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I've seen the same numbers you have. I'll repeat some of them here for the sake of facepalming commentary.

Ok, so apparently a lot of Democrats up in MA were upset. Yes, aren't we all. They were upset that Dems in DC appear to be watering down real reform. They were upset that Wall Street has taken priority over Main Street. They were upset, you know, at all the same things we get upset over.

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Republicans... they've become expert at "gaming the system", to our collective misfortune. We are familiar with the corporate aspect of this "rigging" behavior, but I just had to laugh-cringe when I saw the following paid advertisement on The Drudge Report.

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I wanted to share with you all a few of the letters I have received from Soldiers and Marines overseas that have been in receipt of NFTT care packages. This was not just an NFTT effort, it was in a very real and vital sense a Progressive effort and it would not have been possible without the support of hundreds of you here on Daily Kos.

So please take a moment to read these words, they are really thanking you. And so am I.

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Being asked to pen the care package insert was a high privilege. I greatly appreciate the ability to continue contributing to NFTT. You are all a very fine bunch, our deployed men and women in uniform are as lucky to have you at their backs as we are to have them at ours.

That all said, the following is the proposed copy for the NFTT letter to be inserted in each care package (barring any last minute edits). I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you for additional feedback & suggestions. It represents your combined effort, after all.

As this is probably my last NFTT diary in this stretch (I might get one more out, we'll see), I thought I'd have a little more fun and mimic those that have come before... so I do hereby pledge 25 cents per rec and 10 cents per comment up to a maximum of $100. Let's see how many days I'll be eating ramen!


NFTT 2009 is (has been):

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We all know that Republicans are accomplished liars when it comes to agenda and political maneuver, but when it comes to quotation and direct attribution many of them are still somewhat reliable. At least, once you escape the gravity well that is FOX News.

This is why I am so disturbed by Sen. Grassley's (R-Iowa) assertion that, within the past few days, Obama has privately confirmed to Republicans that the public option is STILL negotiable.

[Update] General sentiment appears to be that this is/was a ploy and misrepresentation at worst, and quite possibly an outright lie. After rewatching and rethinking I tend to agree. I guess we'll all just have to keep the heat on and see what happens over the next month+. One thing's for sure though, get ready for a lot of craptastic commercials over the next few weeks!

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Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 11:16 AM PDT

NFTT - The Long Road Home

by rbutters

iriti posted an excellent PTSD oriented diary on Monday (the 20th). I thought I would follow her lead.

(Ack sorry for the late post this morning folks, I have been fighting a windows/browser hijack for the past five hours. What a pita.)

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Well Alaska is the latest in a string of temper tantrum 10th Amendment resolutions passed by red state legislatures.

House Joint Resolution 27, signed by Palin (one of only two such resolutions actually signed by a sitting Governor), is of course a non binding paper tiger, but it attempts to smear the actions of our Democratic Congress as Constitutionally unsound.

There have certainly been Federal actions in years past that strained the State-Federal relationship, it's too bad - but not unexpected - that these Conservative hypocrits didn't care to make any noise when the problems were real.

More follows.

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There is a long and tragic tradition of union busting in this country, we all know that, and it is more difficult now than ever before for a workforce to pursue the benefits and security of unionization.

The number of active unions, and active union members, has plummeted over the past 29 years, thanks to herculean effort on the parts of Reagan, the Bush family and an army of Congressional Republicans.

The Employee Free Choice Act, aka the Card Check Bill, has - like our fight for meaningful health care reform - been hit hard on the Blue Dog front. Despite a great deal of support by well intentioned Democrats, the latest being Sen. Al Franken, the Card Check Bill continues to struggle. It is in significant trouble.

An event at my wife's place of employment has highlighted, to me, the serious need to include this beneficial legislation in any list of 2009 accomplishments that the United States Congress manages to compile before its session is concluded.

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Sat Jul 18, 2009 at 06:43 AM PDT

NFTT - Fill The Sandbags! Edition

by rbutters

One word is sure to elicit from the modern warrior a mental wince: Sandbag.

Supremely simple in construction and application, they are one of the most utilitarian and everpresent devices of modern warfare. And yet despite the primacy of armed conflict within the many tributaries of man's history, the sandbag has been in existence for less than two hundred and fifty years. In the spirit of NFTT, I thought I would take a few moments to spotlight this simple workhorse of which all serving men and women are intimately familiar.

Note: I have to publish this a bit earlier than the 10:30 EST slot, hopefully it will do some good before it gets lost in the morning shuffle.

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Ok so that subject could be read in many different ways, and it's quite intentional! But a unique once per century moment is rapidly approaching. In fact, for many it will have already come and gone.

A Mayan prophecy? An ancient Chinese foretelling? An Edgar Cayce prediction?

Not quite.


At the exact moment of arbitrarily selective data-time convergence, I felt a tremor ripple through the fabric of the universe. It was, of course, disguised as the beep-beep of a nearby car alarm. That's pretty tricksy, Quetzlcoatl!

Now to zZz

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(Too much going on this morning to get ready for the 4th road trip so here is my lazy excuse, an Importance of Letters Redux... hope everyone has a great holiday!!!)

In our NFTT quest for dollars (convertible into truly awesome care packages for the troops), one essential component of any truly complete package has missed the spotlight, until today.

Letters, at least the postage stamp variety, seem to be increasingly considered a convention of the past. Modern reinventions of the old fashioned letter, such as texting, email, even facebook and the sort of blogging we do here, now reign supreme in many of our lives.

Many deployed men and women share in the boon of these advances. American military bases in Iraq are populated by countless internet cafes, run by their mustachioed Turkish and Kurdish proprietors, when they aren't managed outright by American subcontractors. But there is an interesting duality to their digital lives. In Iraq, to a soldier, letters still matter.

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Before I assault your senses (and sensibilities) with this, my first Mojo Friday extravaganza, I would like to thank TexDem for his trust and encouragement in allowing me this space. Dkos has many engaging and entertaining personalities, to be sure, but none can claim to be more engaging, and certainly no more entertaining than our resident Master of the Mojo.

Now on to business.

Some small proportion of you may recognize me as a regular NFTT diarist, and considering this week's MF is a combo edition I was presented with something of a subject matter challenge.

I originally intended to discuss the recent CBS story about soldiers in Iraq being forced to scrounge for drinking water, tying it in wider context to the challenge of providing safe and clean drinking water throughout that part of the world. This is an important problem, and one worthy of independent research, which is why I mention it.

Another possibility occurred to me, however, and I decided instead to share with you all a brief yet profoundly influential chapter in my own life.

My years on Gilligan's Island.

(More to follow)

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