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Fri Jul 19, 2013 at 07:05 PM PDT

Trayvon Martin And The New Racism

by randyite

So now it has come to this. We have reentered a period of 1950s overt institutionalized racism. You cannot walk down a street minding your own business without being shot to death – if you are a black male teenager. And the perpetrator can be assured of getting off scot-free.

Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, was walking back from a convenience store, with some Skittles and a soft drink, to the home of his father’s fiancée. A place he had the right to be. And down a street on which he had the right to walk.  He had the right to remain unaccosted in that activity.

George Zimmerman, a Hispanic, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, was a loser cop wannabe, but who never could make the grade as a police academy candidate. He was someone who desperately wanted to be a hero. And he was also someone who had needlessly bothered the police countless times with unjustifiable calls about black people being in the neighborhood. His worldview is clear.

George Zimmerman was told by the police dispatcher to stay in his car and NOT to physically encounter Trayvon Martin. But he did just the opposite. I am sure that Trayvon Martin must have been terrified by this lone vigilante who was stalking him by car and on foot, and who would not leave him alone. And who accosted him and harassed him when he was simply walking home minding his own business. (An activity that used to be regarded as a sacred right in this country, and which Supreme Court Louis Brandeis called “the right to be left alone.”)

We will never know exactly what happened, but it is not unlikely that Zimmerman tried to detain or put Martin under citizen’s arrest pending the arrival of the police, and Martin effectively resisted that attempt, which he had every right to do as, whatever Zimmerman actually did,  it was an illegal effort to interfere with Martin’s perfectly legal and peaceable walk home.  

But according to the lowlife, Geraldo Rivera (the man who betrayed the position of our troops during the war in Iraq), it was Martin’s fault. He was “wearing a hoodie” and was therefore correctly presumed to be a “thug” and was therefore “responsible” for his fate and deserved whatever he got. Apparently, wearing a hoodie is the new equivalent of whistling at a white woman.

The Republican blame-the-victim culture is in full flower in this country. Blame the pregnant women. Blame the rape victims. Blame the sick people who have the nerve to expect health care. Blame the poor people who never had the chance, biologically, culturally, educationally, personally historically, to make something of themselves. Blame the gays for their societal ostracism by not agreeing, in the face of all evidence, that their orientation is a choice.

As part of the effort to eliminate any recognition that there really are victims of racism, Rush Limbaugh’s takeaway from the trial was that it is okay for white people such as himself to use the word  “nigga” because black people use that word. (Think here of the spirited defense of Paula Deen for repeatedly calling black people “niggers.” Apparently that word is still acceptable in some white circles and is trying to become mainstream again.) The Fox News line, repeated over and over, was that most murders of blacks were committed by other blacks. (Yes, and most murders of whites are committed by other whites.) These distracting tactics were a cynical attempt to ignore the real facts of one particular case. Not all murders were on trial here. Just one.

Apparently, the jurors (five whites and one Hispanic) thought that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and “stood his ground” under Florida law. Bravo to the defense lawyers, paid for by ultra-conservative Fox News show host, Sean Hannity. But there was no real evidence of self-defense. It was simply a fanciful and imaginary conclusion fed by racist stereotypes and blame-the-victim evidence that was allowed in by the judge at trial. The actual evidence showed that Martin never touched Zimmerman’s gun. It begs the question: where was Trayvon Martin’s right to stand his ground?

The facts – real facts – were that Trayvon was peaceably and legally walking home, that he had a right to be in the neighborhood, that he had the right to be left alone, and that George Zimmerman disobeyed police instructions and accosted Martin. If anyone got what they deserved, Geraldo, it was not Martin, it was Zimmerman.

The most one can hope for at this point is that both Zimmerman and the neighborhood association are subjected to enormous monetary judgments in a separate wrongful death lawsuit brought by Martin’s parents. A civil rights lawsuit brought by the Justice Department would appear to be a longshot.

