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Anyone who wishes to weigh in on HB695 and its amendments restricting abortion access, you might shoot an email or leave a voicemail to your representative and Speaker Thom Tillis. It is possible that they will try to convene the House tomorrow, July 5, to ram this through when fewer people will be available to protest. While you're at it, contact Gov. McCrory and remind him of his campaign promise not to sign any new abortion restrictions into law, and that letting the bill sit on his desk for 10 days is violating the spirit of that promise, if not the wording.


Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 12:56 PM PDT

To vote pro-choice or anti-misogyny?

by puck nc

(I am posting this on behalf of a friend who just joined DKos today.)

I know everyone has their own personalized definition of misogyny and of course hatred of women because they're women is horrible.

But something in today's NY Times really struck me as bizarre.

Kate Zernike wrote a piece in the Week in Review section entitled "Can you cross out 'Hillary' and write 'Sarah'?"

And the print version highlighted the following:

   To vote pro-choice or anti-misogyny. It's, um, complicated.

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