary Boogie Man by Stefan Forbes is still running on PBS.  You can Google it to see when it's playing in your area.  There are a few snippets online here, but it's nothing like watching the whole thing.

For those who haven't caught it yet, this must-watch documentary tells it like it was and is about Republican demagoguery.  Atwater's protege Rove is in it. W. is in it. W.'s father is in it.  The Gipper is in it.  Nixon is in it.  Practically the whole Republican family, post-Ike and post-Goldwater, is in it.

There is something elemental about the Republican strategy of winning at all costs.  The story involves many Faustian transactions that lead far too many Republicans on a one-way trip up the river into the heart of darkness.  The story is a stark reminder of why we have jails, and how when we fail to send people up the other river things can spiral out of control.


Have you seen Boogie Man?

49%102 votes
50%104 votes

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Astounding new facts in the Republican prosecution of former Alabama Governor are coming out.  The story is a microcosm of what is wrong with the Republican Party today, and how far off the rails they have flown.

Please watch this excellent backgrounder on 60 Minutes if you haven't lately and read my Diary if you are interested in the latest developments:


Is it important that Democrats ensure a proper investigation of Republican misconduct?

1%3 votes
98%227 votes

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Sat Sep 20, 2008 at 05:28 AM PDT

Obama's experience

by prouddemocrat

Many claims of the right wing these days are based more on fantasy than grounded in reality.  

After attacking Obama for having less experience, Senator McCain, a 73-year old multiple cancer survivor who has a one third chance of dying in office according to actuarial tables, then picked a VP candidate with far less experience than Obama.  Now the right-wing claims that Palin is more experienced than Obama.

As this Diary shows, the right wing's charges about Senator Obama's experience fall squarely on the fantasy end of the spectrum and are easily debunked by brief reference to readily available facts.  For example, for every vote Palin has won in her career, Obama has won over 20 more.  

It is disappointing to see the media still lends credence to the right-wing's prevarication on this and other key issues with a "he said she said" approach, instead of rejecting patently false arguments by citing contrary facts.  


Governor Palin:

4%2 votes
95%41 votes
0%0 votes

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The canaries in the coal mine have stopped singing.  The progeny of Republican Presidents are no longer singing the party line.  

Susan Eisenhower just announced she is out.  She is for Obama.  

Ron Reagan was out several years ago.  

Who is right, they or the party they could no longer stomach?

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Bush and McCain would have you believe that we must drill to get control over the energy crisis facing this country.  To the contrary, the facts demonstrate that the technology for America to achieve energy independence from the Middle East exists and is being used by hundreds of millions of people today.  As I will show, if we Americans were using this technology today, we currently would be saving more than twice the amount of oil we import from the Middle East.  

It is up to each of us to become more conversant with the facts around oil so we can rebut the false claims of Republican politicians.  It is not enough to rely on one "guru" or another as a source of information, whether it be the Sierra Club, or for that matter Anne Korins or T. Boone Pickens.  

Whether it be hybrids or wind power or whatever solution they offer, these gurus will frame the facts to point you towards their solution.  I will show you the basic facts.  You can draw your own conclusions.  

Neither I nor any guru can predict how we can reduce our dependence on oil.  I just know we are an industrious people.  If we elect a leader who guides Americans to set our minds to the task, if we set our goals high, or at least not low, one way or another, America can do it.


Do you trust McCain will implement serious energy reform

6%6 votes
93%92 votes

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Keith Olbermann caught McCain flip-flopping on taxes, again.  How many times is that?  And what does it say about McCain's ability to lead?


What is the key issue on which McCain has been most incoherent?

5%5 votes
16%15 votes
21%19 votes
6%6 votes
3%3 votes
3%3 votes
4%4 votes
2%2 votes
25%23 votes
10%9 votes

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Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 09:18 PM PST

Obama is the better choice

by prouddemocrat

What is the difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?  A lot more than most think.  It lies in their actions and their records, which speak far louder than their similar policy platforms.

I ask you to look carefully at the three major events in Hillary Clinton's career:  

  1.  her failed healthcare reform initiative in the early 1990s,
  1.  her wrong vote to go to war in Iraq, and
  1. her poorly organized, and underperforming campaign for President.

I ask you to look carefully at her record and to compare it to that of Obama, who has been a consistent, positive, well-organized and unifying force for change.  

Above all fellow Democrats, even if you disagree, please vote!  We need to activate America.  We need to stop sitting it out.  We can do this.  Yes we can!


Who are you leaning towards?

17%55 votes
82%261 votes

| 316 votes | Vote | Results

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This is an election about who we are, who we want to be.  If America does not regain its can-do, no man is an island spirit in its greatest traditions, it will soon fade into a shadow of its former self.


Who will win the Democratic Primary?

14%87 votes
5%33 votes
79%471 votes

| 591 votes | Vote | Results

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Originally this was a long post.  People told me to post it as a diary, so here it is.  It's a follow up to my last several diaries,


Realistically, what is the chance that voters will vote for change?

12%7 votes
20%11 votes
29%16 votes
21%12 votes
16%9 votes

| 55 votes | Vote | Results

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Why is Barack Obama not winning handily in this Primary?  Anywere I go on the net, and this includes mainstream "neutral" sites like iVillage, Barack is winning handily.  He wins on the ability to unify America, the ability to implement change, on integrity, and on policy.  So why is Hillary winning?  My theory is that there are a lot of Democratic voters (I have a hunch that ironically many are urbanites who consider themselves to be sophisticated) who are poorly informed about the candidates.  I believe that these folks are "off the grid."  They have not engaged in any serious debate over the candidates.  They have not carefully tracked the candidates' qualifications or positions.  They think they are informed enough to cast an informed vote but in fact they are not familiar with critical portions of the candidates' records and positions.  They may vote for a candidate on the basis of incorrect preconceived notions about "experience" or on the basis of gender or racial identity.


Do you think the Democratic electorate is fully and accurately informed about both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

13%20 votes
86%128 votes

| 148 votes | Vote | Results

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