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That was the simple blurb uttered by my former colleague/boss in a facebook message I received an hour ago. My former boss "John Q. Republican" has just voted for Barack Obama in Virginia!

Why is this important?  

Well, my former colleague - John (we'll call him John) is a hard core republican. We worked together at a top tier consulting firm Head Quartered in Mclean, VA for 4 - 5 years. John hails from North Carolina, was the first to go to college in his family, worked his way up in consulting and is doing very well for himself, he is a fiscal conservative, not too crazy about social issues like abortion but a hardcore Republican nonetheless.

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So Drudge had this up on his site yesterday (I think he still has it up):


I knew he wouldn't be able to resist the picture with Obama kissing the "white" woman whilst canvassing in Toledo yesterday...OHNOZ!! he's kissing "our" women. Anyway, I digress.....

Then he started the stupid spin that McSame was making a comeback - Gasp "Gallup Narrows", Gasp "Zogby only Obama + 4", Gasp " Ras - Obama lead shrinks to + 5".

Well spin this Matty boy or as John McSame would say:





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Sorry guys this will be a short diary as I have to run, but I caught a snippet of the interview - Barack conducted with Michael Smirconish yesterday - on MSNBC 10 minutes ago, so I went and got the link (still trying to figure out how to embed the audio).

Audio link here:

Embed here:

What do you guys think?

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Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 05:57 PM PDT

Presidential Debate; Live blog 1

by rapcetera

Don't see any live blogs up, thought I'd start one.

Jeffrey Toobin just gave big props to Nate "Poblano" Silver and ""

Noted Nate's assertion that Debates don't usually have a big impact, but others on the panel said this year might be a little different because most of the country is inclined towards Obama but the undecideds need another close-up, an opportunity to note the contrasts.

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Okay this is it. I've refused to believe for a while now, to believe that Florida is a toss-up. It is, and Obama is steadily rising:
(will acquire proper link soon. humor me for now)

Chucky T. is on Morning Joe right now and he's explaining that Obama has closed the gap in 4 key geographical area's: Pensacola, Orlando, Tampa-bay and Jacksonville. Chuck also said Florida is tuned-in to this election and Floridian's (just like Virginians) care more than others, at least relatively, about the economy.

He also said that while Pensacola is reliably republican and Orlando is relatively republican, Obama has narrowed the gap in both areas, especially in Pensacola. He said Orlando is now a toss-up.

more....Jacksonville is swinging towards Obama and Tampa-bay known as the barometer for how Florida will go is also now a toss-up. Go figure...

So now where is Obama hanging out this week? Yeah you got it: Tampa Bay. He's prepping for the debates in Florida. Smart.

1 week of free media attention. Gore did this in 2000.

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Check it:

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New SEIU AD (I like this because it speaks to specific middle class issues):

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was African American!


LOL!! Ok so wait a second. God must have a wicked sense of humor!

Her name is Maryline BlackBurn and she is the only Alaskan to have ever beaten Sarah Palin at anything. She was interviewed by the Washington Post today.

Here's what she had to say about Sarah Palin:


Am I making too much out of nothing?

27%81 votes
73%219 votes

| 300 votes | Vote | Results

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I remember Mike Huckabee's line from earlier on tonight about how Palin as Mayor of Alaska won more votes than Joe Biden did in his run for President. I thought it was a funny line at the time, but it turns out that Huckabee's claim is blatantly false, just like a lot of what we heard from the pugs tonight

From Fist Read:

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Obama-Biden 48% : McCain-Palin 40%  (last poll conducted preconvention showed Obama up 45% - 42%). Clearly these numbers could change after the Republican convention, but still I thought I'd share the news.

The new poll was released at 4pm eastern time.  

Breakdown of Internals:

Amongst Men: Obama 44, McCain 44  

Amongst Women: Obama 50, McCain 36

Amongst Republicans: Obama 10, McCain 81

Amongst Democrats: Obama 82,  McCain 10  (Obama firming up his base?)

The Big One (Obama regains lead amongst independents)
Amongst Independents: Obama 43, McCain 37

Quick Mention:
Obama & McCain are tied at 43% amongst white women; McCain leads Obama 51 - 35 amongst white men, so some work still needs to be done here to tighten that GAP a bit, although it's a given that Dems generally do not win White men.

Update: Obama breaks 50% in USA Today Poll. More on this at the end of the diary.

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Obama explains his reasons for picking Joe Biden; and his initial thoughts on Sarah Palin. Link to story here.


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There are a ton of diaries sprouting up, already mocking Sarah Palin

McCain is SWINGING for the fences here. It is frankly a gutsy move and reinforces McCains maverick image.

The Schpiel: Sarah Palin is young, popular, attractive, Great High-school basketball star, pro-gun, pro-life.....who is currently mired in a corruption scandal.

I just want to caution that we shouldn't MOCK Sarah Palin.

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