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Thu Apr 11, 2013 at 11:15 PM PDT

A letter to the Naive President

by qz9

Mr. President, this is just a short diary for your attention. The sentiments presented in this diary are echoed by many that voted for you. What follows is just a piece of advice from someone who is not part of the beltway crowd. I belong to the class of people that have to watch every dollar and every cent. I voted for you to avoid my Medicare benefits being reduced, but I did not know you were a two faced devil who was going to take my benefits away from me through the back door of chained CPI. Also  what are you thinking in proposing to link student loan interest rates to inflation, do you think loan rates will stay low forever, if you do then you are more naive than I thought. What you should be proposing is to reduce student interest rates further and it should be fixed.

If you are in search of revenue, you should have let all the Bush tax cuts expire. But you didn't because you thought you were the smartest guy in the room and because of that, Boehner and McConnell played you.  But you can’t now come and say to me I’ll give you money when you are young, but I will take it away from you when you are retired and you need it most. What kind of sense does that make? But that is what you are proposing with the chained CPI Mr. President. I think your advisers are advising you the wrong way, just as they advised you wrongly for the first debate against Romney.

I want to tell you that most Americans know that we do not have a debt problem; we do not have a deficit problem. Those are Washington’s games, and we feel sad that you have been co-opted to play those games. We voted for you because we thought you will be above those games, apparently we were very wrong. As I said earlier, we do not have a debt or deficit problem, what we do have however is a jobs problem. If you can solve the jobs problem, everything else including the debt and deficit will take care of itself. The success of Bill Clinton was in generating employment and that’s what made the deficit go down in the 1990s. Nobody remembers Bill Clinton because he brought the debt down or because he reduced deficit, people remember him because there were jobs and the economy was booming.

If you keep chasing this grand bargain, I promise you that you will become irrelevant to most people’s lives and your presidency will become a joke and you will have fallen into the Republican Party’s trap.  

You act as if you are naive and do not understand the Republican Party. The party is not there to serve any policy, the republican party only cares about one thing and one thing only and that is taking power and using it to benefit a few. They will never see eye to eye with you no matter how much you try. You can abolish social security and Medicare, they will never like you. You can reduce the tax rate to zero and they will still berate you for not cutting it enough.

On the other hand the Democratic Party exists to serve the interests of the middle class and the poor. I just wanted to let you know that in case you need reminding. I will say it again, the Democratic Party exists to serve the interests of the voiceless, the interests of those of us who have no lobbyists. You may not know this Mr. President; you are our number one lobbyist. Your job as a Democratic president is to serve the interests of the lobby less majority and not the interests of the Washington Post editorial page.

The last time you went in search of a grand bargain, you ended up with this monstrosity called “the sequester”. You also ended up with the lowest approval rating of your presidency. If you continue in search of that thing called “Grand bargain”, this is what future historians will have to say about you “President Obama had a chance to be a really great president, the people were ready to follow him, but he blew that chance in pursuit of a mirage.”


Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 10:47 AM PST

The Plan

by qz9

I had this dream. A man appeared to me in my dream and told me he wanted to tell me a story. I said go on. I did not know who it was. Below is what he said as best as I can recall.

 I am a messenger of Allah, and I want you to spread this story far and wide so that people will know that Allah can be merciful and benevolent but he can also be vengeful to those who go against his wishes. Many years ago a boy was born in a little village in Kenya to an American woman and a Kenyan man. The plan was to have him born in America, but the mom had gone on a visit to Kenya and that was where she delivered the child. We had to send people to bring her back to Hawaii and register his birth there. I will not go into the details of how we got that done.

After his birth, we no longer needed his father, and we got rid of him. To further the boy’s training we had to send him to the east. So we sent him to Indonesia. So we arranged for an Indonesian man to meet the mother and marry her. Why did we choose Indonesia, because if we had sent him to Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Middle East, it would have disrupted our future plans. You see our goal was to make him the first President of the World. But before he could be president of the world, he had to be president of the US first and he had to win at least two terms. After his return from Indonesia, where he had been fully trained he now started on the path that will lead him to the ultimate prize. We did our part along the way. That was why Al Gore did not win in Florida, because we wanted George Bush to win. George Bush had to destroy the economy for Barak to win the election.

For the second term, we had everything under control by making sure all the stronger candidates did not show up on the other side. We made Clinton see the light. The only kink in our plan was that we did not foresee how badly our guy would do in the first debate. That was why we had to send in the hurricane Sandy to shake things up. I know you are dying to ask. But the answer is yes. We got to that loud mouth Governor too.  

So tell the world, He is the anointed one, The Blessing from Allah.
I now asked him, “What do you mean by at least two terms?”
He replied, “The ways of Allah are mysterious”
Then the man disappeared and I woke up.


Governor Pataki this morning on Morning Joe advocated a review of the government pension system to eliminate wastes.

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Mon Apr 06, 2009 at 07:37 PM PDT

We should protest

by qz9

We should protest

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