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I posted my first diary article one month ago, and I am so glad that it got people talking:

I'm still fighting, but so are so many other people.  People have risen up all over the country.  After so much frustration over so long a time, seeing people join together to fight for families has been amazing.  For me, I am not exaggerating when I say this has been an almost spiritual journey.  We have sacrificed and we have fought, day and night, but we have made a difference.  And it's just everyday people like you and me.  Everyday people just coming together.

Over 100 cities will rally tomorrow.  I expect the turnout around the country to be in the millions.  I hope you can join us.

To find what's going on near you, check out

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My wife immigrated to this country when we got married, but has been unable to travel to visit her family because she doesn't yet have a green card.  She doesn't yet have a green card because we've been waiting 3 and 1/2 years for a computerized background check.  

But what's keeping me up at night is proposed legislation that passed in the House with no press in December and is being forced through the Senate by Bill Frist right now.  The version of the house bill, broadly interpretted, could make my wife a criminal for marrying me and subject her to "not less than one year in prison".  The same would be true of the parents of 3.2 million other American citizens.

Thousands have rallied across the country already -- the latest in Washington on Tuesday (5,000), but the press is not covering it.

I know that these days there's always some scandal taking up the news, but this legislation threatens millions of families -- we're talking about people coming in the middle of the night to drag off families.  

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