When Emmett Till, a black teenager, was murdered in Mississippi for allegedly flirting with a white woman, the men who murdered him attached a large cotton gin fan to his neck to sink his body (while possibly still barely alive after being severely beaten, having an eye gouged out, and shot) in a river. They then laughed and laughed later after Till was found when they said, “Ain’t that just like a nigger, goin’ swimmin’ with a fan tied around his neck?” They were acquitted of all charges, and then, protected against double jeopardy, proudly admitted to Till’s murder in “Life” magazine.

Trayvon Martin’s crime was wearing a hoodie, and walking through a neighborhood where blacks were not welcome, and resisting the interference of those who sought to bring vigilante justice for such infractions. Trayvon Martin is the Emmett Till of our day.


Sun Dec 03, 2006 at 08:58 PM PST

Bush and the Red Ribbon

by randyite

Did I really see a picture of Bush wearing an AIDS red ribbon (on Friday -- World AIDS Day)?  


Now that really f***ing pisses me off.  What a hypocrite.  The Bushies have given all the AIDS money to the "faith based" orgs which use it to preach abstinence only and don’t know s*** about AIDS.  Some of the representatives of these groups, new to the public trough, have asked whether they can catch AIDS by meeting with people who have it.  I know this from friends who work in the REAL AIDS service organizations who have had to deal with these Christian crusaders.

And we all know that the hard-core Bushies were glad to see the "high-risk" groups die off.

I read somewhere that some at some point  suggested wearing a blue ribbon as a sign of continuing opposition to the Bushies and all they stand for.  

Let the battle of the ribbons begin!


Thu Oct 19, 2006 at 06:24 PM PDT

RI-Sen, MO-Sen: make a difference

by randyite

The situations in both Rhode Island and Missouri are looking favorable for the Dems picking up both those Senate seats.  That would be fabulous.

Below the fold are links to the Whitehouse and McCaskill web site campaign contribution pages.  

In Rhode Island, the Boston Globe reports that most polls are showing Whitehouse ahead by five percentage points.  In Missouri, McCaskill is leading Talent, the incumbent 51% to 42% according to one poll.  (Sources below.)

Sheldon Whitehouse is a good guy.  Smart, decent, and honest, and not be confused with your typical Rhode Island politician.

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Thu Oct 05, 2006 at 04:48 PM PDT

TX - Gov

by randyite

From today's Dallas Morning News:

Rick Perry (R-incumbent): 38% (takes only 60 percent of his own party)

Carole Keeton Strayhorn (I) : 18% (lacks a strong base -- currently state controller elected as a Republican; mother of former White House Press Secretary Scott McLellan)

Chris Bell (D): 15%  (unknown by most voters, barely holding own among  core Democrats)

Kinky Friedman (I): 14% (polls well among youths but not with black voters and women; he has made some controversial racially-charged comments)


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Time Magazine headline:  "Lieberman Lost the Old-Fashioned Way
He was out of touch with voters. And he's not alone. His defeat foreshadows an upheaval to come in November"

I don't know who Joshua Micah Marshall is (and I'm sure I should -- but I have other things I have to do!), but I sure like the way he writes and what he has to say.  See Time mag article

more ....

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So, finally, the vile Mel Gibson has said something which may have some consequences.  That a successful public figure could say such things, even though he was drunk, is just more evidence of the frightful loss of civility and the degeneration of discourse.  It becomes okay to say such things in a world in which Ann Coulter is a regular on "Hardball," labels Bill Clinton as gay because promiscuous men fear women and are hostile to them which is a gay trait (would love to see her research on that), and then goes on to think it funny to call Al Gore a "fag."  Are we not to far away from "kike" and pretending its funny?  It's a slippery slope in these times of Mideast war to blame the Jews for all wars throughout history, as Gibson did.  We are desperately searching for "the other" these days.

