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So not a day goes by phone-banking, canvassing, or just talking to folks about politics where someone won't say, "there is no difference between the parties or the candidates".

Sadly, on some issues, that is somewhat accurate, lobbyists have in some areas purchased enough Democrats and Republicans that they have pre-determined the outcome.

But if you look at a lot of issues, there is quite a difference. When George W paid back the fundamentalist Christian base that delivered wins for him in both 2000 and 2004 with abstinence-only programs that have proven not to work time and again, real people's lives were impacted. Real unwanted babies were born. Real abortions that could have been prevented weren't. Real girls that might have been able to finish school, get a job and lift themselves out of poverty didn't.

Obamacare does make birth control more accessible, and in virtually all cases free. The cost/benefit to society as well as the individuals mentioned above are not hypothetical, and they are also not in Gov Romney's phantom healthcare replacement that he would enact on day one.

Free Birth Control Cuts Abortion Rate by 62%


After listening to Romney pretend to be everything to everybody (except Big're fired), and shapeshift into some sort of Republican populist, here is what I would have liked to have heard Obama say in his closing remarks.

Gov Romney, that was a great performance. However, what a stark contrast what you said tonight was to what you have said and done over the course of your life. Tonight you talked about helping all Americans, but a mere 4 months ago, you described 47% of the American people as acting like "victims" who are dependent on government and are unwilling to take responsibility for their lives. That 47% includes elderly people on social security & medicare, military, wounded military vets and widows of vets, the disabled, the working poor, and others that I know don't consider themselves victims.

When you were governor of Massachusetts, you thought it was a good idea to actually have as many of your fellow Americans have health care as possible, and when they could afford it, be responsible for buying insurance. However, just a few days ago, you said that we don't need universal health care, that is what emergency rooms are for.

When you were at Bain, you achieved great financial success, often by loading debt onto companies that were either already in trouble or actually sound before you got involved with them, but you and your associates managed to walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars regardless of whether the companies themselves succeeded or not, often leaving others unemployed and much worse off in your wake.

You have over the course of your political career gone from a moderate to someone who boasted he was more liberal than Ted Kennedy to someone who now claims conservative bonafides, all remarkably timed with what office you just happened to be running for at the time.

Tonight you refused to acknowledge that your fiscal plans don't add up, that somehow radically reducing taxes on the top 1% was going to help the middle class. You are so committed to this idea that you have surrounded yourself with many of the same financial advisers as former President George Bush, conveniently forgetting that was part of the reason we are in so much debt.

One of your advisers famously said your campaign was like an etch-a-sketch and that you could change your positions depending on who you were talking to, why should the American people think the person they saw tonight is going to remotely resemble the person that you will be on Nov 6th, and not the person who thinks 47% of Americans are leeches?

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