Yes, Gibson should be shunned by Hollywood for this, as some are demanding (except for the Hollywood executives who have had nothing to say).  But where was Hollywood, where was the press...   [more]


Gibson's outburst will:

49%31 votes
12%8 votes
19%12 votes
19%12 votes

| 63 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Jul 13, 2006 at 06:06 PM PDT

Bush, Israel, Lebanon, and Armageddon

by randyite

The seeds of the Bush administration's woeful lack of engagement in the Israeli/Palestinian/Hezbollah/Hamas/Syrian/Lebanese conflicts in favor of the war in Iraq are now being reaped in what looks like all-out war and many casualties.  Even Sen. Clinton spoke out competently today about this lack of engagement and its fatal consequences.  

Andrea Mitchell posted an able analysis on which pointed out that members of both parties are critical of the administration's lack of concern about Israeli/Palestinian relations.  See U.S. stands alone in defending Israel

My question is: Why would the Bush administration get involved in anything which might delay the arrival of Armageddon?

See, e.g.,
Bush's Armageddon Obsession, Revisited
It's Armageddon Time
Bush's Armageddon Wish
The Jesus Landing Pad


The Bush administration has not been involved in Israeli/Palestinian relations because:

14%16 votes
17%19 votes
20%22 votes
47%51 votes

| 108 votes | Vote | Results


Wed Jul 12, 2006 at 11:31 AM PDT

Pete Sessions In Icy Hot Water?

by randyite

KTVT - CBS, Channel 11, Dallas-Fort Worth reported last night that Pete Sessions (R-TX) is under investigation for accepting an allegedly improperly funded ski trip to Lake Placid for himself and his family.  The trip is being investigated by a committee of the New York Assembly.  The hearings began this week.
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Mon Jul 10, 2006 at 05:24 PM PDT

Do Facts of Lay's Death Admit Doubt?

by randyite

Every once in awhile a little paranoia can actually be a little refreshing.  It puts us in touch with our darker side, particularly that dark side which the "powers that be" have so effectively tapped in manipulating the public and in unleashing the forces of darkness upon the world.  So what if our paranoia doesn't pan out as accurate?  At least it gives us insight into Our Glorious And Perfect Leader Who Is The Embodiment Of God On Earth (i.e, The Ol' Liar, or Dry Drunk In Chief) and his Imperial stormtroopers.

So my paranoia got activated just a little bit the other day when I read the news that Ken Lay had suddenly died.  "Totally unexpectedly" according to the family spokesperson.  

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Tue May 09, 2006 at 02:46 PM PDT

The Lexapro Club

by randyite

I joined the Lexapro Club today (the Prozac Club is so passé), even though I have never wanted to belong to any club that would have me as a member.

Are Americans overmedicated?

24%8 votes
27%9 votes
6%2 votes
12%4 votes
27%9 votes
3%1 votes

| 33 votes | Vote | Results

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As Chinese President Hu Jintao visits the United States, Lou Dobbs hammers the Bush administration effectively on its failed economic and trade policies.

Dobbs says, "The fault lies entirely with the U.S. government, our lack of strategy and our failed policies. This administration and U.S. multinational corporations have lost sight of the national interest. This administration and the Republican-led Congress have permitted the dismantling of America's manufacturing base and created a dependency on China....

He adds, "Our leaders are the fools, and China's leaders are not to be blamed for taking advantage of this administration's commitment to faith-based economic theories and so-called free trade that permits the Chinese access to the world's richest consumer market while China denies our businesses access to its emerging market."

Dobbs slams "ourselves and our business leaders" for offshoring production, the transfer of our knowledge base in technology, and for shipping middle-class jobs to China in search of lower labor costs.

The entire piece can be found at


We set out from South Florida this morning.  A fine place if it weren't in imminent danger of being forever lost from the hurricanes and rising sea levels which are being created right now, in the present, by global warming - a reality which Bush still rejects.  Isn't there a Nero analogy in there somewhere?

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